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The Elf Experience (KOTLC X Reader) by StoriesInTheHowls
The Elf Experience (KOTLC X Reader)by Cami the Bread
Edited 4/20/17: Highest Ranking: #14 in "kotlc" Search Results Do you love Keeper of the Lost Cities? Do you love Fitz, Dex, Tam, and Keefe? Do you sometim...
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sokeefe // trust fall by indigo_dream
sokeefe // trust fallby Evelyn | 🎼
"Please, just don't go all eyebrow-creasy on me Foster", his face was pained, revealing the broken Keefe beneath his shell of bravado. Sophie stood, dazed for...
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Project Phoenix by celestial_stardust
Project Phoenixby keeferofthelostcities
The Neverseen have been defeated. But Phoenixes always rise from the ashes.... Five years have passed. Five years for plotting. Five years for scheming. The Neverseen...
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Zaynab's Amazing Brain Thought of This by vifanfictorious
Zaynab's Amazing Brain Thought vifanfictorious
WARNING LEGACY SPOILERS Like MAJOR LEGACY SPOILERS Sokeefe Oneshot WITH LEGACY SPOILERS My friend Zaynab aka @zsdrawss and @divinaticns on Instagram has always insiste...
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Sophie's Love Triangle (Sokeefe) by AltinatheKotlcfan
Sophie's Love Triangle (Sokeefe)by AltinatheWaterGirl
It all started with playing truth or dare that Sophie found out who the love of her life was. Take a crazy ride through the experience with Sophie.
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Sokeefe- Yep, its happening (Book 8 and 9) by beetleatbay101
Sokeefe- Yep, its happening ( Murray
This is what might happen in KOTLC book 8. I do not own any of these characters- all property of Shannon Messenger. Please correct any grammar/spelling errors I make.Hap...
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swansong - a tam and keefe fanfic by paladin_pidge
swansong - a tam and keefe fanficby paladin_pidge
when sophie begins dating fitz, keefe, heartbroken, turns to an unlikely companion.
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The Black Swan by sagelef
The Black Swanby sagelef
This is a whole book based off of the first kotlc book but from Mr.Forkle view
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♥ KOTLC Casting ♥ by Sunflower10333
♥ KOTLC Casting ♥by - nattie -
This is just me finding people who look like the KOTLC characters. Enjoy~
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Zaynab's Amazing Brain Thought of This  by celestial_stardust
Zaynab's Amazing Brain Thought keeferofthelostcities
hey hey so this is kind of a Sokeefe one shot that contains LEGACY SPOILERS. you have been warned. my good friend @zsdrawss/@divinaticns on Instagram gave me and a few...
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San Diego's Moonlark / Sokeefe Superhero AU by AbstractAddison
San Diego's Moonlark / Sokeefe ˗ˏˋᴀᴅᴅɪ ˎˊ˗
Sophie Elizabeth Foster never wanted her powers of light that shone even more powerful than the sun. She never wanted to be the illusive Moonlark of San Diego, or watch...
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Dark Blaze by Black_Swan_Song
Dark Blazeby Moon sencen
don't be disappointed in me kotlc fandom cover by @lylacxox
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Gray-A KotLC sequel by yparikh
Gray-A KotLC sequelby Yashvi
Sophie Elizabeth Foster is all grown up. She lives peacefully in the Lost Cites with her husband, Keefe Sencen and her two children. But that might not be the case....
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Moonlark 2.0 by twinkle7102
Moonlark 2.0by twinkle7102
Haley, a seemingly ordinary girl. Top of her class, loves to be challenged, and loves to dance. Logan, a new student at Haley's High school. One of the smartest in the c...
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Through the Gap in the Curtains by Cress070
Through the Gap in the Curtainsby Cress070
He's alone, she's confused, and here comes a secret. Dex is struggling with rejection, Biana's relationship with Keefe is deteriorating, and she doesn't know why, and th...
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The Love Roller Coaster of the Moonlark by 3MeowMeow
The Love Roller Coaster of the ann
Who will Sophie choose? Sophie is now a Level 5 prodigy at Foxfire Academy, which as everyone knows, it was time to apply for a matchmaking scroll. Sophie has a crush on...
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KOTLC Dream Cast by SokeefeSquad
KOTLC Dream Castby SokeefeSquad
Just some people who look like the keeper gang. Recommendation and feedback are welcome. :)
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The Lost Moonlark  by _-RoTheWarrior-_
The Lost Moonlark by Warrior at heart
(~admin~) Arcie always knew there was something special about her. She has been to experience the emotions of people all around her, and one day hears the piercing thou...
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Multifandom oneshots! by Kikithefox
Multifandom oneshots!by Kikithefox
Just stuff other than svtfoe stuff lol Will include fluff, angst, but no nsfw or smut I don't take requests sorry! Fandoms: Ducktales Keeper of The Lost Cities Httyd (...
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The Reject  Moonlark (A KOTLC Story) by AlphaShadowWolf1
The Reject Moonlark (A KOTLC AlphaShadowWolf1
WARNING Legacy spoilers!!! Sophie has always been known as the Moonlark wether it be testifying in front of the council or around her amazing friends from the black swan...
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