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Predator Imagines by Mouth2Mandible
Predator Imaginesby Jennifer Rose
Did you ever look at the hunky hunters and think I wonder how they eat ramen?, or how they would work as a baker? Well readers wonder no more! That's right I plan on doi...
Plugged In by Sam_The_Panda2
Plugged Inby Sam_The_Panda2
About a boy who is addicted to his MP3 (A music player)
bravado by -hardystyles
bravadoby 𝐀.
alors que la ville se terre de peur d'être la prochaine victime du bravado, astrid débarque fraîchement à londres, bien décidée à reprendre le flambeau de son père dans...
NejiTen: Mp3 Shuffle Challenge by MariaSpaghetteyy12
NejiTen: Mp3 Shuffle Challengeby uwu
Nejiten Mp3 Shuffle Challenge: 1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like. 2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle. 3. Write a drabble related to...
Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
Object Show Oneshots by RainPaintsPictures
Object Show Oneshotsby RainPaintsPictures
Basically requests i was requested. I'll only do characters from shows i know of sorry- Also, some is cringe, some is good. (If it has to do with Mp3, it's most likely c...
Charlie puth song lyrics by 1me2me3me
Charlie puth song lyricsby Humour&Sarcasm
Charlie puth old, new and popular song lyrics and albums!
Eyes of the Fallen by forgetnames
Eyes of the Fallenby forgetnames!
Jasmine is a junior in high school, and is hated by nearly everybody she knows, including her own father, due to her rude personality, unattainable beauty, and terrifyin...
Looking at Yesterday by stormvisions
Looking at Yesterdayby Burt
A collection of musings on our collective journey. [Note: I am moving some of my previously published standalone items into this collection.]
Daily Dose of Billie by rainereign_
Daily Dose of Billieby BILLIE EILISH
Random Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell Porfolio 🥑 If you hate Billie, pls leave! This book is a compilation of facts about Billie and her career.
Doa Agar Cepat Melahirkan by Aqiqah_Tangerang
Doa Agar Cepat Melahirkanby Jasa Aqiqah Tangerang
Momen persalinan bagi beberapa wanita merupakan momen paling membahagiakan sekaligus menegangkan. Apalagi bagi wanita yang baru akan melalui persalinan pertamanya, ketid...
MP3's Backstory (No longer canon sorry) by RainPaintsPictures
MP3's Backstory (No longer canon RainPaintsPictures
100 Songs You Need To Listen To by some_fangurl
100 Songs You Need To Listen Toby amy
100 songs I suggest you need to listen to. Also other music related chapters. Highest rating - #1 in #mp3
Remembering Yesterday by bambi_grl
Remembering Yesterdayby bambi_grl
Jesse's life revolves around music. It is her life, always there for her, through the good, the bad, and the pain, from love to loss its there. All she has to do is foll...