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Raylla by geek_and_nina
Rayllaby geek_and_nina
Fanfics about Raelle Collar and Scylla Ramshorn
The Blyatiful book of crap!  by dont_mind_me_123
The Blyatiful book of crap! by That Wannabe Russian
ฅ^·ﻌ·^ฅ Привет товарищ, welcome to gulag. This is just a retarded book where I put cringey shit I can't post on my equally as cringey message board, no I'm not neuroty...
Russia x Reader Oneshots by SulcldaLRusslan
Russia x Reader Oneshotsby ↷-`☭Россия☭´-↷
Eh. I have no clue what im doing anymore. Im just bored.
Motherland Fort Salem: Alternation by Wonderborn
Motherland Fort Salem: Alternationby Wonderborn
(WARNING: SPOILERS FOR MOTHERLAND FORT SALEM SEASON FINALE) In the season finale of Motherland: Fort Salem, Raelle, Abigail and Tally are put on the front lines and didn...
Motherland Fort Salem Series Fan Insights by kintsukuroi2020
Motherland Fort Salem Series Fan kintsukuroi2020
Motherland Fort Salem is an online series which currently airs every Wednesday on Hulu and Freeform. It's a story about Witches becomes soldiers in a parallel America. L...
⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩ Random facts and details about our Motherland. It is an aid to those who don't know much about what we should be proud of . Explore to find out more ! ⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩...
Motherland: Fort Salem. Cravenwood story by iamemmahale
Motherland: Fort Salem. iamemmahale
Tally Craven has just found the love of her life in Garrett Buttonwood on the eve of Beltane. But now the Spree are attacking in full force and the Bellweather unit mu...
no matter what happened I'll always love you  by Vio5zo
no matter what happened I'll Vio5zo
Много веков назад люди не знали о существовании ведьм. Ведь если их и находили, то сразу зжигали на кострах, думая, что таким способом люди избавляются от нечисти. Всем...
NIGERIA by Chrisamesther
NIGERIAby Olamide Alowooja
Nigeria is one of the colonized countries of the Britain's in Africa. She's commonly referred to as the "Giant of Africa". This wonderful poem is about Her hi...
Like A Black Rose. {UNDER MAJOR EDITING} by diabolicdewdrop
Like A Black Rose. {UNDER MAJOR diabolicdewdrop
He was the prince of England. I was the Princess of Wales-a small province in England. She was the Princess of Sweden. They had to marry for their kingdom to reunite so...
Russia by amcleanrite
Russiaby amcleanrite
My Life Before and After Russia
I'm Kashmir by faheemiqbalwani
I'm Kashmirby faheemiqbalwani
A Long Form Free Verse Poem That Depicts The Entire Scenario Of The Indian Held Kashmir
MY HERITAGE (Russia) by Steller15776
MY HERITAGE (Russia)by Guy cool
Derp derp for da motherland derp
Black Eyes :Dreaming The Unthinkable by vonnijah
Black Eyes :Dreaming The ✴NIJAH✴
Do I fit in ? Will I make it into society Will they judge me because the sun gave birth to me? \Poetry\
Siege of the Unholy Land by Omar-Ghader
Siege of the Unholy Landby Omar-Ghader
When the forces of evil took over Orgrimmar, they started slowly sucking the blood of Thoradin, the land of the 4 kingdoms. Aldin took an oath on himself to defeat such...
Today's Nepal  by Real_Shraddhesh
Today's Nepal by Shraddhesh Acharya
First post and it's about my motherland, gives me chills. My best attempt to describe the present situation of our nation, Nepal. Though it might be fictional to those d...
My Liberia  by vbrates
My Liberia by vbrates
Being destroyed by the occurrence of a lengthy civil war, my country Liberia has been through so much. However, I do believe that some day we will rise again as a nation