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The Reformed Bad Girl by dark_beautyx
The Reformed Bad Girlby Tori Leigh
Savannah Edwards was a good girl before she became friends with Aiden Williams. She got good grades and was always trying to please her parents. Parties, races and nigh...
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Supercross by cocomarsolek
Supercrossby cocomarsolek
Everyone was at the race. Everyone except me. ---------- Meet Coco. A feisty, young, independent girl ready to take on the world. Well maybe not just yet. She loves Su...
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Six Weeks Left to Love by weknowbooksarebetter
Six Weeks Left to Loveby weknowbooksarebetter
Because after spending the first six weeks with him, falling completely in love, I learned we only had six more left. I was determined to make these, the best six weeks...
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She Cought His Eye (slow updates) by Alix_Collen
She Cought His Eye (slow updates)by looking at the stars
No one told me living with the bad boy would be dangerous ~~~~ It started with the next door neighbors. Serra was outside hanging out with her friends. When a car pull...
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* kelseys life * by KayKay2980
* kelseys life *by KayKay2980
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Love  A Psycho by Lovekrew2
Love A Psychoby Lovekrew2
Arianna Palvin more known as Aria is a 17 year old girl who live in USA. She and her bestfrien Peyton are starting together at high school. But it dosen't get as easy as...
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When I met you in the summer. J.G and T.C by okanoespinosa
When I met you in the summer. Tay.
I told him my story. It was a story I had never told anybody. I had never trusted anybody enough, but this boy, I don't know there was something about him that I couldn'...
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Once Upon A Tragedy #TheBestOfMeMovieContest Entry by _lettheoceantakeme_
Once Upon A Tragedy Emily Giles
When faced with images of the first love that has haunted her for years, will she break all over again for the boy she tragically lost?
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Gentlemen or Bad Boy?  by jessivossi
Gentlemen or Bad Boy? by jessivossi
Arya ist 17 Jahre und liebt ihre beste Freundin Leyla und ihr Pferd mehr als alles andere auf der Welt. Sie hat ihr Pferd auf einer Ranch stehen, die in der Nähe eines M...
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My Love, My Love, My Drug (A Carey Hart Story)  by RockNRollBandWhore
My Love, My Love, My Drug (A Paige Lee Hart
I know the real Carey Hart is married to P!nk but the character in this story is kinda based off me/an original made up character. Read to find out what happened.
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Wait Till I Go by Cant_be_meX
Wait Till I Goby Cant_be_meX
The light is now gone. Yet hopefully it's restored.. He's gone and you'll be fine.
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Motorcross by twilight_is_my_love
Wren Walker is my name. I'm a country girl that rides horses, dirt bikes and bulls. I drive a Chevy Silverado 1500. I'm very tough, I play softball and football. I also...
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My Dirt Bike by smelville727
My Dirt Bikeby smelville727
My life around bikes. I love em, I ride em, I live em
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Finish Line by SaraKayeMcClurg
Finish Lineby Sara Kaye Benson
This story follows the life of eighteen year old Kensington. She was raised in a motocross family with two older brothers and a younger sister. All up until about 6 mont...
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Riders Dream by weirdlyyalisa
Riders Dreamby Ally
Alyssa Gonzales is anything but your average teenager. But, she may seem as one. She's you average high schooler: nice family, big house and great grades. But, what no...
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Taken Without Permission by MayaMuffin
Taken Without Permissionby Maya Marie
" What the fuck, Blake!" I yell at him as the rain drenches us. " You can't just take things that aren't yours! I didn't give you permission!" He tak...
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Finish Line [Mb/s] by AndiRomanoff
Finish Line [Mb/s]by Andrea
How We Race by jack7001
How We Raceby jack7001
This book is about 3 mates who bush ride together but then start there career racing at a young age
Motorcross Rebel (Hayes Grier) by lakinallaire
Motorcross Rebel (Hayes Grier)by Lakin Allaire
Ruth Winston is forced to leave her Minnesota home and go live with her grandmother on Lake Norman after her last Motorcross accident; which was caused by her mental sna...
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