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Kpop One Shots by escapethe_gayships
Kpop One Shotsby Jasmine
Boy x boy and girl x girl ships.
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Short Stories of Twice X Seventeen (Twiceteen) consisting of Main Ships, Side Ships and Triple Ships. Different Love Situations, full of struggles, hopes, decisions, cho...
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Bad Girl's Revenge by seokjinniehyung3
Bad Girl's Revengeby seokjinnie hyung
I loveD you with all my heart, but you treat me as an OPTION... Just wait 'till I come back... And you will meet the NEW me... Be ready, Because the BAD GIRL IS NOW...
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best friends in loved | sajun by -franchxsca5
best friends in loved | sajunby 🍒.
« 💌 ❛❛ what would exactly happen if i have romantic feelings towards my best friend and confess it to her ❜❜ °• 💌 » sana × jun ( twiceteen ) °• 💌 » long ( kinda ) sto...
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Twiceteen Stories  by MelloWoozi
Twiceteen Stories by Nonsense
A Seventeen & Twice Fanfiction Filled with heartbreaks, cheating, leaving, breakups, letting go, waits, sacrifices, chances, regrets and games. 13 boys and 9 girls enc...
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hate me ; twiceteen by roseuquarts
hate me ; twiceteenby 지
♡ it hurts to know that you have to kill the person you love most... ♡
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Popular Boys & Savage Girls by TwiceTeenIsGold
Popular Boys & Savage Girlsby (つ ͡ꈍ ͜ʖ̫ ͡ꈍ )つ💘💖
Main Ships: SeungCheol x Nayeon: The Mature ones Jeonyeon x Jeonghan: Guardian Angels Momo x Hoshi: Dance Machines Sana x Wonwoo: Cuties Jihyo x DK: Sunshine Smiles Mina...
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attenuated | moshi/soongyu by greylite
attenuated | moshi/soongyuby grey
mingyu's new apartment has some really thin walls. {slow updates}
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FRONTING [SoonGyu] by taehyungAB
FRONTING [SoonGyu]by taehyungAB
A new student, a cyber celebrity steals the attention of the whole school. At the school, he meet again with his friend during his childhood who constantly fronting to h...
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[SVT | MinSoon] [oneshot] Tiệm bán hoa của Mingyu. by Citron93th
[SVT | MinSoon] [oneshot] Tiệm bá Cô Chanh
Author: Vénusien Couple: Mingyu x Hoshi Chuyển ver đấy nhưng có sự đồng ý của tác giả rồi, tác giả là tôi chứ ai :)))) Description: chút ngọt ngào ngày mưa c...
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moment (seventwice) by bangtanboysxtwice
moment (seventwice)by bangtanboysxtwice
bagaimana jadinya jika twice dan seventeen ada diacara yg sama
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tinted days | soongyu one shots by happystarhoshi
tinted days | soongyu one shotsby [ 17's kaia ]
- a little collection of stories about soongyu that will never have their own complex story lines. highest ranks #1 soongyu ✅
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CHEERLEADERS VS BASKETBALLS »svt x tw« by mintzu_8888
The story about the group of 9 beautiful girls always been bullied by Seventeen who are the group of 13 handsome boys. They always argue until their teacher don't know w...
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FADING LOVE //.// MOSHI by CarOnce_139
FADING LOVE //.// MOSHIby AkkInDao_o
kapag niligawan ka tapos gusto mo na sya huwag mong ipakita na you're into hi na kase bigla nalang yang magiging cold tapos ikaw naman si tanga hindi mo alam bakit bigla...
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✔ {1} BREAK UP || CSC x INY ||  by _mochixxx
✔ {1} BREAK UP || CSC x INY || by [17's Hoeshi]
🌸A 5 chaptered heart breaking stories of TWICE and SEVENTEEN. To be started with IM NAYEON & CHOI SEUNGCHEOL. ⚠Don't hate me, I changed the genre for they always have t...
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Moshi Monsters Beastiary by RoseReader529
Moshi Monsters Beastiaryby RoseReader529
All the Monsters and Moshlings from the game Moshi Monsters
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después de las cartas | minsoon. by hoshihugs
después de las cartas | dako. 🥞
[ SEGUNDA PARTE DE "CARTAS A MINGYU" ] ❝Después de que SoonYoung le entregó la última carta a MinGyu, no volvió a ser el mismo de antes.❞ Fecha de inicio: 26/1...
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POWER by Twiceteenislife
POWERby Twiceteenislife
Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Mina and Tzuyu aren't normal kids. That's why they don't get too close with other people each one of them have special powers Nayeon have super stren...
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YOU & ME - MOSHI by Sora_owo
YOU & ME - MOSHIby Sora 🍜 Hazuki
- ONESHOT "¿Para que pido milagros y buena suerte, teniendo a la mejor persona del mundo a mi lado?" - NO COPIAS NI ADAPTACIONES
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❁ train of feels ; soonhoon by kittenhoshi
❁ train of feels ; soonhoonby kwon soonyoung's
How are you supposed to understand your feelings if everyone around you confuses you?
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