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Discord by 4nokishino
Discordby 4noki
A collection of random Keyakizaka one-shots and blurbs. And occasionally a two-shot or so.
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Everything Leads Me To You by KanjiKeyaki46
Everything Leads Me To Youby MozarellaCheese💗
Nagahama Neru is the daughter of the richest businessman in their town named Hime and Jiro Nagahama, but despite their luxury Neru wanted a simple life. Neru is full of...
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The Madonna's Love by keyaki-no-hiraishin
The Madonna's Loveby Haru
There was a beautiful, mysterious girl at their university who rarely showed up for any classes and never talked to anyone else. 'Grumpy and antisocial' was what the oth...
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Eccentric by 4nokishino
Eccentricby 4noki
In the near future, a group of 21 girls are gathered for a special project called the Keyaki class. Each given a bracelet on their wrists, they form a special class at a...
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!!A FANFIC THAT FEATURES ALL KEYAKISHIP!! (Kanji Ships only! Sorry to the HiraFans!) ..Hmm. Sakamichi All-Girls' elite high. What if a Popular, Cool and Handsome youth...
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[SERIES] {Sakamichi} Mùa xuân năm 46  by zakigi
[SERIES] {Sakamichi} Mùa xuân nă Zakigi
All couple
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The Moon N' The Sun [On Hold] by KanjiKeyaki46
The Moon N' The Sun [On Hold]by MozarellaCheese💗
Hirate Yurina lives an unhealthy life made of phsyical, verbal and mental abuse, she's the black sheep to people despite not knowing her fully due to the lie and made up...
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MonaRisa one-shots by Keyaki_AKB48
MonaRisa one-shotsby Keyaki_AKB48
A whole bunch of MonaRisa stories piled up into a bunch of fluff, smut and angst. ^ ^
Keyakizaka46 stories (One shots fanfiction) by lowkeyBD
Keyakizaka46 stories (One shots AA😈
One shots collection of your favorites ships in keyaki!
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[K46] HOST CLUB KEYAKIZAKA - TechiNeru by dakawajo_salt
[K46] HOST CLUB KEYAKIZAKA - xiaonghien107
Câu chuyện bao quanh cái Host Club đặc biệt của bộ tứ Host mém hoàn hảo.!! Có các cặp đôi tham gia vào là TechiNeru (Main), MonaRisa, OdaMonta, YukkaNen v...
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Keyakizaka46 Short Stories by ekkusudii
Keyakizaka46 Short Storiesby leah
Hi, here's a collection of Keyakizaka46 stories. Hopefully many ships will be included.
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Forbidden. Taboo. Prohibited. Out of bounds. Not acceptable. Not allowed. The list goes on and on. This is how their relationship should be described. A major error in s...
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AU Sorter Stories by keyaki-no-hiraishin
AU Sorter Storiesby Haru
Random short stories based on AUs from an AU sorter that I did.
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I Met Her on The Subway [MonaRisa] by 4four4four4
I Met Her on The Subway [MonaRisa]by 4four4four4
Watanabe Risa loves maps. She aspires to one day visit everywhere she has seen on a map by train. But for now, she has to settle with taking the subway in Tokyo. Normall...
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Keyaki drama one-shots by Keyaki_AKB48
Keyaki drama one-shotsby Keyaki_AKB48
I take keyaki ships and put them in the positions of Hirate and Neru for 'The Cruel audience' and then I put them in the positions of Risa and Neru for 'Who Killed Tokuy...
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the unstoppable by keyaki-no-hiraishin
the unstoppableby Haru
Hirate Yurina had always been called 'The Unstoppable.' Marshal Shida Manaka had never quite understood why that was the case, but when she finally met Hirate, she made...
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Don't cry by Keyaki_AKB48
Don't cryby Keyaki_AKB48
Keyaki Academy is a school of normal students, but some seemed to click as if pieces of a puzzle.
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MonaRisa One Shots Collection by eri_maru
MonaRisa One Shots Collectionby Erimaru
One shots related to MonaRisa pairing from Keyakizaka46
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Solving Problem Society Club(Keyaki fanfic) by Amira_Yurina46
Solving Problem Society Club(
Solving Problem Society known as SPS Club is a club who will make the Keyakizaka High School peacefully .
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Bouquet of Glass by keyaki-no-hiraishin
Bouquet of Glassby Haru
The princess's life-tied tightly to a bouquet of glass flowers by a curse. Her savior-a simple thief who broke into the castle and ended up stealing nothing but the prin...
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