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Mother's Day and Memories by mcg0nagali
Mother's Day and Memoriesby Melba
Disclaimer: I don't own anything you can recognize. The things you can recognize belongs to JK Rowling ___________________________________________ ______________________...
Footprints In The Sand ( Yuuri X Victor ) by Animebaby00
Footprints In The Sand ( Yuuri X Animebaby00
It's now early May and Springtime in Hasetsu. After staying home from a strange illness for the last 3 days, Yuuri has begun to notice a change in Victor's behavior and...
We're here for you (BBB Fanfiction) by umisoda
We're here for you (BBB Fanfiction)by Thea
I forgot my past life story when I met my friends. There's a secret, why I've been sent to my grandfather, not because I'm going to help him, but I want to keep it a sec...
MOTHERS DAY ✔️ by Jdesii97
This is a little snippet from "My Kind of Girl" Emily and Henry are surprising JJ with some Mother's Day gifts. [Completed: May 10th, 2020]
A mother's faith by suryakavi0912
A mother's faithby Kavita Wadnerkar
A Mother's day special shot.
{COMPLETED} A Mother's day special! Mother's day is filled with orange juices, omlettes and bed breakfasts. It's also filled with love and affection. A heartfelt note t...
High Voltage (The Nightmare Before Christmas) by PepperRavenBat
High Voltage (The Nightmare I am Many People.
They are known for being three naughty and vexatious tricksters who love nothing more than to mess around with the denizens of the town of Halloween. They live alone to...
The Nuptial Chain [UNDER EDITTING] by LipiKr
The Nuptial Chain [UNDER EDITTING]by Junglii Billi😼
Nuptial Chain: an ornament sort of thing that is worn by the married Indian women (usually, Hindu women). It is the sign of their husband being alive and their marriage...
Do Celebrate Mom by nikki20038
Do Celebrate Momby nic
Through all life's moments, she's there. Check out my statement celebrating mom.
Summer Cheng's Miraculous Holiday Specials by SummerCheng37
Summer Cheng's Miraculous Summer Cheng
If you are reading this on any other platform other than Wattpad (or other platforms you're on) you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. If you wish to rea...
Flower Shop - A Dreamnotfound Fanfiction by CryptoKitten
Flower Shop - A Dreamnotfound CryptoKitten
George goes to a flower shop to get orchids for his mother for Mother's Day. But he meets someone... Someone who is very pretty! ------------------------------- This is...
Happy Mother's Day, Mummy by Writingdesire123
Happy Mother's Day, Mummyby Writingdesire123
Different scenarios as Nicky and Red celebrate Mother's Day through the years.
Infinite X Reader Mother's Day Special Oneshot by Bliss-The-Hedgehog
Infinite X Reader Mother's Day 💖Bliss💖
Infinite and his son, Toxic wanted to do something special for Y/N for Mother's Day. What will they do?
The What Ifs by Sali_Diva
The What Ifsby Ada
Mas marami ang tanong kesa sagot. Sa mga nakalipas na araw, tila ba sa dalawang salita nagsisimula ang mga katanungang namumuo sa aking isipan. Mga katanungang walang si...
Happy family by Saleenexo
Happy familyby
You both have an unbreakable bond of a mother and a daughter.
Do Celebrate Mom by ninyatippett
Do Celebrate Momby Ninya Tippett
Through all life's moments, she's there. Check out my statement celebrating mom.
A Lesson On Love : A Mother's Love Oneshot by BamaRose
A Lesson On Love : A Mother's Cala Greene
Another Mother's Day oneshot based on my story A Mother's Love.
First Mother's Day by PorpentinaScamander_
First Mother's Dayby Megan
As she sat there, her husband's arm around her and their son pressed against her chest as he babbled happily, Tina couldn't help but feel deeply content: if every Mother...
Maa by SmrutiSayenaDas
Maaby Smruti Sayena Das
For the one who knows nothing but only unconditional love
Happy Mother's Day, Detective  by JenniferMoreno532
Happy Mother's Day, Detective by Jennifer Moreno
It's mother's day, and Lucifer, Dan, and Trixie plan a special surprise for their favorite detective.. Cross-posted on A03 and