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Make Her Feel What Love Is Like| An Indian Love Story|✓ by Maahi1066
Make Her Feel What Love Is Like| ★~★
We all have best friends. Some are right there with us from our childhood, & some from college or university. Some friends grow up feelings for their best friends. Once...
Mohabbatein by Suhani_Saathiya
Mohabbateinby Suhani _Saathiya
New Story about IshRa ❤️
Ishra Drabbles by WithloveGia
Ishra Drabblesby Gia
"Collect Moments not Things" ~Unknown Just some Ishra(Ishita + Raman) moments. But yeah you can totally read thi...
I was trying to seduce you by Akriti154
I was trying to seduce youby Akriti
A very childish and baby ishita's innocent and hilarious means of seducing her husband raman. [RANKED #2] on jun 13, #1 in ramabhalla and ishitabhalla on aug 22. Ranked...
Aye zindagi yeh tu nay kia kya by Rabi238
Aye zindagi yeh tu nay kia kyaby Rabi238
This is story is about ishita and her journey from being emotionless, rude and arrogant to acheiving liveliness and happiness back in life. In my story ishita went in me...
Kiss series by Akriti154
Kiss seriesby Akriti
Starting from raman's first peck on cheek to ishita, developing to ishra relationship, confession, consummation, her pregnancy and much more. Pure ishra romance with les...
Saari night besharmi ki height by Akriti154
Saari night besharmi ki heightby Akriti
A one night stand culminating into love
Love can be selfish too by Akriti154
Love can be selfish tooby Akriti
He loved her, she loved him. She wanted a baby and he was keeping her deprived of the bliss. Why?? Read on to find out. Ranked 1 in yehhaimohabbatein Jun 14 #3 in ishq J...
Koi mujhko yun mila hai by Akriti154
Koi mujhko yun mila haiby Akriti
A journey of a sex worker who bumps into a businessman and her life changes forever... #1 in ishra #2 in divan sep 13
1002 Words Assembled! by anu_chan_
1002 Words Assembled!by 🍀anu ocean
One shot of love ©anu_ocean ⚘Love&Believe ♡hope you like it♡ ❥Love is complicated to understand but it's the easiest thing to do. To love and to be loved isn't it a b...
Love Stories by JyotiiD
Love Storiesby ଜ୍ୟୋତ୍ତି ଦାସ
People say love conquers all. That True Love is filled with compassion, hope, joy and trust! And love as a feeling is very complicated and impossible to define in words...
An adventurous wedding by Akriti154
An adventurous weddingby Akriti
Raman falls in love with bride to be ishita, will they unite??
Cupcake Bites by Livin2Write
Cupcake Bitesby Meera Singh Sharma
3x winner of Mohabbatein by @WattpadRomanceIN This anthology consists of short story entries for various contests. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Stories: 1) Love Again 2) Di...
Sparks of love in hate by soul_writer_27
Sparks of love in hateby 🌼ℂ𝕠𝕣𝕒𝕫𝕠̀𝕟🌼
A series of different short stories for different contests and my random creations. #mohabbatein contest winner of May 2022 by @WattpadromanceIN ⍟ 𝑺𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒌𝒔 𝒐𝒇 𝒍𝒐...
One Shots. by prishaagarwal95
One Prisha Agarwal
A Collection of short stories.
The thief of my heart by soulful_scribbler
The thief of my heartby Aɳυʂԋιɳι
A love story that begins at the end of the college life ❤️
Unexpected by rossberries272000
Unexpectedby rossberries272000
A young girl finds love during the beautiful festival of colours. An entry for the Mohabbatein- Monthly Contest by WattpadRomanceIN. #mohabbatein #rangbarse
Contest One Shots by AnushaBhatt15
Contest One Shotsby Anusha Bhatt
Hello to the reader there! This is a new book I am publishing on my profile where I will post stories related to contests I will be taking part in on Wattpad platform. G...
You're my baby by Akriti154
You're my babyby Akriti
We don't need a baby to complete our relationship... you complete me
Never say I love you by Akriti154
Never say I love youby Akriti
Is mouthing an I love you necessary?