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hero 100% | bnha, mp100 by uiimoe
hero 100% | bnha, mp100by mue
[bnha x reader x mp100] [hiatus? discontinued? idk] a psychic girl who doesn't want to a be hero gets dragged into a world full of them.
[Y/N], Love you. || Multi-Fandom Oneshots. by xwhitty
[Y/N], Love you. || Multi-Fandom among us
[VERY VERY SLOW UPDATES.] Hi, I've seen you caught up interest into this book, and thanks! The fandoms here are ; South Park, Camp Camp, Undertale, Eddsworld, Baldi's B...
Breakdown (Mob X Reader One Shot) by PlzLuvMeh
Breakdown (Mob X Reader One Shot)by PlzLuvMeh
Shigeo failed to meet his friend at the school gates like he always does, and she gets worried. Especially when she sees that familiar blue glow.
| Mob Psycho 100 One shots |  by Acid_iq
| Mob Psycho 100 One shots | by Acid_iq
I don't own the cover of the book and the anime
Sounds Around Me (Mob x Psychic!Reader) by SerinaKuro
Sounds Around Me (Mob x Psychic! SerinaKuro
When it comes down to it, you could understand spirits more than the very humans around you. It's not their fault they don't know, they can't see. You had the ability to...
Respawn (MobxPsychic!Reader) by Astormia
Respawn (MobxPsychic!Reader)by Shymari
(Y/N) is a girl that believes she is nothing, never should have been born in the first place. Her whole family hates her guts. What would happen if this "I just wan...
odd occurrences by fairymochee
odd occurrencesby i am baby
there is something strange at work here. [mob psycho 100 x reader one-shots] {started mar. 3rd 2020} <lowercase intentional>
Lotto (College!Mob x College!Reader) by SerinaKuro
Lotto (College!Mob x College! SerinaKuro
You made him feel emotions he tried so long to keep locked away, he tried to not look your way when you pass one another. It was inevitable. As much as he hated to admit...
Unreadable [Ritsu x Reader] by CreepyLookingBalloon
Unreadable [Ritsu x Reader]by CreepyLookingBalloon
"Pain is just a signal your body sends to your brain to tell it that something is wrong. It's just a signal, and most of the time it's not even worth it. It's not w...
Hebetudinous | Mob Psycho 100 X Reader by gottem_chicken
Hebetudinous | Mob Psycho 100 X gottem_chicken
Hebetudinous. Another word for stupid. "Big words hurt my brain!" Where four psychic boys fall in love with a... not so smart girl. "That shit was da...
Miss Independent (Mob X Shadow Leader! Reader) by Gaarasangel3
Miss Independent (Mob X Shadow Gaarasangel3
You were always a troublemaker and mostly stronger than other people around you since your father had a dojo. You practiced the art of Kendo since a young age, making mo...