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Monster *Boy* Encyclopedia x fem reader  by OKEGOMLOSER
Monster *Boy* Encyclopedia x fem Okegomfan
I was thinking about how there are no male monsters in the monster girl encyclopedia world and it got me thinking about if the opposite were the case.
Yandere Horrors x reader[oneshots, smut & lemons] by LudicrouslyDone
Yandere Horrors x reader[ Aries
monsters, demons, fantasy races and all manor of inhuman yandere boys for your reading pleasure. owo
Phyco Snake Boy! (Yandere Naga x Reader) by DeeZ_UNICORNSHhh
Phyco Snake Boy! (Yandere Naga x DeeZ_UNICORNS Hhh
You meet the love of your life while on a camping trip with your friends, however, he isnt exactly normal. He's half snake from the waist down and his killer instinct is...
Monster boyfriend scenarios by Yonko_Of_The_Sea
Monster boyfriend scenariosby Ophilia
This will be this so if I miss some things tell me please. These are the following monsters I am doing for now: Naga Werewolf Siren Incubus Centaur Vampire Arachnid ...
Monster Boys!? by Ryu_Loonsy
Monster Boys!?by Loon
My name is Matthew. My life? Well, I'm just your friendly neighbourhood otaku. I never leave the house, I sit in my room and eat ramen all day, watch anime and play vide...
Monster!Dramatical Murders x Reader by SnowflakeDragon18
Monster!Dramatical Murders x Readerby SnowflakeDragon18
I don't see many things devoted to Dramatical Murders, so I decided to throw my hat into the ring. The monster part is my way of adding variety to the mix! I'll be writi...
An Average Life With Monster Boys by Gerbil-senpai
An Average Life With Monster Boysby Gerbil-senpai
Mary lived an average life until one day she was assigned to be a host to extra-species. Now she's trying to survive everyday life with her new roommates. Oh! And did I...
Supernatural Being Hunters by tomi-chan18082
Supernatural Being Huntersby Mystic lover
Lorance is a man shadowed by mystery. Having many secrets that a certain average girl wants to uncover. The two feel drawn to eachother in an almost supernatural way. Lo...
The Competition for Nightshade Mansion by Supachu
The Competition for Nightshade Stardust
18 characters from several worlds have been selected and have entered the competition for a very wonderful reward, a massive mansion that can satisfy every desire, need...
Quest for Aphrodite's hand  by WillowTheYaoiBoy
Quest for Aphrodite's hand by Squishy King
A young hero woke up in a unfamiliar place. He felt cold he was wearing only a loin clothe and was equipped with only a dagger. His name was Alex. Alex scanned his surr...
✘✘ monster! guys x reader oneshots ✘✘ by darlinginthelake_
✘✘ monster! guys x reader littledarling
I have a book or encyclopedia on a variety of mythical creatures, spirits, demons, etc. I decided to start writing one shots for some cause I find them interesting and m...