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Alluring One || Naruto Fanfic [BoyxBoy] by xXAkatsukixLoverXx
Alluring One || Naruto Fanfic [Boy...by Ezekiel T. A.
Alongside his friend, Chojuro, Yoichi trained and learned many techniques from his Seven Swordsman friend. It was years after the Fourth Mizukage died that the Genin tes...
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Cute and Funny Anime Pictures❤ by KaguraKaratachi
Cute and Funny Anime Pictures❤by ~Seven's Waifu
Here i will post cute Anime Pictures about Naruto,Boruto,Danganronpa etc.❤
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los uzumaki de kirigakure by BorutoKumiai
los uzumaki de kirigakureby BorutoKumiai
aclaraciones. (aqui viene lo cliche) -minato y kushina vivos. -naruto tiene 2 hermanos menma y naruko. -naruto abandonado. -naruto pelirrojo y 100% uzumaki. (explicacion...
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Change of Fate by NagisaShiota11
Change of Fateby Naughty Dog
The Sasuke Retrieval mission was a success and everyone went back to being happy and acting like nothing happened. Well...not exactly. Sasuke is let out of punishment...
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Yagura x Oc (Back In Time) by risepurple
Yagura x Oc (Back In Time)by Rise Purple
Akane Uzumaki is naruto's twin sister and also the Kyuubi's second jinchuuriki, she also possesses a strange kekkei gekkai known as light release. As Naruto, Sasuke, her...
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mizukage #FandomGotTalent2019 by JulianMoltini
mizukage #FandomGotTalent2019by Julian Moltini
Desterrado por algo literalmente fuera de su control, Naruto Uzumaki decide desaparecer para siempre. Doce años más tarde, a medida que crece una tormenta conocida como...
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Can't You See ( Naruto Jinchuuriki Story ) by Lizz0429
Can't You See ( Naruto Jinchuuriki...by Liz
Jinchuuriki. That's all they've ever been, from the moment their born or maybe even before that while still in their mothers womb, that's all they've ever been. ' Power...
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Team 18 ( A mystery) by kbanzz
Team 18 ( A mystery)by kbanzz
Meet team 18, the best squad in Kirigakure. They are sent out on a mission as hunter-nin to capture Zabuza Momochi on there way they encounter team 7 who are training a...
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sakura: the fox of the mist by Moonlight352
sakura: the fox of the mistby Ambre nahon
originally called " Sakura: Demon Of The Leaf" and from Parasit X12 on fanfiction.net . Minato sealed the Kyuubi in Sakura instead of his son, Naruto. She is h...
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Come Home (Yagura x Utakata) by DarkWolf991
Come Home (Yagura x Utakata)by Lily
"I'll never leave you again." [Utakata was one of Yagura's closest advisors until he left the village. Yagura caught him and demanded to know why Utakata left...
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The Mizukage's Successor: Kagura Karatachi  by Mitsuki_Otsutsuki
The Mizukage's Successor: Kagura K...by Kagura Karatachi
Kagura Karatachi is the Mizukage's successor and a candidate for becoming the next Mizukage and one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist. Kagura doesn't feel...
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The Life Of A Kage [NARUTO] <REWRITE> by Auto_Maniac
The Life Of A Kage [NARUTO] by Demonic Treasures
The world is an amazing thing, being in a world of brilliance is another added feature. Never has the world seen such a wonder than the discovery of chakra. Of course, w...
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The Other Side  by angrmz
The Other Side by Angela Ramirez
Naruto Uzumaki, the fun and loveable prankster. His bright smile that could light a whole city and eyes that shine like stars. Always smiling and making everyone laugh...
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The many names of a Swordsman of the Mist by JuniperBrookFalls
The many names of a Swordsman of t...by Becca
When Akane Suiren gets transfered to Konoha it only marks the beginning of a new adventure for the young female Shinobi. Shino or Shikamaru and OC.
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Reminisce (Naruto Fan Fic) by pokenaruto58
Reminisce (Naruto Fan Fic)by Rita Winter
We falter as we reminisce. We try to find new meanings in life. But with all our efforts, is any of it worth it? Try and do your best, they say. It will become better. B...
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NARUTO A war of 2 worlds by AkaiKazekage777
NARUTO A war of 2 worldsby AkaiKazekage777
LITTLE DO THEY KNOW.. THERE ARE NOW MORE THAN 5 great nations. now that Naruto fans have consistently wished and wondered if they would show up in real life, and asked f...
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sea of corpses | naruto by shiirasai
sea of corpses | narutoby vee
When Momochi Zabuza slaughtered over a hundred Academy students, he wasn't one of them. But he was the lonely wave amidst the sea of corpses. - naruto | fanfiction
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The Ice Wielder (Iruka x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
The Ice Wielder (Iruka x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) is a very famous ninja known as the ice wielder. She was born in the hidden frost village, a neighboring village of the hidden mist. After her parents try to force...
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Dreams and Reality - An Ao and Mei Terumi Love Story by ziangara
Dreams and Reality - An Ao and Mei...by ziangara
Sometimes, dreams reveal truths that will never be otherwise be brought to life during ones waking hours. Mei Terumi, the fifth Mizukage, had this discovery after escap...
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Elemental (Gaara Love Story) (Naruto Fanfiction) by lovelylissa2
Elemental (Gaara Love Story) (Naru...by lovelylissa2
Mariko Erementaru is a skilled and famous kunoichi throughout the ninja world. She meets a young Kazekage along her adventures as a ninja. Will this Kazekage change the...
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