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The Facts Behind the Faith by Merki71
The Facts Behind the Faithby Merki71
Science proved God is dead, right? Aren't religion and science separate things? The answer to these is no. And here's why.
Myths About Mormons Busted by CamreeNicole
Myths About Mormons Bustedby Camree Smith
Some stuff you may have heard about Mormons that is not true.
Learning From Secrets by newnormal
Learning From Secretsby Skylar
Carl Winslow decided this was going to be the best two years of his life. He was finally 18. He was finally going on his mission. Tomorrow, his life was going to change...
Story of me by AestheticDifferences
Story of meby Seth Herbert
A collection of autobiographical poems and vignettes that explore themes of self-identification, physical and emotional maturation, and sexuality.
The First Christmas  by macee2323
The First Christmas by 𝕞𝕛★
A short story about the true meaning of Christmas, and why we celebrate it today!
Randomize by Stealthheart
Randomizeby stealthheartocarina z
I'm bringing back Randomize! Expect crazy updates!! {Rated NR}
He Within Him by Sumudu_
He Within Himby Su_
Short Story A young doctor visits a remote hospital. An old unrepaired doctor's quarters. James; an uneducated villager who easily trusts all. A past revealing diary of...
Explained: The Theology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by SkepticalScholar
Explained: The Theology of the Church Trooper
A book about the Beliefs of Latter-day Saints.
The Baptism of Francesca Grace Smith by whoisdeondranyway
The Baptism of Francesca Grace k i n g ✞
wherever she went, the stench of dunhill international and filter caffeine followed. she did not fit into the picturesque family portrait of the Smiths; she with her bru...
Grappling with God by AndreaLee10
Grappling with Godby Andrea
My spiritual journey had taken me into and out of Mormonism and though a dozen other faiths besides. It had taken me around the world, from Montana to Hawaii to Italy an...
A Match Made in Heaven by RandyAttwood
A Match Made in Heavenby Randy Attwood
The Mormons have left earth to populate the Planet Moroni and discover their destiny among the stars and themselves.
Confessions of a Mormon Bride (2014 Watty Award Winner) by Sarah_A_
Confessions of a Mormon Bride ( Sarah_A_
True love never ends. At least mine won't... Part memoir, part essay collection, Confessions of a Mormon Bride: Essays on Love and Mormonism, explores the intersections...
The Proverbial Unrest || Perriado by messjon
The Proverbial Unrest || Perriadoby Jimmy Neutron
The year is 2004 and Tony has a crush on the Mormon kid. © 2017 messjon
Mormon  Quotes by KahlenAkinli12
Mormon Quotesby Kahlen
Quotes from past General Conferences and present ones. Mormon Quotes: First Presidency, Quorum of The Twelve Apostles, and the Quorum of the Seventy. I honestly don't...