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[Moreid] Tiny Nose  by thoughtbaby
[Moreid] Tiny Nose by thoughtbaby
Morgan has a girlfriend. He wouldn't if he would know how she treats Spencer. Prompt:"I can't stand you"
[Moreid] The journey of finding a home  by thoughtbaby
[Moreid] The journey of finding thoughtbaby
With getting Spencer on the team, Gideon gets him out of the hands of his abusive Father. He knows his team are the right people to show him the kindness of this world b...
BAU GroupChat-fic by DefectiveLithium
BAU GroupChat-ficby Defective_Lithium
Hi Angel fish, I have been reading a lot of BAU chat fics and I don't think anyone really does it right. Most of them are extremely out of character (not saying mine isn...
To Build A Home [ Platonic Moreid] by thoughtbaby
To Build A Home [ Platonic Moreid]by thoughtbaby
A book filled with one shots about Derek and Spencer sharing a house as friends. [Autistic!Spencer Reid]
Falling in Love with you- A Spencer Reid x Derek Morgan fanfiction by twisted_time
Falling in Love with you- A twisted_time
Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid were as close as any other member of their team. They were formed as a family structure would be, except for they hunted psychos instead of...
En Pointe (Derek Morgan X Spencer Reid High School Ballet Dancer AU) by twisted_time
En Pointe (Derek Morgan X twisted_time
Derek Morgan is captain of the football team, and hangs out with the popular crowd. Spencer Reid goes to the same high school, but hangs with a different crowd. Penelop...
~Moreid Oneshots~ by friend_material
~Moreid Oneshots~by friend_material
Just some Moreid oneshots since this app is deprived. Mostly angst and fluff 💕 ⚠️Also, I don't own Criminal Minds, but I do own the stories⚠️
Getting Through This Together by noiseyburlesquepeach
Getting Through This Togetherby Strider 🍑
Spencer Reid has been hiding something, or rather someone, from his coworkers. When his daughter unexpectedly falls ill, he may finally have to come clean.
Locked in || Moreid by ykm_emily
Locked in || Moreidby Em~Lay
What if when Reid and Morgan got stuck in the elevator, it wasn't just for that 2 minute time period. What if it was for almost 24 hours? What if they spill all their se...
Various Headcanons of Spencer Reid by redstarlightt
Various Headcanons of Spencer Reidby redstarlightt
Dr. Spencer Reid; you know him, you love him. These are some various Headcanons I have for him, and perhaps some of his relationships. Enjoy, and don't forget to vote an...
consciousness- MoReid by staystreetstaygay
consciousness- MoReidby fuck the government
Morgan and Reid have been friends ever since Reid started at the BAU. One night, Morgen convinces Reid to go to a local bar with him. There, Morgan figures out one of Re...
A Little Taste ✧ Moreid (boyxboy) by tamasuoh
A Little Taste ✧ Moreid (boyxboy)by tamasuoh
Reid has coffee and Morgan wants a taste.
Multi-fandom one-shots by TheAntiChrist42069
Multi-fandom one-shotsby TheAntiChrist42069
Criminal Minds Highschool fanfic by veryrandomwriter16
Criminal Minds Highschool fanficby TV show fanfics
What if in an alternate universe, the members of the BAU high school? They face the highs and lows of life together at this wonderful(maybe not so much at times...
He will be mine!! (SpencerXMorganXHotch) by Unique_Frazzle
He will be mine!! ( ☄️Frazzle☄️
Spencer and Morgan have been dating for a few months now and they are happy. Hotch however is angry as he has wanted Spencer but the second he was going to tell him Morg...
Bullet From A Gun (Criminal Minds) by SunStorm
Bullet From A Gun (Criminal Minds)by Connie
Six years ago, the BAU team watched their youngest member fall apart, and now as he grows secretive and distant again, they start to think the worse. Their suspicions ge...
Moreid Fluffshots by broadway_ismy_crack
Moreid Fluffshotsby I love Glee, Broadway, and Ma...
Just your average fluffy, wholesome Moreid...with some angst here and there, because ✨yes✨ >:3 *DISCLAIMER* I do not own the show Criminal Minds, nor any of the chara...
A MoReid: A Story of Love and Loss by KryslynFehr
A MoReid: A Story of Love and Lossby Kryslyn Fehr
Getting lost in the snow was not on Spencer Reids to do list today, not to mention the two bullet holes and the fear of never seeing his lover again. Might be a One shot...
Morgan/Reid Stories by LarSeaf
Morgan/Reid Storiesby FlyingSeaLion
Reid sighed contently, and took another sip of his coffee. 'I love you too Derek, but you never give me a chance to say it.' Several fluffy stories about the ship Moreid...
Crapy Criminal Mind Oneshots/Stories  by musicloverX_X
Crapy Criminal Mind Oneshots/ Deviant
The title :) Disclaimers: Language, smut, talks about abuse, depression, suicide, self-harming, drug usage, and mentions of blood. (I'm going back through and fixing as...