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Operation: B.O.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D. || Chad Dickson (Numbuh 274) by xsaranghanseoul
Operation: B.O.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D. || Pyoh Ire
B est O peratives Y earn F or R elationship I n E ach other's N ever ending D emand *** CREDITS to the owner of Codename: Kids Next Door franchise(series, characters, pl...
UFO: The Possessed by CaptainThunderWho
UFO: The Possessedby CaptainThunderWho Century 22...
The aliens have struck again. After infiltrating an International Vault containing some of the most precious secrets of the world's organisations, operations, and govern...
Space: 1999: The Varga Trap by CaptainThunderWho
Space: 1999: The Varga Trapby CaptainThunderWho Century 22...
The moon has drifted towards yet another planet in the ever expanding dangerous universe of space, throwing any threat it wants at the occupants of Moonbase Alpha. Once...
Danger Above by Aurora808
Danger Aboveby Aurora
The new President of the United States is going to the moon, but there is always some risk in going into space. Just how safe will it be getting him there and back, espe...
The Boys' Club by Aurora808
The Boys' Clubby Aurora
After years of hard training Carmen's lifelong dream to become an astronaut and pilot a spacecraft is about to be realised. But not only does she have to contend with ho...
Space 1999 END GAME by Timothy-Dyer
Space 1999 END GAMEby Benjamin Timothy Dyer
A complement to the great Gerry Andersons' great epic series Space 1999. This short story fuses all characters from both series into one. Enjoy the thriller that sends C...
Moonscape by TonyHarmsworth
Moonscapeby Tony Harmsworth
We've known that the moon is dead since Apollo. But what if something lay dormant in the dust, waiting to be found? In 2028, Mark Noble is conducting a survey of a moon...