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Who is he really? by PJoHoOFan
Who is he really?by PJoHoOFan
Percy's the leader of Camp Demigod. He's the champion at sword fighting and swimming. He's the only person in the Poseidon cabin...
Percy Jackson-Mortal Family Week by lilypad_make
Percy Jackson-Mortal Family Weekby lilypad_make
OMGs!! It is Mortal Family week at CHB . Will It End in Disaster or bring out great success? How will Annabeth parents React?,Will the trouble brew in? READ to find out...
Meddling Mortals; A Mortals Meet Percabeth Story by TheTessaract
Meddling Mortals; A Mortals Meet TheTessaract
Percy and Annabeth encounter many different mortals, usually trying to meddle with their life plans. Can Annabeth really judo flip every guy who asks her out? Can Perc...
Outsiders and Percabeth by gracexadeee
Outsiders and Percabethby Grace Adelaide
Mortals, gods and demigods alike meet the famous duo, 'percabeth' and their reactions. This book is completed!
Wait- Jackson's a Hero? by thelastgleaming
Wait- Jackson's a Hero?by hi!
At camp, Percy Jackson is regarded as a hero. He's respected almost as much as the gods, and that's saying something. But at school, he's a loser. The 4 school bullies...
People Meet Percabeth/Percabeth One-Shots by Fisha-Fish
People Meet Percabeth/Percabeth Fisha
I know, this is used way to much, but I really like these types of stories, so I decided to make one. * Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters except for the o/c...
Da Mortals meet Da Demigods~no mist by Shark_DS
Da Mortals meet Da Demigods~no mistby Hey there :)
What happens when Demigods meet regular old Mortals? You will see soon my young Demigods. I will try to update at least one time a week. DISCLAIMER: I don't own PJO or...
Time to Meet Percabeth by fandomz_baby
Time to Meet Percabethby Lily-Rose
To put it simply, this is a bunch of different stories where mortals and demigods meet the couple Percabeth. The story might contain people meeting other demigods too li...
Hello, Percabeth: A Meet Percabeth Fanfiction Book ~COMPLETED~ by Pixie_Witch
Hello, Percabeth: A Meet Edieeeeee
Mortals, Demigods, and Gods alike meet Percabeth. This story is one of the top five banes of my existence but nevertheless enjoy!
Mortals Meet Percabeth (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by riversxng
Mortals Meet Percabeth (Percy riversxng
What happens when mortals and demigods meet Percabeth? I know it's really overdone, but these stories are my favourite and I wanted to give it a try! So, without further...
Mortals Meet by SanjnaMenon
Mortals Meetby Sanjna
Hey you 🤗 So these are your basic one shots about mortals meeting the one and only Percabeth and a few of their friends and maybe families too! I've added some one shot...
Stupid Mortals meet Demigods [SMMD] by ThiraK1234
Stupid Mortals meet Demigods [SMMD]by Ţħira
What happens when then Seven plus Calypso, Nico and Will are forced to live normal lives outside the camp?? Will they be able to pass the judgments they receive form mor...
Outside Watchers by redheadharpy
Outside Watchersby Rose Ampolis Fray
Cute Percabeth stories seen by friends, mortals and strangers. R&R love you x
Meeting Percabeth by lettersofabook
Meeting Percabethby Asteria
Percabeth are the number one couple, but do people believe that? Do they want to break them up? Here's to stupid (and nice) mortals, who don't believe in Percabeth. May...
Stupid Mortals Meet Demigods: 2 [SMMD 2] by ThiraK1234
Stupid Mortals Meet Demigods: 2 [ Ţħira
Same stupid mortals being a pain in the ass to demigods!!!! This is the part 2 of the first book 'STUPID MORTALS MEET DEMIGODS' I take requests and update frequently...
People Meet Percabeth by Book_worm_4_life_987
People Meet Percabethby lover of books
Annabeth and Percy. Percy and Annabeth. Or as many like to call them....Percabeth. The perfect couple. They just want a break from wars and monsters. But of coarse the...
Simply Percabeth by FireToTheRain1205
Simply Percabethby FireToTheRain1205
Just some Mortals Meet Percabeth and Percabeth one-shots✨ Not super dramatic🙄🤚 I am Brazilian so I apologize if there are spelling mistakes🥰🇧🇷
Percy Jackson One Shots and Short Stories  by unsureavenger
Percy Jackson One Shots and unsure avenger
Short stories, in no particular order, of the beloved characters from the universe of Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus. Includes various mortals, demigods, monst...
Our Parents are WHAT?!? by DemigodGirl517
Our Parents are WHAT?!?by DemigodGirl517
After the Giant War, the gods decide that their children need to catch up with their mortal families. They have agreed to let the families come to Camp Half-Blood for ab...
Mortals meet Demigods by petloving_fangirl
Mortals meet Demigodsby petloving_fangirl
The Gods are cruel and decided to send their children to- wait for it- mortal school. There, they will be faced with jealous, deceitful, and imbecilic mortals. Suggesti...