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(Httyd x Shara reader) Feel The Pressure by Poggering
(Httyd x Shara reader) Feel The Poggering
A angry dragon just getting on with their life is suddenly thrust into action as they were discovered by Hiccup and his Friends dont own Mhw or Httyd
Defying The Rules by Keizer1rex
Defying The Rulesby Keizer rex
Thalos, a fifteen year old boy, has lived on Berk his whole life. Raids are common, as well as blood shed from both dragon and Viking. However, when he stumbles across t...
My Monster Hunter Academia (My Hero Academia x Monster Hunter) by raptorixx
My Monster Hunter Academia (My Raptorixx
Izuku Midoriya, being pulled out of his fanboy delusions, walks home mentally battered. He began finding a way around the situation, how he will never be a hero. He then...
Reincarnated as The Sky Comet Dragon in DxD by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
Reincarnated as The Sky Comet Change is Good
"It is sad, dying like this. Getting blown up in a fighter jet, but at least I did my country well" #1 monsterhunter Oct 14 2019 #1 Ophis Jan 1 2020
The Frenzy Dragon of Remnant by Shirou_Hakeyama
The Frenzy Dragon of Remnantby Shirou_Hakeyama
A young Rose who has yet to find her thorns, runs away from home at the news of her mothers death, after getting lost in the forest surrounding her home she gets cornere...
Reincarnated As A Dalamadur In A World Of Myth by user83191737
Reincarnated As A Dalamadur In A Ener Zemando
At the beginning of the world, the Primordials rule till the day the Greek Gods claim the land. What if in the beginning there was another Primordial appear. One that co...
King among Queens (Monster hunter x male reader) by Luzius1
King among Queens (Monster Luzius1
One day (Y/n) suddenly found himself in the new world of monster hunter.... as a Jaggi. He then panics. How the hell can he survive in the world of monster hunter. But a...
Black Dragon Of UA (Male Reader  X My Hero Academia)  by QYONNYJ
Black Dragon Of UA (Male Reader JonnyQ
Ryuku, the Dragon Hero known as the public as a hero who protects innocent civillians. But unknown to many, she has a son. A son with unknown origins and a quirk similar...
Asta of the Hunters'Guild by Cameodc
Asta of the Hunters'Guildby Cameodc
In a world where magic is everything, a boy named Asta was born without it. As such, he was bullied, mocked and neglected by almost everyone in his village. Unable to to...
Burning Hatred (my hero academia x monster hunter) by boomboomabc
Burning Hatred (my hero academia not_bakugo
izuku yagi, he was born into a great life. but when he turned four he was forgotten, neglected, bullied, and abused. years later he discovered something that would let h...
A new world in the archipelago  by GotchaMutcha
A new world in the archipelago by Mutcha Man
After the attack of the Rumblehorn Hiccup finds a cave that wasn't in theyre island before so after entering he finds a new secret that for them was a drem but for the o...
Monster Girl Hunter : World by MirabilisDesidia
Monster Girl Hunter : Worldby MirabilisDesidia
He came to the New World to discover the truth of the Elder Dragons, and contribute his skills as a Monster Hunter to the Research Commission... But, why are they Monste...
A Man of many Dragons by killerkami
A Man of many Dragonsby killerkami
as Hiccup and Fishlegs are on their way back to dragons edge after searching Lycanwing Island but see that their is a giant Island that is just south of Lycanwing Isla...
The B-Lister (Male Reader story) by AxeTheRat04
The B-Lister (Male Reader story)by Jose
A Monster hunter story based off World. this will be a small harem. After Zorah Magdaros escaped the commission's clutches, the commission call for back up. The sixth fl...
Scattered Scales (abused! male reader x RWBY) by TheEmeraldEntomancer
Scattered Scales (abused! male TheEmeraldEntomancer
the gore magala. a beast that was hunted to extinction because of what it could do. so what happens when a magala faunus is abused in his earlier years,and what could pr...
Reincarnated as Safi'Jiiva (Remake) by TremorsfanB
Reincarnated as Safi'Jiiva (Remake)by TremorsfanB
Jason was a 18 year old high school student who loved to play Monster Hunter World. His favorite monster to fight was Safi'Jiiva. One day while going to the store, he ge...
Holy Water   [Dean Winchester] by theallylayne
Holy Water [Dean Winchester]by Ally Layne
Persephone Jackson has faced many things, but nothing has ever bothered her quite like Dean Winchester. Especially when she discovers he works with her Uncle Bobby. Or...
The Witcher's Treasure (Geralt x Reader) by Inkdeath2001
The Witcher's Treasure (Geralt x Fiery
Many years ago I met a great warrior. He was a Witcher, with white hair and yellow gold eyes. He stole my heart, called me his treasure. This is my story, of how I me...
City of Dust by M_A_Hartman
City of Dustby M. A. Hartman
|| ✨ 2022 WATTYS WINNER ✨ || Kill the monsters. Claim the bounty. Escape to Alaska. ------------ Ten years ago, an event known as The Turning upset the balance of Earth'...
The Thunder Wolf Rises: RWBY Harem x Zinogre Faunus Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
The Thunder Wolf Rises: RWBY ShaNEON_757
This is a story requested by @JordanHannaEvans ask shout outs, and Zinogre is one if my favorite monsters in the Monster Hunter series. So, here is the story. For years...