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Coming Home (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)  by iambyul
Coming Home (Moon Lovers: Byul
So, basically, this is a fan fiction of MLSHR. This happens after Soo wakes up from coma in the present time.
MARKED  by Davispark03
MARKED by Davi👑
Aubree has lived 17 years of her life in New York, everything change four month to her birthday when her mother walked up to her and told her they were moving. Still und...
selenophile by teenaqerinlove
selenophileby ✧₊˚ 𝒂𝒍₊˚✧
their love was strong, but timing was wrong, and love decided that they didn't belong. (fillie)
SELENOPHILE (Taennie FF) by DSLilone
I never trusted anyone but you are kind of person who makes it hard not to I was trying to hide from everyone but as soon as you came, I want to tell everyone who I am a...
Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Fallen Tear by cac_tus
Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Fallen Tearby cactus
This time there is another person stuck in the past there is no way that she can go back to her own world but can she find the love she has been looking for her whole li...
Now Midnight Rises  by RuhSuzsMind
Now Midnight Rises by RuhSuzs Mind
Haiku Poetry of the lovely dear new moons.
The Moon by MyMoonYourStar
The Moonby MyMoonYourStar
First Time writing here lol i just wanna share the story between two people who's always thinking about their truelove. idk what to put here but you must read first befo...
Once A Selenophile by ellelareveuse
Once A Selenophileby Elle
I am a lover of the moon. He loved me, too. But we're different, we can't be together. We live in a different world. I am a selenophile, but it's beyond the limit.
Heroes Or Moon Creatures? by sangie5
Heroes Or Moon Creatures?by
7 mysterious boys protecting me and people who wants me.. Are they heroes or moon creatures? Secrets, news and who is the most dangerous person? Maybe.. myself? My fear...
Selenophile by Aella_Blaire
Selenophileby Aella.Blaire
Selena realized what is she and why does she fall for it. One shot story only. Hope you'll enjoy.
My Luna by phrincesses
My Lunaby Pri Ane
A poem written inspired by my favorite song...
my curiosity and wonderness got no boundaries . by WondErmEst037
my curiosity and wonderness got WondErmEst 037
Just random thoughts and imaginations put in the form of words
As Time Shows by FloraJenna12
As Time Showsby Florajenaa
This story is inspired from the plot line of another fic call A play of time by wang seol but since I don't like that much angst and want to give soo a peaceful death so...
MOON LOVER by MrWordChaser
MOON LOVERby MrWordChaser
This one is dedicated to those who love in silence.
Jungkook //My good luck// FF by Demonijk
Jungkook //My good luck// FFby JungkookLover❤
Y/n never knows that she ever in love with someone so deeply Y/n find him in her moon who changes y/n life yes Y/n finally found her good luck
Selenophile (A One Shot Story)  by Dwaejiiiii_30
Selenophile (A One Shot Story) by Dwaejiiiii
Selenophile -A person who loves the moon.
Moon Witnessed Love by Moinwriter
Moon Witnessed Loveby Moinwriter
Welcome, dear Readers! 'Moon Witnessed Love' is a collection of free verse poems that will make you cry, reminisce or even sprout hope into your heart. The characters of...
VAMPIRE in LOVE BOOK:1 by LeeYeunji
It takes a long time to fall in love for a Vampire or a Demon like Adrian. But what did Twella do that they only met a month ago and know Adrian confess his love towars...