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Love In The Dark•Joriah by MalefM
Love In The Dark•Joriahby dreamer
"Take your eyes off of me so I can leave I'm far too ashamed to do it with you watching me This is never ending, we have been here before But I can't stay this time...
The Rebel Heart by MalefM
The Rebel Heartby dreamer
Stuff from the internet & more . Title inspired by Lauren Daigle.
Beautiful~M. Smallbone✓ by MalefM
Beautiful~M. Smallbone✓by dreamer
Secrets. Pain. Love. cover by the amazing @pricelesstrashpanda Completed December 2019
Forki One-Shots by MalefM
Forki One-Shotsby dreamer
Just a collection of fkac one-shots because I'm incapable of writing a full-length story.
Home Sweet Home? (fK&C fanfic) by fKandC_fan
Home Sweet Home? (fK&C fanfic)by JustKaris
Brooke's dad was offered a new job - a huge honor for Brooke's family of five. The only problem is: it's in Nashville, TN and Brooke lives in Indiana. Easy solution: Dr...
God Only Knows (an fK&C fanfiction) by isioma___
God Only Knows (an fK&C fanfiction)by (ℑℑ)
What happens when the youngest Smallbone goes rebellious? Leah Rachel Smallbone, younger sister to Libby by three years, has always been a good girl all her life until s...
broken lullabies - social media by pricelesstrashpanda
broken lullabies - social mediaby Line Hunter
social media fluff (and some angst) to compliment my for king & country fanfiction, broken lullabies. reading this is not necessary in order to understand broken lullabi...
CCM Family by MalefM
CCM Familyby dreamer
Randomness my brain came up with. All because of @mideoftheshadows
for KING & COUNTRY Challenge by crazyemmie
for KING & COUNTRY Challengeby Emily ❤💀
Hi guys, so I saw a lot of these, and I thought, since that I am a HUGE fan of fkac, why not do one myself. So here I am. I became an official Craver on June 22nd, 2019...
Burn The Ships Challenge • for KING & COUNTRY ✓ by MalefM
Burn The Ships Challenge • for dreamer
From Instagram. I forgot who made it so I can't give credit. Sorry.... Completed April 2019
for KING & COUNTRY Pictures by fKandC_fan
for KING & COUNTRY Picturesby JustKaris
A whole bunch of fK&C pictures that you may or may not have seen before including: - Word Clouds! - Screenshots! - Live Pictures! and possibly more...
for KING & COUNTRY Role-play by ThisWillBeLovely
for KING & COUNTRY Role-playby Let's See...
So basically this here, is a for KING & COUNTRY Role-play... I have no idea how this is going to go, but if you feel like it, please join! =P
Social Media - Lost in Thought by crazyemmie
Social Media - Lost in Thoughtby Emily ❤💀
just the social media posts that moriah, joel, sienna, and fkac will post for Lost in Thought :)