Lemon Drops & Candy Shops by KellyGe
Lemon Drops & Candy Shopsby k e l l
❝In which the cynical, sour-faced heartbreaker meets the cheerful candy shop cashier.❞ | What happens when she sees past his bitter exterior, and he sees through her sug...
  • cute
  • moretocomeya18
  • humour
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Paper Trails | ✓ by solacing
Paper Trails | ✓by taylor hale
After an accident leaves her orphaned, naïve rich girl Aurora Riley moves to the sullen lake city of Port Ashton, Ontario, a town where most kids have no money. Shy and...
  • addiction
  • youngadult
  • abuse
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Spanglish | Wattys 2018 by Letta3413
Spanglish | Wattys 2018by erica
Highest #288 in Teen Fiction ••• "Daniel please-" He growled cutting me off mid sentence; making it obvious...
  • romance
  • teenlove
  • trustissues
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Saving Gracie by ChasingMadness24
Saving Gracieby Kyra Blackthorn
How do you live if you don't know how? Gracie has lived her entire life in and out of the hospital; leukemia being closer to her than most people in her family...
  • icanfeelagain
  • playboy
  • yourself
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Anywhere But Home by rockandmetalgirl
Anywhere But Homeby Mónica
Emma Thompson it's on the run from her past. After seeing her mother being killed by her father and after two years of being held hostage, beaten and damaged by the men...
  • teen
  • adolescente
  • popular
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Misfit Theater Company by SarahPerlmutter
Misfit Theater Companyby Sarah Perlmutter
❤️PREVIOUSLY FEATURED STORY❤️ When sixteen-year-old Janie Myers' grades hit an all-time low, she is pulled from her blow-off class with her best friend and placed into a...
  • wattys2018
  • teen
  • shy
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The Golden Girl || #Wattys2018 by tomboy_16
The Golden Girl || #Wattys2018by ~루~
*WATTPAD FEATURED* *UNEDITED* "You can't erase the pain, nor can I. You can't erase the reasons behind my fake smiles, you can't change the past, nor can I. We can'...
  • kiss
  • popularity
  • funny
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Make You Mine (Book Two) by BrittNLeigh
Make You Mine (Book Two)by Britt and Erin
Cole Galloway has always had just enough of an ego to believe that the women falling at his feet were deserved. With an abundance of charm and looks to die for, who woul...
  • family
  • highschool
  • girl
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Back to the 90's | ongoing by coolfaria
Back to the 90's | ongoingby 🌻 فارعہ
The past is the key to the future. teen fiction 179 wattpad featured story
  • featured
  • romance
  • diversityinlit
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Hidden Truths|✓ by PinkPreppyPerfect
Hidden Truths|✓by Em
{A Wattpad Featured Story} Olivia Parker was found dead in the lake. Wesley Owens was found on the bridge above her. Their group of friends were broken by this tragedy a...
  • whodunnit
  • moretocomeya18
  • teenfiction
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A Day's Flames by savagelylayab
A Day's Flamesby ℓαуα вяι
"Days are weird. At the beginning of one, I was thinking about a date with my boyfriend and by the end, I was thinking about what my best friend looked like naked...
  • ptsd
  • badgirl
  • love
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Colours Of The Dark by Can_ary
Colours Of The Darkby 👑 Ature
Darkness isn't just when you can't find the torch. It isn't only when there's no electricity and the moon's nowhere to be found. Darkness is a feeling. You can stand un...
  • gemawards2018
  • highschool
  • friendship
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Change (completed)  ✔️ by HereIAmAngel
Change (completed) ✔️by ;-)
First change :-) It started as a challenge and then... the lead character caught my brain and ran with it Now we have a girl that just changed for the first time Her ch...
  • change
  • ariel
  • completed
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fair/unfair by nomdeplumes
fair/unfairby tam
before mal, there wasn't a thing reid hated more than the foxes
  • public-school
  • lgbt
  • romance
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FORGOTTEN - Book 1 (Despising Love) by DaminiThakur16
FORGOTTEN - Book 1 (Despising Love)by Damini Thakur
All wars can be won, all scars can be erased, but not all can be forgotten; for every enemy can be forgiven, except yourself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  • moretocomeya18
  • familyproblems
  • selfharmawareness
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Watching The Sunrise by Nannamae
Watching The Sunriseby Aveleen
A winner in the Cupcake Awards Growing up, we are constantly lied to from the existence of the Easter Bunny to the promise of leaving the house in "five" minut...
  • suicide
  • parents
  • love
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This City Breathes by solacing
This City Breathesby taylor hale
Street artist Angel Novarro has been attending drug counselling meetings for a year now, but he never expected someone from school to be there. To say Holly Kilgore has...
  • featured
  • love
  • streetart
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Painted Reasons  by KXNGSIDI
Painted Reasons by MyNameIsMars
"Everything happens for a reason. To lead you to something. Or teach you a lesson." NOTICE: THIS BOOK WILL ONLY BE EDITED ONCE IT IS COMPLETED!!
  • god
  • artist
  • interracial
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Child of Steel and Fire {Teaser - 10 Chapters} by EllenaScott_
Child of Steel and Fire { Ellena Scott
In the land of Indaris, where magic is feared and conflict rages, sixteen year old Ahna is running. Blamed for a murder she doesn't remember and afflicted by a curse she...
  • epicfantasy
  • featured
  • magic
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Hunter by Hunter102012
Hunterby Sam Banks
I used to be an ordinary kid. Until I went to university. Maybe I wasn't as ordinary as I thought. Cambridge at sixteen? Head of the biggest gang in UK? Some people want...
  • haunting
  • chaos
  • wattys2018
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