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Izuku and them (MPD) by XxANDREAxXGACHA
Izuku and them (MPD)by Andrea Shadow
What if Izuku had a quirk? What if he was forced to keep it a secret for his safety? What if his parents died? What if him and his brother meet someone on the way and be...
The more the better BNHA by JustOkNow
The more the better BNHAby JustOkNow
Izuku Midoriya is not alone, he has what he calls brothers but there really just other personalities. Izuku suffers from MPD because of all the bullying Kachan did. Now...
Multi •Yoonmin•|WATTYS2017| by Yoonmin321
Multi •Yoonmin•|WATTYS2017|by Rin(Yoonmin321)
In which a boy who has multiple personality disorder(MPD) meets a patient who has anxiety from the same psychiatrist he goes to.
Katsuki's Twin (a male reader insert)(Hiatus) by Ashton_Himiko
Katsuki's Twin (a male reader Ashton the crazy
Y/N Bakugou, twin brother of Katsuki Bakugou, has two quirks, his mother's quirk, and another quirk that allows the voices in his head to take on physical form. I do not...
Pretty Little Psycho ✔️ by SatansKandyPop
Pretty Little Psycho ✔️by HanniMun
"He's a fucking freak..." <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><...
A Little bit of Crazy by MaxKegan
A Little bit of Crazyby Ember
Riko has spent the last 12 years in the Gateway Mental Health Center after he murdered his family at age 5. It seems he hasn't made progress even though he is now 17. Bu...
(Completed)We Were Lost by ARC655
(Completed)We Were Lostby ARCERET
Izuku has been suffering from MPD(Multiple Personality Disorder.). This persona takes over only when Izuku is in emotional trauma. Its when he finds Ochako cheating on h...
I'm Not Alone || Mike X OC  by _ShadowBolt_
I'm Not Alone || Mike X OC by Shadow Bolt
[Mike XReader] Welcome to A brand new season with a brand new cast! Sky has MPD and will be replacing Zoey in Revenge of the Island. Sky has a vary heart breaking past a...
Secrets Will Be Revealed by MadisonP667
Secrets Will Be Revealedby Cloud
Izuku (Deku) Midoriya has a few secrets he wants to take to his grave. But that's impossible. All secrets will be revealed eventually. TRIGGER WARNINGS Child Abuse (Phys...
Imaginary Friends by spiralsystem
Imaginary Friendsby spiralsystem
Izuku is 6 when he makes his first real friend. Ritsu is a small boy with red hair, and he's Izuku's best friend. The problem with Ritsu was he didn't exist. Inko was su...
A Little Assassin by GlottonQueen
A Little Assassinby Demon lord
* I dont own haikyuu * * I dont own assassination classroom * It was a normal day at krossno well as normal as it can get. It was also a normal day in class 3-E except...
OPR@UrService by CharuSharma3
OPR@UrServiceby Rabia Khan aka Charu
A little dark and passionate touch to IPKKND. Never in her wildest dreams did Khushi Gupta imagine this side of Arnav. Read to find out more about the dark passenger w...
Do You Really Know Me ? ( MPD deku AU ) by wflooo
Do You Really Know Me ? ( MPD Lajimolala
Izuku Midoriya is a cute,innocent........ blah blah blah . Let's get straight to the point , shall we ? Izuku Midoriya may not be the one you actually know. He has a qui...
Embrace {On Hold for a bit} by XxKitCattheLazyCatxX
Embrace {On Hold for a bit}by Hidden Chaos (^≗ω≗^)
This is a MPD Deku/Experimented Deku/Dadzawa. I like reading the MPD Deku fanfictions but there were barely any so I decided to write one. The cover that you see is my p...
Deal with me | Taekook ff [Editing] by -taescenery
Deal with me | Taekook ff [Editing]by Kast
"Isn't he a psycho?" "I don't understand you!" "You don't, but you have to deal with me" //editing// ©-taescenery
Total Drama Scenarios by RedemptionArk
Total Drama Scenariosby RedemptionArk
Boyfriend Scenarios maybe girlfriend if I get enough requests. Currently the reader is female until otherwise specified... sorry guys. Also request who you want me to do...
The Whispers In My Head (BNHA) by Cmtsmt
The Whispers In My Head (BNHA)by Solma
After the incident, Deku's quirk manifests, but at what cost? All his personalities show through, forcing their way to the surface, they help but also escalate situation...
M. P. D by yoonsoek_34
M. P. Dby مُلوخِيَّة 💫💙
هل هُم حقّاً موجودون؟ أم أنّه عقلي فقط؟ -jjk
Twisted Affection | HuntBastian by HeadOfCerberus
Twisted Affection | HuntBastianby Llex
Started: April 20th, 2018 Ended: February 17th, 2021 Sebastian was created to help Barry, but ended up getting him into more trouble than before. He makes mistakes and...
it's me [muke af] by fivesecondsofsheeran
it's me [muke af]by lord soph
luke loves michael, and ashton, and calum, and sometimes jack.