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Togetherness? - Little Nightmares - Mono x Six by Deadmandrifting935
Togetherness? - Little AL
Trapped in a vicious cycle, time and time again Mono has only known failure. Bound by an incomprehensible force and queer visions of deja vu, all of this has happened be...
Fading Flowers// Yandere AU by CutelingCutie
Fading Flowers// Yandere AUby FaeFrosting
THIS IS LITERALLY MY FIRST EVER FANFIC inspired by some art I saw on Instagram uwu I will try my best to write this, may be a little bit sloppy but I'll try! I'll state...
PARADOX by forrestwrites
PARADOXby moss
What would you do if you were stuck in a death loop? Over and over, trying to save your past self only to greet death and relieve your worst memories - all with no hope...
Little nightmares Mafia AU by Pikaman_Reborn
Little nightmares Mafia AUby Jack Napier
14 years Ago a murder happened on the Las Vegas strip. A burst of blue light and a man appeared. He told a boy to become the king. And so the kid was willing to do whate...
"Survival" - Mono x Six/Monix (Little Nightmares) by thelegendarydolphin
"Survival" - Mono x Six/Monix ( thelegendarydolphin
Mono is alone. Alone with his thoughts. The time loop, the monsters and the deadly world he will never escape... When he finds a new friend, Six, he has to earn her trus...
Together - Mono x Six - Little Nightmares by Chaoz_Disco
Together - Mono x Six - Little Chaoz
Cover by Ylkong2 Heavily inspired by other Monix stories! Will contain spoilers for Little Nightmares 2! A young boy who was framed for a crime he didn't commit has been...
Forever - Mono x Six - Little Nightmares by Chaoz_Disco
Forever - Mono x Six - Little Chaoz
Cover by Gabawook The sequel to the first book in the series, "Together." I HIGHLY recommend you read that book first so you can be all caught up on the events...
Mono + Six Afterstory || Little Nightmares II by chorofappski
Mono + Six Afterstory || Little ruh roh raggy
If Six hadn't betrayed Mono in the end (true ending)... Trigger warnings: Starvation Hostile speaking This is mostly platonic with a hint of romance (but obviously very...
Redemption and Love (Mono x Six) by 2009Nikita
Redemption and Love (Mono x Six)by Olga Kuzmin
After being betrayed by his friend Six, Mono is left in the dark, empty room, and think.However, there is one mysterious figure that will not allow him to just give up.H...
Little Nightmares June and the Blind Eye by bruhiwriter1
Little Nightmares June and the bruhiwriter1
Mono despises Six yet the two get married on the agreement of working as accomplices in order to gain more power and domination over the world they live in. With that, t...
(DISCONTINUED) Coming home (little nightmares six x mono) by Okashii-Writes
(DISCONTINUED) Coming home ( Okashii-Writes
(THIS FIC IS DISCONTINUED, PLZ READ THE OTHER FIC) (Feel free to skip to the fluff lol) Six as a young adult finally found a psychic spell that might save her secret cru...
Mono x Six oneshots | LN2  by FraudCat
Mono x Six oneshots | LN2 by FraudCat
Made Oct 2, 2022 don't know if I'll upload chapters too much. I'm very lazy but I like the ship a lot. also give me requests. Sometimes I'm not creative at all so yeah. ...
Little Nightmares: Oneshots/Ministories.  by Annoyingsister2004
Little Nightmares: Oneshots/ Alex.
(Requests Closed.) Oneshots of little nightmares characters. Some will focus on other characters as well as some mini stories that will go into some parts. Some will foc...
DISCONTINUED: I'll break the loop for you: Mono x Six by Mersqueaks
DISCONTINUED: I'll break the M. Benz
Yeh, I don't know why I wrote this, either. Art on the front ain't mine! TW: blood, gore, mild swearing, bullying. Mono and Six are 17 and 16 in this! And this is suppo...
Love and tragedy 😢 by Artokaii
Love and tragedy 😢by Artokaii
Mono and Six have a baby hotdog then die.
Everyone lives (little nightmares, contains Six x Mono) by Okashii-Writes
Everyone lives (little Okashii-Writes
The multiverse theory in my eyes is confirmed with this franchise. The fact that the recent comics confirmed that waking up where you died is an actual thing that happen...
its you{little nightmares after the nightmare} by starligth435
its you{little nightmares after alicia lee
a boy name mono woke up in a hospital ,and the doctor told him that he was on a coma for 2 months from the car crash accident only he was alive his parents could not su...
Before the Little Nightmares Began ( Fanfiction) COMPLETE by Aldeves
Before the Little Nightmares Aldeves
Six woke up with no memory of her past, met some friends and lived in a place that is used to be beautiful but became a twisted nightmare. Take a journey in the very beg...
Kismet's Epilogue : Little Nightmares 2 Fanfiction (LN3 Continuation) by 2Wh0m1tM3yDist4rb
Kismet's Epilogue : Little 2Wh0m1tM3yDist4rb
Alright, I had this insane, and fully planned out idea, even though I've literally just gotten into the fandom. I really like the setting and mood of this opening image...
Return to Pale City by AkSaque
Return to Pale Cityby Akari
Book 3 of 4 Six has escaped from the Maw, she has now returned to the Pale City. She needs to know if Mono is alive or not. She faces new monsters, old monsters, and pai...