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Xie Lian is a professional racer that many look up to but things become heated when he meets a new racer who arrives and starts to climb up the ranks quickly. *COVER AR...
Anniversary Gift  by ReneCainMarien
Anniversary Gift by Renè Cain Marien
After a night hunt with their Wei-Qianbei, the juniors came to know from a drunk Yiling Laozu that his and HanGuang-Jun's wedding anniversary is nearing. Wei Wuxian proc...
Are You My Guardian Angel? | WangXian by Wyb0508_
Are You My Guardian Angel? | Xiǎo tùzǐ
In the modern setting, due to an accident, Wei WuXian has gone blind. Wei WuXian is a renowned artist and there are people who still intend to kill him after making him...
His Excellency: The Untamed Fanfic (Wangxian: Modazhushi) by FanFic_etc
His Excellency: The Untamed FanFicFanatic
Been apart for a year, Lan Wangji misses Wei Ying and Wei Ying misses Lan Zhan. Having parted on the fork of that road outside Gusu, Lan Wangji needed to set the cultiva...
Patético by Tisfara
Patéticoby Tisfara
¿Qué es lo que piensa Lan WangJi después de pelearse con Wei WuXian en la biblioteca de los Recesos de las Nubes?
Sweven ✅ [BJYX/ZSWW] by one_love_lavender
Sweven ✅ [BJYX/ZSWW]by Nãtâshá
An ephemeral sweven of Xiao Zhan where he meets Lan Wangji, who accidentally called his spirit into the Wang-Xian universe as he was playing inquiry in search of his be...
The bears mate by AnastasiaConde
The bears mateby Anastasia Conde
A bear shifter meets his mate after searching for so many years. An orphan billionaire finds out he's a mate to a bear shifter, read for his response.
[ MĐTS đồng nhân ] Té cống một cái liền xuyên không rồi by CielInv
[ MĐTS đồng nhân ] Té cống một cá Ciel
Dựa theo thiết lập Ma Đạo Tổ Sư mà viết. Nhân vật của các bạn, câu chuyện của tôi. Nhân vật. Lam Nặc Ngôn : Lam Nặc Ngôn 蓝诺言 tự Hỷ Duyên 喜緣 "Vân Thâm bốn ngàn gia h...
A Brief Drunkenness by TheSilverHunt3r
A Brief Drunkennessby TheSilverHunt3r
Jiang Cheng's opposing secret about the golden cores is revealed when Wei Wuxian's is given out to hurt him.
Daily Life with The Junior Disciples (In modern-day) (Discontinued) by Wispering_Secrets
Daily Life with The Junior Taunt
WARNING! This story does contain swear words, if you are uncomfortable with that, please click out. Life with Jin Ling, Lan Jingyi, Lan Sizhui and Ouyang Zizhen and thei...
I MIAOWEVER YOU    by LanWuxian
Kitties.matchmaking cats. Cute. fluffy