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High On School/FNAF SB/Human!Sundrop x Human!Moondrop by Xx_DarkEmoSans_xX
High On School/FNAF SB/Human! ŁƐƔɪ
Moondrop is a new student in the FNAF high school. He's seen as the quiet kid through the beginning of the year until he meets..him. A boy named Sundrop becomes Moondrop...
Admit it||Wenclair by GayWriter6002
Admit it||Wenclairby Lex
Ever since the night of horror, Enid and Wednesday have grown closer. They've grown closer in a way Wednesday has never experienced before. Will the dull monotone raven...
sun x moon onshots  by Moony-the-gay_slut
sun x moon onshots by Female Moon
☀️Sun x Moon🌙 by sukithest4r
☀️Sun x Moon🌙by sukithest4r
In this story, you are is reading. I planned to make the reader BE sun, but no🫶. This is where sun meets moon for the first time after he is finished, they fall in love...
All The Letters You Wrote || Wenclair  by GayWriter6002
All The Letters You Wrote || Lex
Enid and Wednesday are both new students at Nevermore Accademy. Both are seen as outcasts among outcasts. Their families have been rivals for as long as they could remem...
To Protect The Prince  by SxnnyandM00ny
To Protect The Prince by 💞☀️ Sun x Moon Club 🌙💞
In a kingdom of Shingrinia, there was a prince who was happy and normal, but was cursed when he was born and demons were in his head. Not knowing the solution, his paren...
Dj's spider twins by SefanniMaetinezB-127
Dj's spider twinsby SefanniMaetinez123
This story is a brotherly love story, like, Top Moon x Bottom Sun, yea if you don't like it then don't bother to read it This is my AU, hope you like it. Sundrop and Moo...
Darkness at the Heart of My Love || Wenclair by hhstnt
Darkness at the Heart of My Love | Haleigh
The semester has come to an abrupt end and it is time for a well deserved break. But will the mysteries of Nevermore take a break as well? What about this stalker? An...
The shadow one~ [Moon x Sun] by ASmallRPAccount
The shadow one~ [Moon x Sun]by • Drift •
[This is gonna be slowly updated sorry!] [Warnings!] [Eh light smut?-] [Angst] [Yall can request plot ideas! ]
There's two of us now!? (Sundrop x Moondrop or whatever ) by imfoodokay
There's two of us now!? (Sundrop imfoodokay
(Cover is not mine!) So I'll been seeing a lot of Sundrop x Moondrop stories and well I wanted to do my own...😗 btw this timeline Sun and Moon have their own bodies ( a...
Let you break my heart by SefanniMaetinezB-127
Let you break my heartby SefanniMaetinez123
The Moon God, a being that can take away someone's sorrow and sadness away. But ends up consuming that negativity and makes his heart cold. All of his good emotion vanis...
☀︎︎-Feelings?-ꨄ (read description) (old) by _-M0M0-_
☀︎︎-Feelings?-ꨄ (read description) 𝔐𝔒𝔐𝔒
The cover I'm using is not mine- This is an Au I made with my friend 🌙Moon x sun ☀️
Forgotten Lover [ MoonSun ] by kimkong25
Forgotten Lover [ MoonSun ]by kimkong25
"Are You Saying That We Slept Together And That I Am The other Parent Of Your Baby?" Byul-yi emanded. She stared wordlessly at her, hurt still crowding vicious...
"He's just a Friend!" (Sundrop x Moondrop) by amyyord12
"He's just a Friend!" (Sundrop x <3
A story of two animatronics who fall in luv with each other 🫶
Sun x Moon drabbles by sukithest4r
Sun x Moon drabblesby sukithest4r
Give me requests, ill do it. Prob wont be js sun and moon
Omori Oneshots | Mostly Suntan + Ships by Keraizu
Omori Oneshots | Mostly Suntan + Rhekai Caezar
Omori Oneshots | Mostly Suntan + Ships (DISCONTINUED) ~~~~~~~~ random scenes that would pop up in my head randomly in the middle of the night, All characters including t...
We started as "friends".. [SunxMoon] by EmilyXXcookieXXplayz
We started as "friends".. [ Just tried-
This is a love story.. About Sunrise and Moondrop.. They have separate body's .. Not brothers..just good friends at friends ------ Request are allowed ! This may have...
#2 [{Pre-Sequel}-"Rolling applies."- by reapmar
#2 [{Pre-Sequel}-"Rolling Reapmar
(Warning ⚠️ Current vision: - Coming soon when full story is then added. (Cover doesn't belong to me along with the rest of the covers unless I say they do. Thank you)
My Starlight~ | Moon x Sun FNaF Fanfic by yurifitzleyva
My Starlight~ | Moon x Sun FNaF Yuri
Moon and Sun are separated in this story. * * * The cover does not belong to me, the art belongs to me it's respective owners.