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Momoland One Shots by FallingforJancy
Momoland One Shotsby FallingforJancy
Just a book of one shots with any couple of mmld. You can request one shots as well, just DM me and tell me the couple and what you want it to be about, other than that...
Missing piece of my heart by Nankook21-23
Missing piece of my heartby Nankook Lover
pls this is just my first story. If you're a hater of my ship then don't read this.This story is just for Taecy shippers i hope you like it.😃
The Champion of Hades by booksindalibrary
The Champion of Hadesby HRH
"Don't bother lying to me. I know everything now, and you have all hurt me in the worst way possible." Every god you can name left earth and chose a family to...
Third Party by little_angely
Third Partyby little_angely
A love triangle. It is usually comprised of a man, his wife and another lover. I know that it's wrong but, I'm seeing my other lover.And yes.....SHE'S A WOMAN.
Mmld by genepatrickjimenez
Mmldby genepatrickjimenez
Ina mo ito lagot ka
ᴍᴏᴍᴏʟᴀɴᴅ ʟʏʀɪᴄs (모모랜드 리맄스/잔사) by yerinxx_princess
ᴍᴏᴍᴏʟᴀɴᴅ ʟʏʀɪᴄs (모모랜드 리맄스/잔사)by H̶ ̶A̶ ̶Z̶ ̶E̶ ̶L̶ ̶L̶ ̶E̶
WELCOME TO MOMOLAND! MOMOLAND Lyrics ________________________ MOMOLAND's full OFFICIAL tracklist from 2016-present 2016: Welcome to Momoland 2017: [Single] Wonderful Lov...
Tale of two friends(kamen rider chaser reader x Momoland) by Razorgiraffe9
Tale of two friends(kamen rider Razorgiraffe9
(Y/n) and his best friend Garrett end up discovering powers from a different world while on a trip to Japan. They soon learn that with these powers meant evil was on the...
Who's Better  by BabyShann_2000
Who's Better by BabyShann_2000
heheh this is my second story Liskook vs Nankook
Collide by FallingforJancy
Collideby FallingforJancy
Nancy and Jane has never seen eye to eye with each other for as long as they've known each other. What happens when they're paired up for a project and it leads them to...
GROUPS BTS BLACKPINK TWICE MMLD I don't hate any groups or idols
Yeonwoo's Heart  by yeonwooforever
Yeonwoo's Heart by yeonwooforever
Momoland Series | Nanwoo | ♧
my kpop predictions :) by jinsoulz
my kpop predictions :)by jinsoulz
in this book,i'll write my kpop opinions/predictions you can comment yours too :)
straight - nanwoo by yaoingi
straight - nanwooby li
"First of all, I'm straight."
Fight for It (On Going)  by LehCelice25
Fight for It (On Going) by Leah Hadjiri
Hope u like it! Recommended 4U!
Love is Only You by FallingforJancy
Love is Only Youby FallingforJancy
Jane and Nancy have been best friends since they were kids, what happens when a certain someone comes in the picture and changes everything between them?