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Zodiac Signs by WritingDuhh
Zodiac Signsby WritingDuh
✓ Completed ✓ Facts, Scenarios, Descriptions, and many other things about the 12 Zodiac Signs!! Book 2 Hope you all like it! *Creds To Original Authors* *Credit to orig...
Seven Days, My Wife. by vuvumats
Seven Days, My vuvumats
I wasted five years of our marriage... now? I'm begging for her to be my lifetime but she just gave me seven days to be with her...
Zodiac Signs by WritingDuhh
Zodiac Signsby WritingDuh
✓ Completed ✓ Facts, Scenarios, Descriptions, and many other interesting things about the 12 Zodiac Signs! ❤️ Book 3 Hope you enjoy!! *Creds to original authors*
Few Months [Hardin & Tessa] by Hessa-15
Few Months [Hardin & Tessa]by Hessa-15
Both Tessa and Hardin have a hard time to be left alone by a person. It takes them a few months to be at the spot they want to be and be happy.
On my sweet sixteen i'm a PREGNANT TEEN! by star10122
On my sweet sixteen i'm a Star :D
"I stared at my at my stomach and moved my hand towards it. It doesn't feel too different. Maybe it was because I didn't want it? Was it a bit rounder? a bit bigger...
Yuki (BNHA/MHA Fanfiction) by Ur2chaotic
Yuki (BNHA/MHA Fanfiction)by BeetleHat
"I'll call you Yuki!" "A new nickname for me, Katsuki-sama?" "S-s-s-stop calling me 'sama'!" ... "Ne, Katsuki-sama..." "What...
Writing Wrongs: How To Be A Good Wattpader! by JonathanMagistad
Writing Wrongs: How To Be A Good Look At My Username
Hello, my fellow Wattpaders! I will be your tour guide this evening! Your food and drinks should arrive soon! In the meantime, I will be able to answer all your question...
March [ManxMan] by SinHasRisen
March [ManxMan]by Sin
"If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" The month in which there is a lavish wedding about to take two particular hearts by storm.
December (✔️) by Ssnicks
December (✔️)by Summer
It was December when she decided to end things with him. And it was December since the last time they had a real conversation. But something keeps pulling them back to...
•Michael Jackson Zodiacs• by bailey_bee123
•Michael Jackson Zodiacs•by 𝙗𝙖𝙞𝙡𝙚𝙮.🧸
Just some Michael Jackson zodiacs. Enjoy!
Zodiac Signs by _kaleana_
Zodiac Signsby kal
Simply a book about your Zodiac Sign! ➡️Book 2 out!⬅️ Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) Pisces (February 19 to March 20) Aries (March 21-April 19) Taurus (April 20-Ma...
I Need A Map, Sir by shannonwoodhouse
I Need A Map, Sirby Shannon Rose Woodhouse
Sofia's geography skills are the only thing other than her attitude that lets her down, when her journalism teacher Mr Frank sets her up for extra lessons with geography...
Period 5 by Drea14_ac
Period 5by Andrea Cisneros
When Akira goes to her first party ever she meets the player of her school, Aaden. She didn't realize that getting into a room with a boy like him would change her life...
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When Brown Meets Blue{ Completed } by heytherezayn69
When Brown Meets Blue{ Completed }by ♥Directioner♥
Ellie's not much of a party animal, but when your best friend's brother is throwing the party, you say yes, no questions asked. It wasn't like Ellie didn't like parties...
Learning French by sous_reader
Learning Frenchby sous_reader
Book number #1 to learn French. Easy lessons starting from the basics in French language. Kindly let me know for any recommendation. Enjoy! Rank #1 in Vocabulary in Nove...
Someone you knew [on hiatus]  by CringySunflora
Someone you knew [on hiatus] by CringySunflora
It's been 10 years since May freed Imp from the pocket watch, but even if May could contact Imp by using the pocket watch, she never did, lacking of time by having child...
Michael Jackson Zodiac Sign by lashandabrown8
Michael Jackson Zodiac Signby lashanda brown
Which Zodiac sign Are You Aries ♈️: March 21 - April 19 Taurus ♉️: April 20 - May 20 Gemini ♊️: May 21 - June 20 Cancer ♋️: June 21 - July 22 Leo ♌️: July 23 - August 2...
꧁Countryhuman Zodiacs꧂ by NightmareeWinter_
꧁Countryhuman Zodiacs꧂by Nightmaree
🌸Countryhuman Zodiacs🌸
Bitten by Shannon__Renae__
Bittenby Shannon
Can she save him from a life like hers? Can she trust him? Will it fail? Danica is forced to live with a newly turned vampire. Liking it is not a word she would use to h...