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Field Trip To My Omega by ForgottenNile
Field Trip To My Omegaby Nile
She's 18 and on her way out of high school, while he's 25 and already a rich CEO of the most famous mall in the city, his family owns it of course. She's an alpha female...
I Broke The Protagonist And Lived Again by YuanNight
I Broke The Protagonist And YanYan
When the male lead grows up, he needs an opportunity, and Chi Mo is the opportunity. In completing the task of helping the male lead to grow, Chi Mo saves time (planned...
Men's Top Strategy [Quick Wear] by YuanNight
Men's Top Strategy [Quick Wear]by YanYan
Who is the most bitter person in a story? Men's match. The protagonist is day by day, the villain's evil charm is cool and handsome, only the male partner, from the begi...
memories - a sasunaru fanfic  by sasuxnaru_temexdobe
memories - a sasunaru fanfic by Hoshikage
this is sasuke x naruto fanfic dont like dont read. Sasuke and Naruto do not belong to me this is a fanfic they belong to kishimoto. this story is about Sasuke and Narut...
Don't Think Of This Attack As Cannon Fodder [Quick Wear] by YuanNight
Don't Think Of This Attack As YanYan
Hara Miyako has been controlled by Daodao to become a cannon fodder professional since he was entered into the 3,000 world by Tiandao . Until he broke through Tiandaoya...
I'm The Best At Shaving My Face by YuanNight
I'm The Best At Shaving My Faceby YanYan
Yanxi got a system at the last moment of life, and then traveled through the world to fulfill the wishes of the host, turning bitterness into honey and tragedy into come...
Guide To Merit (Go Fast) by YuanNight
Guide To Merit (Go Fast)by YanYan
a content that has made a great contribution to the end of the last days Yang, due to his great merit, died as a working little fairy in the mission department, and bega...
Hera's Done(editing) by Werewolftrails
Hera's Done(editing)by DifferentDna
What if Hera's done with Zeus cheating on her and what if she left him because of it.
BOSS Into Cannon Fodder [Quick Wear] by YuanNight
BOSS Into Cannon Fodder [Quick YanYan
Xuan Qingjie's Jiang Mo crossing failed and was forcibly bound by the unscrupulous system. After traveling to different worlds to make cannon fodder, ninety-nine worlds...
Beauty Bewildered [Quick Wear] by YuanNight
Beauty Bewildered [Quick Wear]by YanYan
The system's Su Yingdi's mission is to go to various worlds to complete the original owner 's wish, but in the process of completing the wish, there are always people wh...
The Host Please Take Care of Yourself {Quick Wear] by YuanNight
The Host Please Take Care of YanYan
Su Jinnian: "Would you please give a man a proper respect?!" Male Lead: "Baby, do I not respect you? If you cry and stop, I will stop." Su Jinniang:...
More And More Old Attacks [Quick Wear] by YuanNight
More And More Old Attacks [Quick YanYan
Fu Su lived since he succumbed. Not only that, he also got something called "System". The system 233 told him that as long as he helped it complete the tasks o...
External Delivery System [Quick Wear] by YuanNight
External Delivery System [Quick YanYan
Cheng Xuyuan, a straight man, who specializes in cracking down on plug-in programmers, died of excessive overtime, and was bound to the "plug-in distribution system...
Quick Wear Lord God Raiders by YuanNight
Quick Wear Lord God Raidersby YanYan
Introduction: The Emperor Langqie is attacked by vs. Nephew. No blood relationship.
The Male Lead Is Always Bent By Me [Quick Wear] by YuanNight
The Male Lead Is Always Bent By YanYan
Yi Yi is a great god-level author of the pure love channel of "Jinjiang Literature City", a character in the pen There are black belly, thoughtfulness, coldnes...
After Binding The Matchmaker System By Mistake [Quick Wear] by YuanNight
After Binding The Matchmaker YanYan
I want to tie a red thread to the male and female host, but I expected to tie the male host and ... I myself Σ (° Д °; Nine-tailed Fox Li Shu After being reunited for th...
Passerby Man by YuanNight
Passerby Manby YanYan
Shao Fei is a passer-by, and the play is not as good as cannon fodder, but he still works as a passerby. I am looking forward to doing assists and watching the developme...
Chief Counter Attack Executive (Quick Wear) by YuanNight
Chief Counter Attack Executive ( YanYan
There is always one person in the world. He has a high face value, many skills, great influence, and poor vision. Either he must not die well at the beginning or the e...
Cannon Fodder Fast-Track by YuanNight
Cannon Fodder Fast-Trackby YanYan
For the sake of longevity, Suning signed a contract with the Lord God, and as a contractor of time and space traveled through various stories to complete the wishes of t...
Raiders [Quick Wear] by YuanNight
Raiders [Quick Wear]by YanYan
The old attacker is bound by the master of the Raiders system, Su Han, who thought that he only needs to direct the wastewood counterattack and abandoned child abuse res...