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A hundred silent ways by sidrahreads
A hundred silent waysby سدرہ
"Do you know? I still grab the cup of coffee and sit under the vast sky, stare at the stars like they know all my secrets and you know what do I do? I wait for you...
The Poetry Collection by OutOfLizWorld
The Poetry Collectionby Lizzy Diana
A sample of my poetry for critique. These poems will go into a book that I plan to self-publish. 🖤
Billy x Mortality(wtf?) by FierceCats
Billy x Mortality(wtf?)by FierceCats
watch the walten files and boozoos ghost to understand this dumb shit Billy is in love with a murderous rabbit named Mortality,but his friends hate Mortality with all th...
Mortality • Percy Jackson by JellyBobatae
Mortality • Percy Jacksonby vvonderland
Kate grew up relishing the stories of Percy Jackson, until one day a mysterious lady shoved her into the world of the gods [too harshly for Kate] and erases her memories...
Neko Virgil by trashpanda1789
Neko Virgilby Rainbowflag 098
Virgil was treated badly at his old home but when Roman, Patton, and Logan find him hurt in an ally they take him home. With all of them in love with the neko who will t...
Why is it always me? LAMP/CALM (DISCONTINUED) by Parker_Wr1tes
Why is it always me? LAMP/CALM ( Parker/Keener/Spidey
This is a story about Virgils secret and soulmates! Every time you or someone else draws on you it shows up on your soulmate. The only thing people didn't know is if you...
Dear Happy~Adopted by Thomas Sanders by AwkwardFangirl-24
Dear Happy~Adopted by Thomas AwkwardFangirl_28
Claire (Danika) Wilson was raised by her single mom until she ran away to California at the age of 12. She ran from the abuse, the drugs, the gambling, the alcohol, the...
Sanders Sides Roleplay Book by Maskylilsis1
Sanders Sides Roleplay Bookby P̸͟͞s̸͟͞y̸͟͞c̸͟͞h̸͟͞o̸͟͞
I noticed that typically in roleplay books the author doesnt want you to use an OC so I've decided to make this. Feel free to use an OC if you want. I'll be using my OC'...
to miss you  by rosedaffodils
to miss you by high hopes
one hundred years later and he still roams the earth, waiting for his love to come back to him. he knows they never will. a journey through time. a story of immortality...
Something There that Wasn't There Before (Virgil X Reader)  by some_dumb_author
Something There that Wasn't Some Dumb Author
A Virgil x reader fan fiction that I am desperately trying to have some Beauty and The Beast ties in because I thought that would be cute. (SLOW UPDATES) (Saturday Upda...
Princess of the Black Death by Queenoflovelythings
Princess of the Black Deathby The One True Queen
A story about the tragic medieval princess, Joan of England. Highest rank: #2 blackplague (08/17/22) #5 blackdeath (9/20/22) #4 Plantagenet (08/17/22) #8 mortality (08...
Setback by sophietjhuuh
Setbackby sophietjhuuh
this story is about what happened in my life in the period before, during and after my brother died. it did change my life, and read it and just think about, Do i really...
Aura by KyXenex
Auraby Summer~♥
She's an Afnane. Powerful, strong and beautiful. Her name is Aura. She has the power to feel what others feel, whether it's happiness, grief, or despair. Her world gets...
mortality x reader by Felix_is_not_me_lol
mortality x readerby Felix Kranken
not smut. don't ask for smut. >:[ it was late at night in Christmas-eve,you did everything you could to be good after the first incounter, you still don't understan...
Potty rabbit x Reader 2: Electric Boogaloo by PottyRabbit2
Potty rabbit x Reader 2: Pottyrabbit
We couldn't get back into the old account so um, remakeboot. Thumbnail credit: Zhoe_Bean on Twitter
Happiness to Anxiety (Moxiety) by Ultimate_Sketcher
Happiness to Anxiety (Moxiety)by Ultimate Sketcher
Virgal and Patten have a really strong friend ship. Roman, Logan and Thomas try to make Virgal relise his feeling for his best friend. Will they live happily ever after?
The Eternals by LiliamBlackwood
The Eternalsby Lily Blackwood
A story about humanity, the pursue of desires and how love can waltz on even the most uncommon of music. Discover the Watchers.
bare-bones by timespieces
bare-bonesby rhia
loitering illegally in the graveyard ___________________________________________ a poetry book dedicated to every cell in your body @timespieces Copyright 2017
While We're Alive by kevreader
While We're Aliveby kevin
Death and Life surround us- they always have. And while we live day-by-day, there are times where we are conscious of our own mortality. We must remember to enjoy and lo...