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A Certain Touma Kamijou With a Vampire by devil_hunter_Aj3
A Certain Touma Kamijou With a Aj Redgrave
After Academy City gets put on stand by and is being rebuild for it's destruction thanks to a certain boy, the students go off to different schools all over the country...
Rosario Titan by BanJoestar
Rosario Titanby BanJoestar
Eren Jeager learns about monsters from his father's journal. Wanting to know about them more, he found a way to go to a school for monsters. That was the start of his cr...
Yuri- I mean! Yokai Academy by slenderfanboy
Yuri- I mean! Yokai Academyby Dustin Thomas Hogan
So, Maka has been sent to Yokai Academy to get away from her father and Soul, as well as to keep it in check. The first person she meets is a beautiful young pink-haired...
Ben 10: Alien + Vampire by 1102Smeagol
Ben 10: Alien + Vampireby 1102Smeagol
Ben Tennyson's gone through it all: Aliens, Magic, Warlords, and such. Now he's facing a new challenge: High School. However, the High School he's gone to is one for Mon...
Rosario Demon by BanJoestar
Rosario Demonby BanJoestar
Sent by Muzan to be a spy on the monster in Youkai Academy, Akaza enrolls as a student there. Going to school he bumped into a pink hair vampire, who thinks his blood ha...
Mystic Eyes (Rosario Vampire x Male Reader) by Mobius117
Mystic Eyes (Rosario Vampire x Mobius117
Yokai Academy, a school in an alternate dimension meant to educate monsters into living among humanity in the real world. Their species varied widely. From the most mund...
Bell's secret girlfriend by mariohiginio
Bell's secret girlfriendby mario higinio
What happens when bell reveals that he has a girlfriend how will the girls in love with bell react and how will he's girlfriend react when she finds out that there's oth...
Academy of Beasts by Futuralist
Academy of Beastsby Bounty Hunter
(Writing this to help with Writer's Block) The Hunter of the Workshop had finally slain the final adversary of his Hunt. With his dream coming to a close and the one wh...
The minus and the vampire at school  by MihaiAlexandru178
The minus and the vampire at Mihai Alexandru
In the past. At a preparatory school. There was a vampire girl. No one belived she was a vampire and all bullied her. But one day she met a strange boy who belived and p...
សេរីស្នេហាកំលោះចាស់ ( ក្លិនស្នេហ៍ )រដូវកាល៣  by kook-moka
សេរីស្នេហាកំលោះចាស់ ( ក្លិនស្នេហ៍ Kook-Moka
នាងមិនដែលស្រឡាញ់អ្នកណា គេជាមនុស្សទីមួយដែលនាងដាក់ចិត្តដាក់បេះដូងទៅស្រលាញ់ តែគេក៏ធ្វើឲ្យនាងខកបំណងនិងឈឺចាប់ ព្រោះទង្វើគ្រប់យ៉ាង វាគ្រាន់តែជាការកុហកសម្ដែង តែប៉ុណ្ណោះ💔
Guardians: Shattered Dreams (Book 2) by Onewayrick
Guardians: Shattered Dreams ( The Prince Of Disney
Rated-T: May contain strong language. Viewer discretion is advised 10 years ago. There was a war that engulfed all of Disney. The Heartless War. And in that war, was a G...
Aliens and a vampire by humatrix-X-24
Aliens and a vampireby humatrix-X-24
After losing his family, friends and even his home world, Ben Tennyson, hero of the universe gets transported to another world after defeating his greatest enemy. he fin...
Rosario+Vampire The Fallen Angel of Yokai Academy by JaeZInsane
Rosario+Vampire The Fallen Angel Jay Jay
2 new students arrive to Yokai Academy one is a Human and The other is a Fallen Angel
Rosario + Dark Angel by Zombiebadger98
Rosario + Dark Angelby Zombiebadger98
Seraph Rowe is a fallen angel/vampire hybrid of fire and darkness. Getting tired of his home life and not wanting to work for his father anymore he enrolls in Yokai acad...
Moka Sakamaki ( diabolik lovers x Rosario + vampire crossover) by Cherrybby28
Moka Sakamaki ( diabolik lovers _CHERRY_28_
Moka Akashiya is a vampire who had to move away from her family (her family gave her the Rosario that makes her the good Moka) but there was a car crash and she was lost...
Kiva + Vampire by reic2410
Kiva + Vampireby
Un chico tiene que asistir a una escuela donde asisten monstruos. Allí se meterá en muchas peleas y en problemas, pero tiene la ayuda de unas chicas monstruo que estarán...
Guardians: The Heartless War by Onewayrick
Guardians: The Heartless Warby The Prince Of Disney
After Sora, Mickey, Donald & Goofy defeated the Heartless, Peace has been restored between all the magic kingdoms. Sora returned home to his beloved girlfriend at the De...
Tales of the Owner  by MamaMikiara
Tales of the Owner by Mason/Miki
You will need to read and see for yourself
Is a Demon Life For Me? (Male Reader x Demon harem) by MEMEmasterr420
Is a Demon Life For Me? (Male .
You're a human who got himself stuck in hell thanks to your parents.Also this book celebrates when I broke 1,000 followers.
Tsukune x Reader (On Hold) by GodCreatorLizzy
Tsukune x Reader (On Hold)by Eli
I first made this story in middle school, it's not finished. It's probably crap. I honestly forgot about it as I haven't watched Rosario Vampire in a year or so. I will...