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But Now, I Know by IgnatiousTheWarlock
But Now, I Knowby Perrin
Post the battle of Camlann, Morgana mourns the loss of Mordred. However, before she can pursue Merlin and Arthur, she is approached by a mysterious force who gives her a...
Prince Merlin of Tristram (AU) by xGoddessOfMoonlightx
Prince Merlin of Tristram (AU)by Moon Enthusiast
Prince Merlin and his family were forced from their home in Tristram when he was only three years old. He grew up in Ealdor in Cenred's Kingdom, not far from his own. Wh...
Princess of the King [1] by mya_rxse
Princess of the King [1]by M.N
What if Destiny wasn't just two sides of a coin? What if there was the material of the coin that was the fundamental scaffolding to the two sides? In this case, a royal...
thousand years - merlin by ssevenfates
thousand years - merlinby ; nat ;
" i have waited a thousand years and i shall wait a thousand more " in which a servant with a dangerous secret falls for a princess with also a dangerous secr...
The Druid Knight (on hold) by IIIaveryIII
The Druid Knight (on hold)by Avery
Alviva has a destiny. A destiny that sometimes seems impossible. A destiny that is constantly challenged. A destiny that she almost gives up on. Merlin wasn't the only o...
Katie McGrath and her roles: Imagines by SimpleTimes1
Katie McGrath and her roles: StepOnMeKDLL
Each chapter gives a brief description for each character of various events in your life with them
Luminescence ✺ Arthur Pendragon by ProudToBeSarcastic
Luminescence ✺ Arthur Pendragonby Eva Fhutivych
"For both sides of the coin to reveal their full potential, a light must shine on them." ------ [Merlin - Season 1+] [Arthur Pendragon x OC]
Merlin Whump by dragonprincess21
Merlin Whumpby Dragon Princess
One shots and more of Merlin and his/her adventures with Arthur and the knights. I DO NOT OWN THE SHOW OR THE CHARCTERS
Forbidden Love | Arthur Pendragon [1] by Ashleyy1005
Forbidden Love | Arthur Ashley
"We cannot be with each other. Our love is forbidden." ° ° ° Arthur x OC ° Updates every Saturday
Long live | A. Pendragon. by bookwurmpi
Long live | A. boekwurmpi
Momentarily editing the chapters i have. Mikaela is the sweet and naive twin of Merlin, that journeys with Merlin to Camelot to learn more about themselves. Unknowingly...
His Guardian Angel (An Arthur Pendragon Love Story) by AvengerNo7
His Guardian Angel (An Arthur AvengerNo7
Merlin took his sister with him when he went to Camelot. What he didn't realise was how much this would affect his destiny. And how much danger there was lurking in Came...
Destined To Be Queen (Arthur Pendragon) by phantasticdreams
Destined To Be Queen (Arthur BaileyBoo
From the time that she was just an idea between her parents, Anastasia Carrington has been fated to wed the future king of Camelot. Same goes for Prince Arthur, ever sin...
False God ➳ Merlin BBC by -trojanwar
False God ➳ Merlin BBCby aimée
the lady enide was a bastard; a child born to uther pendragon, king of camelot. a child that was unwanted, a burden, a besmirch to the great dynasty of the pendragon fam...
FORGIVE ME | a.pendragon by richietoziershair
FORGIVE ME | a.pendragonby ur mom
Aurora Ambrosius and her brother, Merlin, journeyed to the large kingdom known as Camelot. After learning of their destiny, her and Merlin live their days trying to save...
Merlin's sister the seamstress - lancelot love story by Almandra95Swe
Merlin's sister the seamstress - cookies4ever
Book 1 Season 1-3 A sigh escaped her lips as she looked at the raven haired boy in the stocks. "Really Merlin? The stocks? Let me guess... not your fault?" ...
ONLY FOR YOU // Merlin/Merthur Oneshots by ambyssall
ONLY FOR YOU // Merlin/Merthur !! ambyssall !!
description edited 7/13/2022 hi, it's ya boy ambyssall. merlin is my comfort show and i am a gay little boy who is absolutely bonkers over these stupid men. look, i upda...
The Outlaw [A. Pendragon] {1} by FinchesTree
The Outlaw [A. Pendragon] {1}by IfWolvesSpoke
"You don't really know who I am than." "I know you better than you think." "I didn't mean it literally dick-head." Elwynna MacKay had been...
The Destiny of two by SophiaBailey767
The Destiny of twoby Sophie Bailey
Based on the entire BBC Merlin series. A story about Merlin and Arthur's adventures but with a twist Merlin has a twin sister with the same powers. A romance and adventu...
Merlin by 5secondsofwinchester
Merlinby 5secondsofwinchester
Merlin has been having nightmares brought on by his traumatic past. Arthur and the rest of the Knights of Camelot notice that something is amiss and are determined to ge...