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Rebecca's Life by MyAlias03
Rebecca's Lifeby MyAlias
When Rebeccas mom passed away from cancer, she finds herself 4 months later moving to a new town with her dad. As she deals with starting a new school and bumping into t...
Psychopath. (bwwm) ✓ by flawed-
Psychopath. (bwwm) ✓by ty • hiatus ♡
"Write down one word that describes you." psy·cho·path noun noun: psychopath; plural noun: psychopaths a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abn...
Daddy's Unstable Prince *W.I.P* by shadowblaxkmoore16
Daddy's Unstable Prince *W.I.P*by Shadowblaxkmoore16
New name :Daddy's Unstable prince Old name : Daddy's Bratty Prince Noah: unstable lonely shy cute depressed and afraid Isaiah: lover strong hot and a total daddy Hid...
Melting Me Softly [JJK] by _Lee_Mia_
Melting Me Softly [JJK]by LeeMia
when the cold hearted mafia is forced to marry a bubbly and joyful girl, what will happen ? will y/n be successful to melt his cold heart ? "He said he love me... b...
Two Sides Of The Same Coin- Once-Ler X Reader by milomeepit
Two Sides Of The Same Coin- Sarah
We all know the story of the Once-ler. Nice guy, made a successful thing, then he got too greedy and he lost everything. The question is, how did that happen? Reader-cha...
Mafia Imagines by secretlyhurting77
Mafia Imaginesby secretlyhurting77
I have yet to see someone make an imagines book ALL about the mafia so I made one. All of these will be an arranged marriage unless I say otherwise and the beginning. A...
Jab do dil milne ke liye bane ho zaruri nahi hota kitna mushkil ho....usme bhaleyi milo ki duriya ajaye ... Kitni hei galat famiyo se samna kyu na hojaye..PHIR...
Taennie Incorrect Quotes  by Wttheheck
Taennie Incorrect Quotes by Wttheheck
pov:Some crazy and fluffy pick up lines between blackpink Jennie and BTS taehyung . Found they are dating and I am happy for them hope you all support them too they don...
Cupcakes, Cravings and More by AngelLucy1
Cupcakes, Cravings and Moreby Marbil
I am Craving for the cheesiest Pizza ever! But the problem is its almost half past 2 in the morning and Pizza is not too good for my health, but I want it, no I need to...
Enna Sona (Completed✔) by RainyNights95
Enna Sona (Completed✔)by Digisha
#1 hates - 21 May #6 Moodswings - 14th May #38 in Short Story - 18th March #40 in Short Story - 31st Jan #52 in Short Story - 30th Jan #58 in Short Story - 29th Jan #64...
Undying Love: Sons Of Anarchy by QueenofHearttss
Undying Love: Sons Of Anarchyby Queen of Hearrts
The most anticipated and wanted story. Undying Love is a squeal to Killer Love. Undying love picks up three months after Killer Love. If someone hasn't read the first bo...
You Belong To Me by NovaWatermelon
You Belong To Meby NovaWatermelon
When Scott is captured by a madman and kept in his house, he thinks the only way of escape is to play the madman's game. Coming up with what he believes is the best solu...
Neirohians by RajveeHirva_2225
Neirohiansby R_H
It's a story about Neirohi. It depicts the the version of neirohi 2.0. This story portraits the journey of aarohi and neil from their cranky fights to becoming partners...
Monster....(undergoing editing) by WeGoThroughThingsToo
Monster....(undergoing editing)by Space24390
Don't like? Don't read it. How would you say Izuku is? Happy, kind, and shy right? Wrong. He isn't happy. He isn't as kind as they say, and for his shyness? More like an...
Avni Ke Mood Swings 😆 by sakshisahu12
Avni Ke Mood Swings 😆by sakshi 😉....
So , I am here with the series of mood swings 😆 that occurs during the pregnancy 😊 so let's begin 🙂 hope you all will enjoy it 💕 hope you all will feel the feeling o...
Academy Tales: 14 Men And A Baby by Obsessed_With_Cats
Academy Tales: 14 Men And A Babyby Anonymous Writer
Raven and North go grocery shopping and meet a heavily pregnant Sang. She's got bruises everywhere and one hell of a story to tell. The Blackbourne- Toma team are tryin...
Mood Swings | ViceRylle Social Media OneShot AU [COMPLETED] by yviiivyy25
Mood Swings | ViceRylle Social NicoRylle
A Vicerylle twitter serye wherein a journey to becoming a first-time parent.
I want Divorce!!! by KASR_ASR
I want Divorce!!!by Ashra khan
Highest ranking #73 (17-04-2017) in humour.. Who wants divorce from whom, and why?? Peep in to know more...
Damn You Red by Parkkrys
Damn You Redby Parkkrys
Set during Problems In Lovers Land (Must read first!!!) We find out how our wonderful Green deals with his pregnancy.
My Pregnancy book (RP Book) by Baddy_2022
My Pregnancy book (RP Book)by Ms.Baddy Strife
This is my journey through the pregnancy book and I decided to make one for my pregnancy or pregnancy for the future um let me know how this turns out and everything I h...