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Legends of Arkadia - Forgotten World by heartof8iger
Legends of Arkadia - Forgotten heartof8iger
Arkadia is an alien world, full of fantastical lands, and bewildering creatures beyond imagination.. some strangely too familiar, to be called alien. Many a soul believ...
  • legends
  • creatures
  • alledia
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Thebus And The Lands Of Bhritonce by AlonzoDelaCruz
Thebus And The Lands Of Bhritonceby Alonzo
"The Greatest Threat To Humanity and New World will appear soon, a hero will rise and fall at noon, time will pass, and so will he, saving everyone in the land of f...
  • dragons
  • family
  • elves
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Zodiac Stereotypes  by fun_writings_lol
Zodiac Stereotypes by Unknown User
Just having some fun uwu =DISCLAIMER= This book is not meant to hurt or offend anyone, it's just opinions I found off the internet or my own personal opinions. If you ar...
  • aries
  • horoscopes
  • planets
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B Project Boys by Majenna9
B Project Boysby Majenna Nichols
The scenes from the anime and the CGs from the game
  • moons
  • killerking
  • goushi
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 Moons 🌙  ~ Warrior Cat Oneshots  by Mercury_moons
Moons 🌙 ~ Warrior Cat Oneshots by Hannah is_creepy //•
Love is a powerful force , but you're love for these Warrior cats is stronger . Hurry you're love story awaits in Moons , A Warrior Cat Oneshots Book ~ 🌙
  • xreader
  • cats
  • idk
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The book of Dreams  by Hellwithitnsunshine
The book of Dreams by Hellwithitnsunshine
Short story about a night that would change humanity's existence forever. In the near future, mankind has developed so much that children start their education at an ear...
  • genetics
  • apocalyptica
  • monsters
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What Happens After The Sunset by imashe27
What Happens After The Sunsetby Yin Yoo
Sunny Leyson was just a typical college student who is majoring in astronomy who aspires to be a writer. And then there's Ziggy Hastings, one of the strangers Sunny met...
  • kilig
  • badboy
  • mature
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Empowering Orenda by FoxyLove526
Empowering Orendaby Dawn
"Velananthropine," my name rolled off of his snake like tongue and into my ear with a whisper. I could feel his warm breath slither down my spine as the heat f...
  • humanoids
  • wolf
  • foxes
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One Ocean by jjonesyyy
One Oceanby jonesy
A soldier who was gifted a weapon of mass destruction. Like the any other general he strives in war, his status holds superior power over armies. But even the greatest...
  • dragons
  • gods
  • hate
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The moon's smile  by helloyousay
The moon's smile by helloyousay
When you smiled
  • moons
  • smile
the world as the universe by languageofskies
the world as the universeby cæ
  • moons
  • universe
  • mars
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Welcome to the Haunted House (Special Event Chapter of NST) by Covers_Girl
Welcome to the Haunted House ( Covers Girl
KitaKore, THRIVE, MooNs are performing in a Halloween program. They were heading towards the western-style inn where the live will be held at, but what was waiting for t...
  • kento
  • yuta
  • b-project
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  • moons
Moon's Life ~ A Wolf Journal by LunarFate2158
Moon's Life ~ A Wolf Journalby LunarFate
Moon's Life A Wolf Journal By: Madi Caruso & Katlyn Hutchinson Join Moon, a wolf, as she overcomes her past, rejoins a sister, and defeats their enemy, the Shadow Wolves...
  • ash
  • life
  • moon
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LUNA by DlcstOnYourArea
LUNAby cepedamarie
Naadik kana ba? Nalulong kana ba? Natokhang ka? Adik at lulong sa buwan. Let the moon and stars light up my way.
  • tenidras
  • luna
  • stars
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The Flower Girl by RoseGirlTina
The Flower Girlby RoseGirlTina
Plants and Earth. Flowers and Grass. There are much unknown things about her. Yet she knows there is more to Earth and it's unknown secrets. Living in New York, she liv...
  • supernatural
  • firststory
  • fanfiction
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10 Days to Divorce by Awi3238
10 Days to Divorceby Awi-nyaa~
" [ Name ], mari bercerai. " Berkat perkataan itu, sang [ Name ] harus memperjuangkan ikatannya dengan Tomohisa dengan segala cara. Apakah [ Name ] akan mendap...
  • thrive
  • kitakadotomohisa
  • jpop
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                  V E I L Completed by BarbaraRatliff3
V E I L Completedby Barbara Ratliff
Angela is born with a veil over her head and face, she will reach out and touch her teacher's life. The little girl tells it like it is. She see's the future, will this...
  • terrorist
  • aalcohol
  • homeless
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When the New Moon Comes by Night-Owl-Spirit
When the New Moon Comesby Night-Owl-Spirit
"I felt my strong legs thundering through the grass. I glanced back only to see a dark outline chasing me, and getting closer by the second. I focused my attention...
  • werewolf
  • transform
  • wolf
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