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Merlin and the Wolves of Camelot by merthurisawesome
Merlin and the Wolves of Camelotby Georgina
A halloween Merlin story! Merlin and the knights had begun to feel a difference in themselves, extreme power, high stamina and extrodinary sense of hearing, smell and si...
Colder Than Ice [Fate x Male Oc/Reader] by Man_With_Two_Wives
Colder Than Ice [Fate x Male Oc/ Ciel Sakurajima
Isfrid, a mysterious entity in the 10th century BC, the legends state if you did something to oppose the rules of nature and gods and goddesses, he will hunt you down un...
Altered Mordred by K1ng0fme
Altered Mordredby K1ng0fme
A man gets launched into medieval Britain into the body of Mordred, the Knight of Betrayal. He/She tries to change their destiny of being killed by their father.
Naruto brother of Gilgamesh (Naruto crossover) by Trihexa71
Naruto brother of Gilgamesh ( Bondy51
Re-upload due to old account being deleted Forced to pay for his Father's arrogance. Naruto lost 2/3 of his soul to the Shinigami on the night of the Kyuubi attack due...
Merlin's Suffering by SilentSummary_9
Merlin's Sufferingby SilentSummary_9
Arthur, Gwen, Gaius, and the Knights of the Round Table are all teleported to a room. There they watch all of the suffering Merlin has been through. They finally have to...
Defying Destiny - A Merlin Fanfic  by BookLover905
Defying Destiny - A Merlin Fanfic by BookLover905
. "Sometimes I wonder if you've missed me as much as I've missed you." ...
SPIDER CINEMA  by echoking74
SPIDER CINEMA by echoking74
Hey everyone this is as it says a reaction story i will have the heros of earth 616 react to everybody's favourite spider and see if we can't change some things along th...
The Grand Saber by OkitaSouji_
The Grand Saberby Tia Doragon[Okita]
NOT MY BOOK, This was adopted from @_TheCatAuthor_ A servant has been summoned... A powerful one at that... Welcome.... . Grand Saber
The king's shadow (fate grand order x assassin oc) by Gramps_Hassan
The king's shadow (fate grand michael ray
You may know of the story of king arthur and his knights of the round table. Their adventures, the rise and fall of camelot. However this is about a man that sticks in t...
Destinies Intertwined (Mordred/OC Merlin BBC Series) - IN PROGRESS by UnaNova
Destinies Intertwined (Mordred/ Em
One young girl is the only chance for Albion's creation and survival. Not to mention, she is the missing half of Emrys' power. She is like a daughter to Merlin, and is l...
reincarnated in fate as Mordred's brother(reader) by Paratroopa
reincarnated in fate as Mordred' Paratroopa
(y/n) gets reincarnated into the fate universe with three wishes 1. a special sword 2. to be the twin brother of Mordred 3. to have high stats
Genshin: Oaths Under Snow. (Fate X GENSHIN ) by Imransolar
Genshin: Oaths Under Snow. (Fate Imransolar
Shirou Emiya after managed to buy time for Miyu to sent into another world to find happiness,an unexpected force has taken interested in shirou and has transferred him i...
The First Pendragon of Konoha by JTSmith22
The First Pendragon of Konohaby JTSmith22
Y/n Pendragon is the Prince of Knights, Son of Artoria Pendragon and Shirou Emiya. At the age of 11, he witnessed his entire family murdered in a Holy Grail War that the...
Night of a Thousand Frights. (A Merlin Halloween Story.) by Awkward_Normallity
Night of a Thousand Frights. (A Tyler
A/N: [COMPLETE!!!!!!] When Arthur tells Merlin and the knights some spooky stories about the past at Camelot when he was a boy. Will everyone think it's a big joke? Or w...
ON HOLD The Warden class servant (fate X Servant male reader) by Seagul81000
ON HOLD The Warden class servant ( Tom
The wardens marked history with their sacrifices so what happens when during the fourth holy grail war when a new type of servant is summoned. This story uses background...
Changes in Time by 99zatana
Changes in Timeby 99zatana
Someone were to ask the crown prince of Camelot how he would rather spend the tonight's feast with all the guests of the 5 kingdoms this was NOT what he had in mind
reincarnated in fate by xiaowei1234
reincarnated in fateby WEI_XIAO
guy gets a chance to be reincarnated in fate with 3 wishes
ghost of chaldea by xiaowei1234
ghost of chaldeaby WEI_XIAO
y/n was a mischievous kid who liked to prank people, and he was a fan of the fate series. one day he was hit by a truck when he push a kid out of the trucks way. god gav...
The Hero Prince (MHA x Fate) by AnastasiusFinch
The Hero Prince (MHA x Fate)by AnastasiusFinch
Perhaps fate's cruel and dark design will forever curse the existence of Izuku Yagi. As one of the only different people in a world full of superpowers, the hostility of...
Turning Back Time (Merlin) by Dollophead111
Turning Back Time (Merlin)by Dollophead111
Merlin and Gwaine decide to pull a prank on Arthur, which turns out bad for Merlin. Arthur decides to punish Merlin by going on a hunting trip. What will happen when th...