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Revisiting the Past by WwolfJ_TheG4y1
Revisiting the Pastby WwolfJ_TheG4y1
Jirou visits the past by accident because of Eri's quirk. Now she has to find a way back to her timeline by requesting help by her past self and her friends. inspired by...
Shinkami Oneshots by Denkiasf
Shinkami Oneshotsby E
Soft, fluff, angst and pretty much everything else . The titles pretty self explanatory. Shinkami Oneshots. . Other ships usually include: Kiribaku, Tododeku, and Momo...
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Not A Bad Idea by IINew_YorkII
Not A Bad Ideaby 𝐀𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐧 𝐄𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐬
Todoroki asked Bakugou to try and do a podcast together for fun, I mean they're only in high school and sophomores need something to do. Bakugou agreed to get free lunch...
Just another momojiro story by Lexatopia99
Just another momojiro storyby Lexatopia99
A Momojirofanfic There will probably be smut None of the pictures or characters are mine! This is my first time writing on here so I hope y'all enjoy 😊
IRL [MomoJirou] by hemming-whey
IRL [MomoJirou]by Claude
With the class now being pro-heroes time spent together diminish as stress slowly starts to peak through. Suddenly, a fan made otome game prompts the class to start bond...
MomoJiro - OneShots by Awesomeeh9
MomoJiro - OneShotsby Emoli
Just a few OneShots, cause I'm bored and I dont want to work on my other stories right now. What do you even put in the description for OneShots? I have no idea.
🌸Gentle touches🌸 by Wizard_of_ships
🌸Gentle touches🌸by Wizard_of_ships
Truth is both Bakugo and Midoriya needed to feel safe in an unsafe world. One dealing with abuse by their own parent, while the other dealt with sexual assault from som...
Occurrence by ididntask05
Occurrenceby Mads
When tragedy strikes and Izuku is left motherless, he runs away from home hoping to find a safe haven. He bumps into the pro hero Eraserhead believes he is safe only to...
what are they...? by gotthatbrainrot
what are they...?by gotthatbrainrot
Class 2-A is...confused. Scratch that. They are absolutely flabbergasted. And it is all thanks to two childhood...friends? Rivals? Boyfriends? Mortal enemies? That was...
Class 1-gAy chat by ShipperMina
Class 1-gAy chatby ShipperMina
It's a group chat with class 1A! So, yeah! I don't own any of the characters! Omega verse for a part of the story.
My Reality Academia (Season 2) by CamGOAT
My Reality Academia (Season 2)by CamBam
Eraser Head and Class 1-A are back for the second season of their chaotic reality show. (Every chapter minus "Recap", "Introductions", and "Reun...
Anxiety • ѕ н ι η ∂ є к υ • by Hi66667777
Anxiety • ѕ н ι η ∂ є к υ •by The Odd Unknown
.•♫•♬•Anxiety, tossing, turning in your sleep~•♬•♫•. Everyone knows that Shinsou 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘣𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘺 has bad anxiety, but they don't suspect that Deku's is worse, or even e...
Anime Age Regression Oneshots by ApPlEeBoTtOmMmJeAnSs
Anime Age Regression Oneshotsby Bunni
Requests open! 100% SFW Not NSFW at all. Not DDLG, MDLG, MDLB, DDLB. If you have a problem with age regression or any ships, don't read this. I'll take requests but the...
Through Music | Celebrity Singer AU | BakuDeku by KM_only
Through Music | Celebrity Singer KM_only
Izuku Midoriya an young song artist who dropped a single after posting a small clip of him singing on his IG. Ever since his single dropped and became viral he decided t...
A Heroes Gateway by Hiro_No_Kaze
A Heroes Gatewayby Hiro_No_Kaze
This is a fanfiction to what if Izuku had a portal quirk! This fanfiction will follow the main story line with a few changes here and there. There will also be an OC th...
The Dancing Puppet [Completed] |Seme Dekubowl  by Uncreativity101
The Dancing Puppet [Completed] | Uncreativity101
[Completed] Seme Dekubowl. Deku has the quirk to manipulate light and dark but that caused him to be kidnapped by the league of villains. This story is about how Izuku...
Wait...People Like Me?! by toofreakingtired09
Wait...People Like Me?!by Arianna💜
Femboy Izuku Midoriya is always oblivious to his own Harem. (izuku is also AFO's son and Shigaraki and izuku are brothers) WARNING!!! BoyxBoy GirlxGirl Fluff(Only) (Edit...
Phenomenon by ididntask05
Phenomenonby Mads
*Book 2. The first book is called Occurrence and I suggest you read the first as this book is a continuation of that one* Izuku Aizawa-Midoriya has been taken. He saved...
You..... Changed | incomplete by OikawasInvisibleCAKE
You..... Changed | incompleteby NoCake👁👄👁
Izuku's father was called to go work in America. This left his mother devastated and she took it out on Izuku. When he thinks all hope is lost he finds Shinso. He plans...
sunshine on a rainy day- momojirou by MomoJirouah
sunshine on a rainy day- momojirouby MomoJirouah
Just another fan fiction of my favourite bnha couple, Yaoyorozu and Jiro(u)! I love this ship so much- it's not sexualised so much as others are. Just a heads up, smut i...
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