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The reborn primordial... by Anotherexistingbeing
The reborn Anotherexistingbeing
Journey through reincarnation (Book cover edited by @dragonshardtales101)
ZODIAC ˚ ᵐᵒⁿᵏᵉᵉˢ by thorkelson
ZODIAC ˚ ᵐᵒⁿᵏᵉᵉˢby tablecloth queen
❝SHE MAKES ME LAUGH. SHE MAKES ME SMILE, and i could hang out with her all day and night. she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, and i would like to be with her ...
How to Become The Monkees Without Really Trying by shocwav
How to Become The Monkees shocwav
How did The Monkees become a group? (The TV Monkees, not the IRL group.) I mean, come on- an LA rock and roller, a British stage actor, a Texan country guitarist, and...
Four Monkees One Amphibian Bakery by monkeetoenails
Four Monkees One Amphibian Bakeryby monkee toenails
the monkees own a bakery where they make pastry for amphibians. their rival is a vegan man named Aidan mustard Gallagher, who owns the vegan Panera across the street.
The Monkees Imagines and Preferences! by alexanderxbetsey
The Monkees Imagines and alexanderxbetsey
Fun Monkees imagines! Probably and emphasis on Mike because he's my favorite, but overall just silly fun prompts. #2 in Monkees.
60's Texts by cherrytree123456
60's Textsby •|Jae|•
Ever wondered what would happen if your favourite 60's bands got their own chatrooms? Disclaimer: I don't own the bands, (I wish I did) and I did think of the idea afte...
𝐖𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 the authors write imagines based on yours and our favorite 𝐑𝐎𝐂...
Classic Rock Zodiac by NewtA5TheGlue
Classic Rock Zodiacby NewtA5TheGlue
Just a bunch of music related zodiacs. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell comment any you have!
💛 The Monkees 💛 by inteardropcity
💛 The Monkees 💛by Paul McCartney’s ass
Full of preferences, zodiacs, imagines, smut, memes, music, episodes, and photos/gifs! Enjoy these silly stories :) It's all x reader. Any requests are welcome!
Shattered Peace by Lackluster-Me
Shattered Peaceby Lackluster-Me
When Mike is in an accident, the others are left to pick up the pieces. I do not own the Monkees or any of their songs.
Life Is Such a Sweet Insanity (50s-90s Character Imagines) by AutumnCardigan
Life Is Such a Sweet Insanity ( AutumnCardigan
These are some imagines came up with for different characters from the shows in the 50s-90s. I hope you enjoy! (: **REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED
A Cross Between Two Worlds // The Beatles & The Monkees Fanfiction by sofiaa720
A Cross Between Two Worlds // Sofia Armadillo
When The Beatles meet The Monkees, they instantly become friends. When The Beatles' fame continues to increase dramatically over The Monkees', The Monkees grow extremely...
Cuddly Toy by mushysoul
Cuddly Toyby Catherine
Mike has been a little mopey lately, because he misses his little boy while working with the Monkees. So he finds someone to fill the void.... and Davy just may be the o...
Petite Michel by Lackluster-Me
Petite Michelby Lackluster-Me
After an argument, Micky wishes that Mike be "brought down to size". His wish comes true...a little too literally... (Cover drawn by me and edited by Lisa Boo...
Monkee One Shots  by Indigo13647
Monkee One Shots by IndigoSkies
Just short stories about the Monkees I feel like writing! I will also take suggestions! Enjoy!
As we go along  by monkeesluts
As we go along by monkees trash
Two bestfriends get into a tragic accident, giving them the opportunity to travel back in time to the 1960's, and let them be able to meet their favorite band The Monkee...
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Jones, and Beatles Zodiacs by Beatles_Rule
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Hey Jude
Random zodiacs with these 2 awesome bands! Awesome cover made by @ClassicRockLover04!
UhhhhhHIMAMONKE by DanzoerenDanzoeren
UhhhhhHIMAMONKEby Danzoeren Danzoeren
Monkey dosent wear any pants monkey does the sexiests dance
Esli and Mike by lauraspeaks
Esli and Mikeby ✨Laura✨
***INCOMPLETE*** Esli (es-lee) Rubin is 21 year old college student and writer for the L.A. Wave's Newspaper Music column. She gets the chance of the lifetime to be an e...
⭐Micro Mods⭐ by xTheWindsOfTimex
⭐Micro Mods⭐by Pomegrante
What happens when the bands wake up with miniature version of themselves? come on in and take a journey as they experience fatherhood first-hand [I started this!! 😃]