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Lazarfresh by Himynameisjeffie
Lazarfreshby Himynameisjeffie
It's a dumb thing plz don't h8 on me I'm on mobile.
Lover Boy | mrfreshasian x Reader by ActuallyReady
Lover Boy | mrfreshasian x Readerby Lana
"I saw him." Being crowded with young fans screaming. I couldn't help but laugh. And then we turned to me, eyes wide. He walked towards me. And that's when I k...
Adopted by the Click House by HPL_3553
Adopted by the Click Houseby Alyss Watson
Y/N, a sixteen year old girl, gets adopted by her favorite youtubers, Click. *IN PROGRESS* Click x reader (Kind of) Fresh x reader
lucky girl | mrfreshasian by 69peppapig69
lucky girl | mrfreshasianby 69peppapig69
fresh don't read this if you ever do choose to look at fanfics "one lucky person from chat will be randomly picked to visit me and the click crew for two weeks. to...
The Boyfriend and The Possessive Ex| Mrfreshasian x reader by ActuallyReady
The Boyfriend and The Possessive Lana
Fresh (Harley) is a lonely kid that just loves games in downtown Sydney. But when a lovely girl moves in with him. His whole world flips over. An abusive boyfriend is...
READY PLAYER TWO ↳ mrfreshasian by sunnyonmars
READY PLAYER TWO ↳ mrfreshasianby Mars
He streams Fortnite for a living. She probably plays the minimum just to get enough v-bucks for the next season's battle pass. He's one of the best players in Australia...
Neon Rose by ladevotee2023
Neon Roseby ladevotee2023
Elora Volkov, aka NeonRose, who at the age of 18 became one of the best fortnite players in the world meets click, and eventually joins. She also might have a slight cru...
My new roommate (a Mrfreshasian story) by Silasia2176
My new roommate (a Mrfreshasian Silasia2176
Hey, this is my first fanfic, so i apologise for all mistakes in advance (there will probably be quite a few), also, i want to try to make the best chapters possible, so...
Delicate  by yes_swiftie13
Delicate by YES!
"Is it cool that I said all that, Is it chill that you're in my head Cuz I know that's it DELICATE" mrfreshasian x reader Yes!
Lover by yes_swiftie13
Loverby YES!
It's a mrfreshasian x reader!!
stream // mrfreshasian by cowboycray
stream // mrfreshasianby yeehaw - i'm that bitch 🤠
[Y/N] is an 18-year-old fan editor, specifically, a Click fan editor, mainly Fresh and Lannan. Currently resting at 10k followers, she's pretty well known in the Click e...
Epic Gamer ( a Mrfreshasian x Reader:) ) by mydadleftfor15y
Epic Gamer ( a Mrfreshasian x darkfn:)
Your'e playing fortnite right now, as soon as you put on your Renegade Raider preset, you load into duos fill. When you get in, you immediately check who your random d...
Brisbane// Mitchlan Bromance One-shot Book by Babb1ee
Brisbane// Mitchlan Bromance stanning the babies™
THIS IS NOT MITCH AS IN BAJANCANADIAN!! THIS IS LACHLAN'S BROTHER. HENCE WHY THE NAME IS BROMANCE -------- "It's fine! What happens in Brisbane, stays in Brisbane...
Click Hunger Games by Romo714
Click Hunger Gamesby Romo714
The Click crew plus some of their friends are forced into a hunger games. This story is about the twists and turns of surviving, loving, and living life till the end. Ac...
How Muselk Fell in love with mrfreshasian by YeeeeeeeeeetusBoi
How Muselk Fell in love with YeeeeeeeeeetusBoi
Muselk and MrFreshAsain play a lot of fortnite together and idk they'd be a cute couple if they were gay soooooo yeah
a dream // mrfreshasian au by sugarushmikey
a dream // mrfreshasian auby melissa
imagine this: mrfreshasian, a half chinese half australian 17 year old boy, with an average of 10 views per stream and an average of 100 views per youtube video. a high...
a lost cause  by yandereAngelpaints
a lost cause by yandere Angel paints
A simple girl, Shes severely depressed. She tries to kill herself. But, the day she wants too...someone saves her, and is this boy with living for? Or will she...end up...