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A Dash Of Magic: Rewritten by lindseyjune70
A Dash Of Magic: Rewrittenby Lindsey
Asher really would just like an easy life. But instead he's shrouded in love, mystery and dark magic. And if he was honest- truly, unabashedly honest- he prefers it this...
  • lgbtpride
  • love
  • magicalcreatures
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My fiancée's brother  by travelust3
My fiancée's brother by travelust3
The story is about a boy who is very handsome and very rich. His father is looking forward to appoint him as the successor of the TAM group. Qianlan, our hero, though he...
  • chinese
  • boyslove
  • novel
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OUR WORLDS ARE THE SAME.   by daisygic
I took a step towards him, I wanted to comfort him and make him understand but to my surprise he took a step back. "What now you're scared of me?" "I need...
  • fightforsurvival
  • royalty
  • fairytale
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Once Upon a Crosswalk by infinity-squared
Once Upon a Crosswalkby infinity-squared
Luna's life takes a turn when a certain bad boy, almost kills her with a motorcycle. So follow her journey to find out what happens... ONCE UPON A CROSSWALK. • • • • •...
  • teenromance
  • badboy
  • romance
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Chariot  by H3artf3lt
Chariot by H3artf3lt
(Y/n) is a high school senior. Sabo is a high school senior. High school situations and getting ready for college (New chapter every Friday at 3pm PDT)
  • onepiece
  • originalcharacter
  • modernromance
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Grey Matter | Wattys 2019 by moonraess
Grey Matter | Wattys 2019by taylor rae.
Kennedy McAlister knew she had to go home eventually. After graduating from UCLA and unable to find a job in California, she is forced to return to her small Alaska home...
  • coffeeshop
  • realisticfiction
  • youngadult
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The Rotten Girl by MiraiSaesang
The Rotten Girlby MiraiSaesang
An Editorial Department's editorial assistant called Bai Ning is a standard Rotten Girl (fujoshi). For work purpose and in real life, Bai Ning has maintained an image of...
  • cute
  • modernromance
  • officeromance
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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover by atidsoptimist
Don't Judge a Book by its Coverby atidsoptimist
A modern p&p remix. Starring Lizzy Bennet, Darcy Fitzwilliam and all our favourite original characters. Characters have relatively the same personality but the storyli...
  • prideandprejudice
  • modernromance
  • fanfiction
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I am the Queen by MiuNovels
I am the Queenby
DISCLAIMER This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and events are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemb...
  • strongfemalelead
  • mature
  • modernromance
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Future Mrs What by EB_Writes
Future Mrs Whatby Edna Bruce
Future Mrs what [ CARUSO SERIES] Meet Gisella Molinero, a lady who was betrayed by her best friend and boyfriend. Viola Moretti who was supposed to get married to the b...
  • bride
  • love
  • italian
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Untamed Havoc by Dagger8Daisy
Untamed Havocby Rebel Heart
Stepping a foot in an unshielded territory is always a bad idea. But here I stand facing the wilderness. This place seems more comforting somehow. Gaining courage from w...
  • relief
  • boyxgirl
  • unlikelyromance
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Only Time Will Tell by Newtina100
Only Time Will Tellby Elissa Kae
Set in a modern alternate universe, Newt and Tina are both emerging professionals in their areas of work. Newt, who has just moved to New York, has to adjust as he begin...
  • leta
  • jacobkowalski
  • letalestrange
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Ambiguous Relationship by MiraiSaesang
Ambiguous Relationshipby MiraiSaesang
He is handsome, arrogant and is of the elite class. Being straightforward and brave, she shamelessly pursued him, sending him gifts, flowers and tried to get close to hi...
  • modernromance
  • bickering
  • romance
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Deaf Daisy | #1 in #americansignlanguage 6/24/19 by CandaceMJ
Deaf Daisy | #1 in Candace MJ
17-year-old Daisy Miller is perfectly fine. Really, she's fine. Until Cannon Kane, the boy who gave her the nickname Deaf Daisy in the second grade, suddenly stops talki...
  • highschool
  • americansignlanguage
  • fiction
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Chasing Shadows by WrittenBySammer
Chasing Shadowsby Sammer B.
All through high school, Reagan Bell and Alec Mason - inseparable childhood friends and neighbors - had wanted to go to the same college. Had planned to go to the same...
  • childhoodsweethearts
  • loveatfirstsight
  • timecapsule
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In This Lifetime by anyn1224
In This Lifetimeby anyn1224
Chen Xiaofan, a 30-year-old fool married her first love who was a cheating husband that could care less about her. Unfortunate events lead to her demise. But luckily...
  • smutwarning
  • newadult
  • possessive
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My rose🌹(black butler x modern reader) (EDITING) by Olliegirrl
My rose🌹(black butler x modern Olliegirrl
I'm not good at describing stuff but basically the cast of black butler end up in your living room one day when you arrive from school. Will a romance blossom? Or will t...
  • ashlanders
  • aloistrancy
  • funny
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Gang Leaders and Cheerleaders  by thefeelsofbooks
Gang Leaders and Cheerleaders by Alyssa💕
Two people, two completely different worlds. One grew up in a big, fancy house with an inground pool. The other grew up on the streets of Chicago, surrounded by gangste...
  • danger
  • girlxgirl
  • girlxboy
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Love like theirs by keeleylovesmustard
Love like theirsby Keelayyyyy
All they wished for was a love like theirs
  • love
  • agegap
  • aliabhatt
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