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Dopo X Dane <3 by nebbywebby69
Dopo X Dane <3by nebbywebby69
Funny dane x dopo story (satire)
reader x dr. sylveon by emuloverqueen
reader x dr. sylveonby best
idk Anyways its gonna take a while cuz like i said in the inro im lazyyy
No Vanity  by Fridays_bitter
No Vanity by Fridays_bitter
Fan made starters au ( !does not include much of original cast expect for Dr.Sylveon!) Glaceon is a quiet and lonely individual, not that lonely..he has a wonderful boyf...
Evil comfort  by gayloserhere
Evil comfort by Depressed_gay_loser
This is a story about my comfort character mudkip. (The mudkip from movieunleashers starters)
Rookie flirter ~ Dane x Dopo by moge-koz
Rookie flirter ~ Dane x Dopoby moge-ko
The Ceremony [Final Night Frexy Fan fiction]  by NightHowl38
The Ceremony [Final Night Frexy 💫Night_Howl💫
Freddy can't wait to marry his boyfriend Foxy, but will things go as he planned them to be?
Starters kids au! by strawberrymilk1224
Starters kids au!by strawberrymilk1224
This is will be featuring all the adults from starters but they are kids
The Twisted Mind of a Vixen [Final Night Horror Fanfiction]  by NightHowl38
The Twisted Mind of a Vixen [ 💫Night_Howl💫
Frexy comes back home to Fazbear Studios after being missing for a few days, everyone's relived about it, until Frexy starts acting stranger than usual. Now everyone is...
Frexy's Short Stories Collection  by NightHowl38
Frexy's Short Stories Collection by 💫Night_Howl💫
This is my first story collection, this book will contain stories about Frexy's first-time experiences as well as random stories.
December Embers.  by Chesspinn
December Embers. by Chespin
I wanted to write my version of Doctor Sylveon and Blaziken from Starters! This is not a ship fanfiction and this is also satire/jokingly written
The New Addition (Final Night Fanfic)  by NightHowl38
The New Addition (Final Night 💫Night_Howl💫
Freddy and Foxy find a mysterious box while organizing the storage room which turn out to be parts from a rejected animatronic, they use the parts to build a new band me...
Random Starters Scenarios by nitz_is_decent
Random Starters Scenariosby Nitz
Aaah Starters Just discovered it 2 weeks ago and I'm already obsessed with it 🥴 Haven't even remade the Slendytubbies scenarios yet and I'm also working on a Club Pengu...
Please Remember....[Final Night Frexy Fanfic]  by NightHowl38
Please Remember....[Final Night 💫Night_Howl💫
Foxy gets knocked unconscious after falling off of a ladder, but when he wakes up, he doesn't remember anything, not even Freddy. Freddy tries his best to make Foxy reme...
Tepig x Chespin by dogyoin
Tepig x Chespinby dogyoin
Just rewatched the typomaniac and rare candy videos and me and my bestie wanted more fanfics about the series
Make-a-Wish Foundation Founder(s) by gayswiper
Make-a-Wish Foundation Founder(s)by s w i p e r !
Jirachi and Bulbasaur from The Starters are the founders of the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Not only are they partners in this business, but they are also best friends (mayb...
mr.lugia shit by wonderlandleaderkip
mr.lugia shitby kipzz
(second time writing a book so expect this to be bad) -characters belong to movieunleashers -this book is just some wacky ass shit with the mr lugia label on it (with a...