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Attack On Titan Cast Reacts To... by shinshinjane
Attack On Titan Cast Reacts Shinshinjane
It's going to be like my first 'Cast Reacts To...' Hetalia Cast Reacts To...'. Videos, Pictures and Fanfiction stories will be posted in here, and if anyone is intereste...
Meet Percabeth! (Percabeth, Jiper, Frazel, Caleo, Solangelo And Many More) by AlisaCJ
Meet Percabeth! (Percabeth, Alisa Jackson
Well, dam, the mortals are dumb as always and demigods who fought monsters and completed millions of quests are in new trouble! A few cliché stories of Percabeth and Jas...
Mortals Meet Demigods (Mist and no Mist) by HP_PJO_WOF
Mortals Meet Demigods (Mist and Bald Rat
Ships will include -Percabeth -Solangelo -Jiper/Jasper -Caleo -Frazel I've decided to make my own version, since lately I've been reading other's. Has been #1 in mmd! T...
When the Mist Fails - A Demigods Meet Mortals Story By KnowledgeHuntress. by KnowledgeHuntress
When the Mist Fails - A Demigods Bia
( ) Open ( ) Hold (📖) Closed Throughout the Percy Jackson books, Percy and his friends have gone through obstacle after obstacle but they have always had the m...
Mortals meet Demigod No Mist by PeepHere
Mortals meet Demigod No Mistby Nacho Business
It's Cliche oneshots, Its Peep your neighborhood agender bleep👍 I AM NOT RICK RIORDAN I DON'T OWN PJO OR HOO Status Updates(🐽) No Updates() Currently editing the chapt...
[COMPLETED] Vocaloid Stuffs by GravityFallsFTW896
[COMPLETED] Vocaloid Stuffsby Fandom Trash
Basically I talk about anything Vocaloid related in here. This will include UTAU and CeVIO as well. And maybe stuff like MMD (MikuMikuDance), news articles I find, fanar...
Book of Deidara by katsumitheanimegirl
Book of Deidaraby Unknown
This is basically a book filled with pictures, gifs, and videos of Deidara. Read if you dare.
You Won't Get Away with This [Budo x Ayano] by Sabishix
You Won't Get Away with This [ Onajishi
While Ayano was... "taking out the trash" a familiar voice called from afar. The leader of the martial arts club, Budo Masuta, had been walking past, and saw A...
Akatsuki videos I have saved (or found) by Sushi_Fellow
Akatsuki videos I have saved (or Sushi_Fellow
Just what the title says, it's videos of the akatsuki (spoilers included) videos saved on my device for no good reason what so ever. So I have decided to share what I ha...
Little Big Three & Co. Book of Oneshots by KiyanNicole
Little Big Three & Co. Book of Kayllani54926
(Tune of 'All About That Base') All about the gods, And their kids, More monsters. Hades, Poseidon, Zeus The Big Three, Broke the oath. ...I really have no clue how to c...
My Mafia Darling {MMD} by c_h_u_b_b_y
My Mafia Darling {MMD}by Chubby rifa
He has Power she has love (for him) He has wealth She has Treasure (Him) His Heart is Cold and Black🖤 Her Heart is Warm and Red❤ He Loves Thrill...
Percy Jackson One- shots by Erytheia_Hesperide
Percy Jackson One- shotsby Rheanna Willows
Please vote, comment and follow - Rheanna. Might have mature scenes. Warning will be given before the chapter.
MMD by Ssjose
MMDby SSJ Dark
Random stuff/funny vids
BTS With Sabishi by Sabishix
BTS With Sabishiby Onajishi
From Artwork, MMD Scenes to Original plot concepts of my stories, you can find it here! I'll be posting here regularly, so you can use this to talk to me, ask questions...
Naruto MMD S1: Fu Saga by kagamiuchiha25
Naruto MMD S1: Fu Sagaby Kagami Uchiha
Fu takes on her journey in her friendship not only to the other jinchuuriki but to other shinobis as well.
My Adventures in MMD by Leekshake
My Adventures in MMDby The Lencest Maid
Basically a book(?) where I document my adventures/mediocre pictures in MMD. (The cover image is really old heh it's not the full image(Len's in it)but I might upload it...
Someone's Jealous! by Rawnak6
Someone's Jealous!by Rawnak6
Jeffery Wadington is in love with none other than Annabeth Chase, the most perfect girl on the face of the Earth. And the best part? She may like him back! He devi...