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Homestuck/Hiveswap One-shots by TriggerBoi
Homestuck/Hiveswap One-shotsby Kankri cus why n9t?
Requests are accepted! But please, no lemons, I feel uncomfortable writing stuff like that- Most of these will be 'x readers' but I am open to 'character x character' as...
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Captorvating  Mituna x Reader by AceArlo
Captorvating Mituna x Readerby ~Arlo~
Mituna was out skating one day when he met (Y/N). It wasn't long before the two picked up skating together. But little did (Y/N) know the bee boy they had befriended wou...
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Homestuck Love by stupid_lawrence
Homestuck Loveby stupid_lawrence
don't hate on me plz
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Homestuck Unstable by tenura
Homestuck Unstableby i like Tordles
I have never written any fanfiction before, but I really wanted to try it out. In this story, Mituna basically starts having some strange things happen to him, and his m...
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Demonstuck by ToastsandGhosts
Demonstuckby Jean
This is old and I refuse to rewrite it.
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Not as fine as I seem by letmesuckit
Not as fine as I seemby Meme store
Kurloz is not okay. Mituna can tell. No one else notices. Diary style Tw: depression, anxiety, self harm, crying, breakdowns *=trigger warning on the chapter
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Dave x Reader: She was a Stripper by TurnTechCosplayer
Dave x Reader: She was a Stripperby Pip Holland
Dave and (Y/n) have no clue each other exist. Dave works as a male stripper and part time DJ at the scratch club, and (Y/n) is a semi-famous dancer and singer who throws...
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Another Way To Breathe by OldAccountHomestuck
Another Way To Breatheby OldAccountHomestuck
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Homestuck Oneshots (Lemons and Fluff) by Samaroni1996
Homestuck Oneshots (Lemons and Samantha
A collection of Homestuck characters in lemons and fluff oneshots. Requests are open!
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My little bee!! (A captorcest story) by _Latula_Pyrope__
My little bee!! (A captorcest Latula pyrope
This is going to be a really crappy story that I'm going to try to write yay! >~< hope you like it
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✎..... erisol ➳ Envy of the Solid Groud by sadlywrites
✎..... erisol ➳ Envy of the sam
▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 % Sollux Captor has been going to (insert school here) for about a year. Throughout middle school, him and another, Feferi dated as Matesprits, yet she...
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Homestuck X Readers by PercivalCoreMutant
Homestuck X Readersby JJ Jackson
So, I decided to do various Homestuck x Readers. I will have songfics, smol scenarios, and many more. Don't be afraid to request stuff. MAYBE LEMONS/SMUTS/LIMES Mainly f...
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Homestuck smut and fluff by Dunebug03
Homestuck smut and fluffby Virginia
This is all i am good at writing. here's some fluff and smut. enjoy.
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Mituna x Reader ~Please Remember Me~ by technoBumblebee
Mituna x Reader ~Please Remember Kiara V
Mituna Lost all memory of you, Like you never existed in his life. Can you help bring back the memories?
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Kurtuna one shots  by briiibee
Kurtuna one shots by briiibee
Just a bunch of kurtuna one shots Triggers:self harm, depression, smut, gay.
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Collegestuck (Dancestors x reader) by taintedTheriac
Collegestuck (Dancestors x reader)by taintedTheriac
In this Homestuck college au, the trolls are new in town and have started going to- you guessed it, your college. Have fun while trying to figure out not only your class...
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Mituna x Reader ‡Just a little help..‡ by abcdefaggot
Mituna x Reader ‡Just a little A.A. Secret
Editing and writing chapters, I'm really sorry if it's going to be cringey at times, but bear with me, it will be fine.
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Homestuck one-shots by insert-random-name
Homestuck one-shotsby 413
⬆Title says all⬆ I'll do the Beta and Alpha Trolls and Kids so yea. I'm not really an experienced writer but I'll try my best ^^ I'll update whenever i have ideas so ple...
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OUTRAGEOUS BUT CONTAGIOUS (homestuck rp) by PiggyTheRockinPotato
"you can't fight the homestuck, though it's weird and random, it's the greatest fandom!"
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