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Ataraxia: Poetry Nonsense by AntonioArchangelo
Ataraxia: Poetry Nonsenseby Antonio Archangelo
Fourth book in the series of Brazilian nonsense poetry with poems made before and during the pandemic that isolated the world in 2020. Just like the other titles in the...
Lirica de viata by aolo123
Lirica de viataby Quintus
Nu o sa iti para rau !
The Light by Jay_Ellison
The Lightby Henry Espinoza
Simply a short story i wrote about deeper concepts no one really touches on. Some stories are dark, others are beautiful and humorous, and other offensive or weak in jud...
From Our Future To Our Ancestors by mlara26
From Our Future To Our Ancestorsby Morelia Lara
In the beginning, there was nothing. There was not one speck of dust, not one war to fight, not one act of racism, not one immigrant, not one struggling college student...
it must be said i want to see you by VivaHate1
it must be said i want to see youby Sheridan Shadrack
A poem for the provincially shipwrecked, and aesthetically maladjusted.
Carnaval - Poem by ADStephen
Carnaval - Poemby A.D. Stephen
Un carnaval nefast și un călător pierdut în negura pustiului.
Escuridão by jessskaaaaa
Escuridãoby jess t
She could feel it churning within her. It was consuming her slowly; the hatred, anger and detachment. What could she do but to succumb to her tumultuous emotions?
Mindgasms Podcast: Tim Keefe: Postmodern Ethics by AndrewMeintzer
Mindgasms Podcast: Tim Keefe: Andrew Meintzer
Here's the link for people who want to support me on Patreon: Tim Keefe is back to talk about the essay on Postmodern ethics a...
12 Poems of Love,  A Year in Verse : Intersections Between Love and Time. by faizan2399
12 Poems of Love, A Year in Thicker Mandem
12 poems of love, essentially reflecting an entire year through verse. The poems may not explicitly be about love, or may not completely be about love, but the theme run...
To the Obsolete Romeo !  by Chayana_sharma
To the Obsolete Romeo ! by Chayana_sharma
"To the Obsolete Romeo!" is a short play/drama that has not so effort making Romeo, a Romeo for whom money is a priority to love. He is anachronism to courtshi...
heidi  by summerdrunk
heidi by bathrobe baby!
shaved off her plaits and left the mountains to join the modern revolution
FRAGMENTS by SaumyadeepMukherjee
FRAGMENTSby Saumyadeep Mukherjee
A few poems of mine,primarily upon nature. Hope you all like them.
Considerations on Love: Ideals and Materials. Poetry Anthology 1 by faizan2399
Considerations on Love: Ideals Thicker Mandem
I try to create a dynamic in which im able to condense the entire universe into everyday physical objects, and then specifically extrapolate all of emotion into a single...
Hippie Modernism (PDF) by Greg Castillo by kagufano43201
Hippie Modernism (PDF) by Greg kagufano43201
Read Hippie Modernism PDF by Greg Castillo Walker Art Center Listen to Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia audiobook by Greg Castillo Read Online Hippie Modernism:...
Endring - en endring av Endring by zAiko747
Endring - en endring av Endringby Aiko Grouleff
En omendring av manuset mitt "Endring" til ei novelle.