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My Human Kitten~ (Yandere Neko Mother X child reader) by adventurefan2020
My Human Kitten~ (Yandere Neko Adventurefan2020
Your parents were government scientists working on a secret project of combining animal and human DNA in hopes of creating half-human, half-animal living beings and what...
(Alternate) Steven Universe x Corrupt gem reader Insert by sammytheskitty33
(Alternate) Steven Universe x Samantha Szyperski
how peculiar! how will that sit with the crystal gems? -------- yeah, this seems like a fun concept to play with. if a cluster can have sentience why not a gem of corr...
Beautiful Temptation [Diabolik Lovers] by DawnLicht
Beautiful Temptation [Diabolik Enka
Carys Shirato, is sent together with Yui Komori to live in a manor with 6 boys, by the father of the church, in which she lived since the day, she was found in front of...
The Tide Is High (Billy Hargrove)  by Tearsonlyknow
The Tide Is High (Billy Hargrove) by Mello
The tide is high but I'm holding on.
Red Panda (MHA x Male OC) by Wild_owl76
Red Panda (MHA x Male OC)by Wild_owl76
Rojiro Rin (first, last) is a man with quite a peculiar quirk. It allows him to turn into a red panda, but not only that. He can change his size at will. This, of course...
Mama likes you! (mama tattletail x reader) by sammytheskitty33
Mama likes you! (mama tattletail Samantha Szyperski
I imagined, what if mama actually had maternal feelings towards a kid and didn't view them as another treat? This involves a TF sequence! Read with caution! {This is an...
my Giant Mother by lildreamertales
my Giant Motherby lildreamertales
Schultz is just a normal orphan, the only abnormal thing is that he can drive a plane, and the fact that his mom is almost as big as a sky scrapper. Emilia deeply loves...
Aye zindagi yeh tu nay kia kya by Rabi238
Aye zindagi yeh tu nay kia kyaby Rabi238
This is story is about ishita and her journey from being emotionless, rude and arrogant to acheiving liveliness and happiness back in life. In my story ishita went in me...
Under My Wing (Human Reader x Dragon Queen): Short Story by KingofTerrablade
Under My Wing (Human Reader x KingofTerrablade
You are in despair. You have lost everything. Your home, and parents, along with most of your possessions, due to a mysterious fire starting one night, that destroyed mo...
Bittybones Vlogs by toothlesslover098
Bittybones Vlogsby toothy
Hey everyone if some of You know I wrote a bittybones story with my OC and her two now three bitty's if you haven't then I suggest you go check it out. Cover NOT mine A...
A Killer's Motherly Love by kamenscoob7
A Killer's Motherly Loveby kamenscoob7
The story of motherly horror movie or game killers
A Boy with No Where to Go by Phoenix4304
A Boy with No Where to Goby Amanda Young
Emily, a single business woman, has always lived by herself in her apartment. She had never thought about having a kid. However, that all changed when a little boy enter...
Sweet &Sour(Eid Special)✔️ by pearlyouna
Sweet &Sour(Eid Special)✔️by Jaan-e-Maan
"Gulab Haveli " The beautiful wonder located between the mountains...... The house full of men who never felt any motherly care or even sisterly love. But what...
Sandra Bullock motherly One Shots by loubbiesletter
Sandra Bullock motherly One Shotsby ‎
Hiii, i love Sandy so i decide to make "motherly" stories. Y/N imagines, hope you enjoy. (English is not my first language, so if i have some mistakes)
A Mother's Love by ArtificialAlibis
A Mother's Loveby ArtificialAlibis
(TheFamousFilms) Bryan has always been motherly to anyone he so much as thinks needs any form of comfort, guardian, or overall someone to feel safe around. After an acci...
The Motherly Instincts  by Riley_Lexi08
The Motherly Instincts by Riley_Lexi08
In a universe of ranks, omegas, betas and alphas there wasn't equality. The ranks were treated differently, and forced to become their fate. A boy you was ranked the lo...
i became Jennette margarita by tanjirofanforever
i became Jennette margaritaby Idalia
what if a Mafia boss reincarnates as Jennette margarita
 Always Loved Her by Ariya_yui
Always Loved Herby Ariya_yui
Gerard brings a person Mira never expected to see again! Now that the she-demon is angry what will happen? I don't own fairy tail. Hero Mashima does. Only the plot is m...
A Ruby's Sparrow by ArnorianRuby
A Ruby's Sparrowby ArnorianRuby
Meet Sparrow, a mysterious boy found by Ruby.
RED ALERT: animatronics  by NoatanoseLove3
RED ALERT: animatronics by Nøtanose Love
There was a snowstorm at the new Arcadeplex after the incident a corrupted animatronic with a child few months ago. Now there's a bigger problem at the Arcadeplex that Å...