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Written In the Stars | s.b | by andreaxjulia
Written In the Stars | s.b |by Dre
Once there was a young and passionate girl by the name of Ariah. She lived in a poor environment, doing everything in her power to help out her family. On the other side...
PERFECT // JAMES POTTER by -nausicaa_
"You can cry, You can laugh, You can scream out your feelings for the whole world to hear. Whatever you do, you will always seem perfect in my eyes." PERFECT A...
Gotham imagines/ preferences by victorzsaszismylover
Gotham imagines/ preferencesby victorzsaszismylover
lol so im just really sad & bored :) includes; Oswald Cobblepot Victor zsasz Edward Nygma Jim Gordon Harvey bullock Jerome velaska and just anyone else i can be bothere...
Hurt And Lies by AlexisChandler280
Hurt And Liesby Alexis Brionna💜
Olivia was broken....her mom died when she was 11 years old and had to live with her dad and his mom. She struggled a lot with Life especially in her teen years. She met...
Harry Potter Character Imagines by girlz4ever89
Harry Potter Character Imaginesby professional fangirl
I'll do any Harry Potter Character if you request, I hope you enjoy and if you don't, sorry I guess? ***very slow and inconsistent updates***
Genetics • Sirius Black by disasterfairy
Genetics • Sirius Blackby * ☽ disastrous ☾ *
"With each word you say, I regret speaking to you more." Freya Grey had purposely avoided Sirius Black ever since she had heard of his idiocy, however one unfo...
Jegulus by TheLimelightCult
Jegulusby Grey
What if James was in love with Regulus as well as Lily? After Sirius left for Hogwart, he seemed to forget about Regulus, he has now made new friends. Regulus knew thin...
Ena x Reader  by Lake-Dice
Ena x Reader by Lake Dice
Cover art is by Joel G so uh last night I got bored and decided to see if Ena x Reader exist , surprised I am it does exist and I got invested to it ANNND decided to mak...
Little Flame by writershub69
Little Flameby writershub69
what if Harry James Potter had a sister? What if this sister, looked quite similar to her mother? What if she fell in love with the most unlikely person and became the v...
Adhara Lily Black by slutforsiriusb
Adhara Lily Blackby adhara(addy)
Adhara Lily Black is an eleven year old girl who lives in Wiltshire, England. She is an adventurous girl who has as much of her father's rebellion and recklessness as sh...
Us Chosen Ones by urlocalharrysimp
Us Chosen Onesby urlocalharrysimp
All Lexi Bennitt wanted was to be normal. Well, that was taken from her and Harry Potter on the fateful Halloween night of 1981 when Voldemort killed their parents but f...
Harry Potter; Save me please (Mooney, padfoot and prongslet)  by potterlove84859595
Harry Potter; Save me please ( PotterLover
It had been almost three years. Three years of being tortured every single day by dementors, three years since that agonising walk into his best friends house knowing ex...
Jily Prompts by spiion
Jily Promptsby Lindsay
~ ONGOING ~ I'm taking prompts I saw on Pinterest and applying them to our beloved Jily. I guess you could call these One-shots, if you wanted to. Cover - Found on Pinte...
Bellatrix Lestrange's Daughter ✔️||Draco Malfoy by emilys_chapters
Bellatrix Lestrange's Daughter ✔️| Emily Weasley
Being the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange, Gabrielle was always going to become a deatheater. She always wanted to become one, as well, but her mother never lets her att...
Funny Marauders (HP) by -uncomfortable-
Funny Marauders (HP)by .
Marauders Things (Some original, some gotten from tumblr)
Heir of Slytherin (Draco Malfoy X Oc) by infamous_spark
Heir of Slytherin (Draco Malfoy Infamous_spark
Thalia, a pureblood witch coming from the line of non other than the famous Salzar Slytherin.
Never My Choice by tillyxblack
Never My Choiceby Tilly Black xx
Draco Malfoy, enimies since first year. You, Charlotte Black, despise Draco and all the other Malfoys, but you are just pulled together, like an unwanted force. You are...
Preferences • Marauders by Whiskers_from_within
Preferences • Maraudersby Thomassxnders
Preferences For James, Sirius, and Remus. Your Comments are appreciated, so is your feedback and ❤️'s.
JEALOUSY, JEALOUSY. remus lupin by purgepoison
- ', [jealousy, jealousy] ꒱ ↷🖇 ─── wherein theodora harkness tries to tolerate remus lupin and his group of idiots as he tries to get her to fall in love with him!
The Broken Time Turner by GoldenTrio06
The Broken Time Turnerby GoldenTrio06
Sometime when Hermione and Harry are saving Sirius Black during third year Hermione's time turner gets cracked, so instead of turning it in she asks McGonagall if she ca...