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Tôi Được Vị Thần Dịch Chuyển Sang Thế Giới Khác  by ThaoVu426
Tôi Được Vị Thần Dịch Chuyển Thao Vu
Được triệu hồi sang thế giới khác , trước khi sang thế giới khác Shirou Kusanagi đã gặp được một vị thần và ban cho cậu nhiều kĩ năng trong chiến đấu . Sau khi xong cậu...
  • isekai
  • magic
  • harem
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A Day Without You (Julia Montes-Daniel Padilla) JulNiel fanfic by xiaokulet
A Day Without You (Julia xiaokulet
  • montes
  • julniel
  • padilla
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She's Mine by eizyaquimos
She's Mineby eizyaquimos
Akin s'ya, sa kanya ako. Ang isang Xed Timothy Montes ay nararapat lamang sa isang Demi Vleinne Buenavista. © 2017 by eizyaquimos
  • poweroflove
  • teamvleithy
  • mine
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His Choice by xdmsgil
His Choiceby lai
Title: His Choice Prompt: “He loved her, of course, but better than that, he chose her, day after day. Choice: that was the thing.” ― Sherman Alexie, The Toughest Indian...
  • fanfic
  • one
  • shot
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WRECK by kaieleven
WRECKby kaieleven
  • heartaches
  • friends
  • bestfriend
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Undying Love (One shot story JulNiel) by misssem
Undying Love (One shot story Teppy
Undying love is more powerful than life; It lives beyond the death. Also, Love is magical and it gives you the strength to heal and transform your pain. Till death do u...
  • death
  • montes
  • unspokenlove
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In a Hell with you  by BellaLavione
In a Hell with you by @Shootthemout
Obsessive Gansters Series #1 Timothy Jaxx Montefalco
  • gangsters
  • hell
  • montefalco
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killing a witch by vaughn123pogi
killing a witchby vaughn123pogi
genius killer
  • heart
  • facebook
  • forever
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Ikaw Lamang by shewillalwaysbeloved
Ikaw Lamangby F r a n c e s
[ONESHOT] Julia doesn't have the time for a love life... well, that's what she tells everyone. But, the truth is, she's just waiting for someone to sweep her off her fee...
  • julia
  • montes
  • julquen
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[ON HOLD] A Moment In Time by shewillalwaysbeloved
[ON HOLD] A Moment In Timeby F r a n c e s
Enrique Gil lives in the present. Mara Schnittka lived in the past. They are two different people from different time periods. What happens when their paths cross?
  • gil
  • montes
  • schnittka
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His not my property(dota girl) by mizrye
His not my property(dota girl)by charrye
on going pa po change acoount po ako vote and comment is needed :) thanks
  • julquen
  • comedy
  • montes
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Boston and the Stylish Couple I Know by BecBibliophile
Boston and the Stylish Couple I Becca Manuel
  • disasterous
  • interview
  • deluca
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My Miss Perfect Girl by SungSangJae
My Miss Perfect Girlby Kimay Arostique
A perfect story of love. Maraming teens ang makaka-relate. Isang barkada na may iba't ibang persnalidad, iba't ibang pinanggalingan at iba't ibang mundo. Family problems...
  • bernardo
  • padilla
  • loyzaga
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si kimberly san jose isang second year student sa danforth highschool at geek rin kung maitutring masasabe pa kaya nya kaya kay chris yung totoong feelins nya o parehas...
  • padilla
  • montes
  • kathry
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A Letter from Heaven (A JulQuen One shot) by HoyJammeh
A Letter from Heaven (A JulQuen HoyJammeh
An All Soul's day and All Saint's Day special
  • montes
  • enrique
  • gil
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Behind The Scenes - JulNieL FF Based on a True Story by Marikit07
Behind The Scenes - JulNieL FF Marikit JulNiel
(True story based on famous Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe) DJ, though famous and gorgeous, finds it hard to find the girl he would fall truly in love with because h...
  • daniel
  • scenes
  • padilla
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