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The boys of Free! The Type Of Boyfriend... by -InfinityZero
The boys of Free! The Type Of YELLOW / ON
❦ Los chicos de Free! son el tipo de novio que... ❦ ✔ Nanase Haruka ✔ Tachibana Makoto ✔ Matsuoka Rin ✔ Hazuki Nagisa ✔ Ryugazaki...
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Free x Reader Oneshots by TJoyPrincess
Free x Reader Oneshotsby TJoyPrincess
A collection of fluffy and cute oneshots guaranteed to make you squeal!
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Free! Stories (One-shot FF) by MeganODowd
Free! Stories (One-shot FF)by Haru-chan
Hello everyone! So I've decided to make one-shot fanfictions with the boys from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. Since won't allow second person POV I thought I'd...
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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club X Reader Pirate AU One Shots by katpad01
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club X Reader Lots Of XReaders
This one shot book is all about you and your favorite swimmer being a mermaid or a pirate. Or you can be a mermaid or a pirate I write about all the swimmers, including...
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Free! Eternal Thoughts by yarxxz
Free! Eternal Thoughtsby Y A R I X Z
Free! Eternal Summer One-Shots; Free! Eternal Characters X Reader (ON GOING) He will be freer than he ever was, with you. Everything originally came from my head. Secon...
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(Free x Reader) The Shark vs. The Killer Whale by Gleeful_Kitten
(Free x Reader) The Shark vs. Gleeful_Kitten
Y/N, a girl who fights for the water. She's the only girl to ever be on the Samezuka boys swimming team but she's there on one condition. She has to remain the teams bes...
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M Y  L I T T L E  S H A R K  (Rin Matsuoka X  Neko Reader) by Hikari-Chan_Fujoshi
M Y L I T T L E S H A R K ( ひかりあざまき
blah blah blah just read the goddamn story no description for reader-chan because im too lazy ~(•3•)~
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Free! and DBZ random stuff!!!!! by tien-cha
Free! and DBZ random stuff!!!!!by DBZ should be FREE!
Hello people! If you are a big fan of DBZ and/or Free!, THEN THIS BOOK COMBINES BOTH IF THEM TOGETHER!!!!!!! OCS INCLUDED!!!!!!!!!
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free! iwatobi headcanons by captlana
free! iwatobi headcanonsby lana
• a series of headcanons from Free! everyone's favorite gay swimming fanservice anime •
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Free! x Reader Preferences (REQUESTS OPEN) by TheJoyFormidables
Free! x Reader Preferences ( ♡✧ Neko ✧♡
*PLEASE READ THE FIRST NOTE FOR FURTHER DETAILS* I write preferences, reactions, headcanons, one-shots, lemons, imagines; Just don't be afraid to request! REQUESTS ARE O...
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Hey, You ((Mikoshiba Momo Fanfic)) by SquaryQ-OtherFanfics
Hey, You ((Mikoshiba Momo Fanfic))by SquaryQ-OtherFanfics
NEW MESSAGE: From The Minishiba . Cover by @RappingLikeMonster
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Your Majesty~ (Kirito x Eugeo SAO) by BonBon332
Your Majesty~ (Kirito x Eugeo SAO)by BonBon332
Kirito has a crush on Eugeo, while Eugeo has a girlfriend, Tiese Shtolienen. Over time Kirito had to deal with these feelings for Eugeo until he has had enough. Eugeo, o...
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Free! x Reader by vavril
Free! x Readerby Yikes™
Almost happy. Almost passed. Almost loved. "Is it selfish of me for wanting a little bit more?" "Of course not. Almost... is never enough." Ocean of...
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Free Iwatobi Swim Club Scenarios #2 by h2hoes
Free Iwatobi Swim Club Scenarios #2by h2hoes
A continuation of the free scenario book already on this page. Requests are closed as we finish up the drabble game requests.❤️
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Gou × Haruka - [Anime : Free!] by croftedthegamer13
Gou × Haruka - [Anime : Free!]by croftedthegamer13
I know this anime has been around for a long time,but I just watched it 😂🔫 and I couldn't help but write about my OTP Gou Matsuoka × Haruka Nanase. and the characters...
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Free! One-Shots by MsBarryBeeson
Free! One-Shotsby MsBarryBeeson
These one-shots include events occurring within "Free! Iwatobi Swim Club," "Free! Eternal Summer," and "Free! Dive to the Future." This is...
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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club ( Various x Reader ! ) by crossxclx
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club ( ジョイスのコーディ ♔
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club x reader. Requests open ! Don't be shy to comment <3. Fluff, Lemon, and other various one-shot ideas welcome x !
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Free! || Various x Reader by mkayWonho
Free! || Various x Readerby Mkay Wonho
A bunch of One-Shots, songfics etc. Requests are always open!! Comment or private message me!!
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Free! [ Oneshots ] by hiimagorl
Free! [ Oneshots ]by hiimagorl
yes but no
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character x character character x reader threesome smut fluff angst request whatever u want
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