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Virgil x Reader/// Sorry I'm Hated by lovsswrath
Virgil x Reader/// Sorry I'm Hatedby The Author
you are a side of a girl named Elena, signify her depression. the other sides don't like you, well except for Sadie, she likes everybody. //////// ok so..... read this...
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Mortality by SerenityR0se
Mortalityby K. A. Young
Kosmos; the world of vampires. A world set under strict regulations governed by The Synod in order to preserve their existence and way of life. You rest on one of three...
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Happiness to Anxiety (Moxiety) by Ultimate_Sketcher
Happiness to Anxiety (Moxiety)by Ultimate Sketcher
Virgal and Patten have a really strong friend ship. Roman, Logan and Thomas try to make Virgal relise his feeling for his best friend. Will they live happily ever after?
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Storm cloud {discontinued} by emo-_-nightmare
Storm cloud {discontinued}by London
As Virgil and Patton are just starting college but they need somewhere to stay. So when they stumble across an apartment looking for two new roommates Patton jumps at th...
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Elegies of Satan: Poems for the Devil by Alcifer
Elegies of Satan: Poems for the Alcifer
Even the Devil weeps. At the heart of all evil men - a seed of Eve's apple. What if Eve and Satan were in love? What if everything we knew about the Bible was wrong? Wha...
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Sanders Sides Oneshots! by Shadow_Warrior3334
Sanders Sides Oneshots!by An Enby Ghost
Just a bunch of Sanders Sides oneshots. I will mark if any trigger warnings in each chapter. Will be updated when I have a story.
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Sander's Sides oneshots by MagicGamer04
Sander's Sides oneshotsby Shipping Goddess
A bunch of small stories based off of the characters from Thomas Sanders series "Sanders Sides" Please enjoy *I don't own anything expect oneshots and cover, n...
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The diary - Prinxiety 🖤❤️ by ewitsafangorl
The diary - Prinxiety 🖤❤️by シ òwó シ
Sanderssides Fanfic - vErY slow burn into logicality and prinxiety It will say when Virgil writes in his dairy. ♡ ( IN-COMPLETE) ♡ This is set in an American high schoo...
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Dear Happy~Adopted by Thomas Sanders by AwkwardFangirl-24
Dear Happy~Adopted by Thomas AwkwardFangirl_28
Claire (Danika) Wilson was raised by her single mom until she ran away to California at the age of 12. She ran from the abuse, the drugs, the gambling, the alcohol, the...
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Thomas Sanders Virgil x reader by underagedgirl
Thomas Sanders Virgil x readerby Emo-Vampire
Hey I realized that there weren't enough of these so here we are!
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What Happened To Me? [Virgil x Reader] by AkireWolfGRRL
What Happened To Me? [Virgil x Akire WolfGRRL
You. (Y/N). Was once a very happy child, only having creativity and mortality. Until... ¡Read to find out what happens!
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Forget me not [complete] by angstwithanP
Forget me not [complete]by P
Moving town sucks, moving in an town where they believe curses exist.. major bad. Virgil sanders along with his brother Roman move home to the quiet town of stonecrest...
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Sanders Sides x Reader (who will fix your broken heart?) ((STOPPED READ DESC)) by TheSnowThatSwirls
Sanders Sides x Reader (who will 🌸•|SNOW|•🌸
((Yeah, holy hell this is old, I've practically gotten out of writing fan fiction guys, sorry, I'm also not much Into the Sanders Sides fandom anymore which is a bummer...
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Daughter of Markus by ShaknaIs
Daughter of Markusby Shakna Israel
First book of The Heart of Madness Trilogy, followed by Savrsen of Isein and Sister of Magick. Bethia was a young girl abandoned at an orphanage, until the day that Mark...
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The Past Bites Back (PolySanders) by YourPotatoMom
The Past Bites Back (PolySanders)by YourPotatoMom
Virgil, Patton, Roman, and Logan have rented the same apartment together and are moving in, along with their younger siblings Remus, Luna, Emile, and Scar. They each hav...
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Sander Sides x Reader Oneshots by HelloItsGracelyn
Sander Sides x Reader Oneshotsby Gracelyn
[Slow Updates] I love the Sanders Sides so I thought, why not write oneshots about them? So here you go! Enjoy!
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Autism// A Sander Sides Story by AG-writer234
Autism// A Sander Sides Storyby im tired
imagine this: you have no parents, you live in an orphanage, you have no friends with you, and... you have a mental disability. this is what Picani has lived through h...
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bare-bones by timespieces
bare-bonesby rhia
loitering illegally in the graveyard ___________________________________________ a poetry book dedicated to every cell in your body @timespieces Copyright 2017
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my sides his sides by Pillowfight1
my sides his sidesby Pillowfight1
You are a youtuder and have side and you meet Thomas Sanders and his sides get along with your sides
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