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Never Be the Same  ◤Stiles Stilinski◥ by zorapocalipse
Never Be the Same ◤Stiles Zorah
~Previously known as I Wanna Be Yours~ Being a teenager, for an adult means to be a narcissist, depressive, and hormone-high human being. For a teenager, it means living...
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Hades Daughter by EimilyRamirez
Hades Daughterby Eimily Hernández
This is the story of the daughter of Hades, a prophecy and a love triangle.
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asM3M. #4. Comics. by Cesarlarcen
asM3M. #4. Cesar GLarcen
This is the flying scene for the 4th book of "as the Muses of the 3rd Millenium" series. Storyboard video right here:
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Daughter of gods by marirodelour
Daughter of godsby Marie-Rose Delour
Katherine Smith not only just lost her adoptive stepfather (yes, that's right), but also discovered that she is the daughter of a god of Olympus. But not one though, lik...
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My Gumiho by ErenChoi
My Gumihoby Y
Seokmin satu-satunya Namja yang mempercayai Gumiho sebagai mahkluk yang dilindungi didesa Pledis,tempat tinggalnya. Bahkan ia Hampir dianggap tidak waras oleh penduduk d...
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Us descendents by Alice_Tabajara
Us descendentsby Alice_Tabajara
Hades the god of the underworld and his wife Persephone found out that they would have twins, a boy and a girl. Curious of how this miracle happened hades asked the Moir...
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I'll sing for you by Lovenebolous11
I'll sing for youby Lovenebolous11
When the earth was ruled by Gods, a young man with a heavenly voice lived. He roamed through the beautiful Greece to the ends of the earth, enchanting every being with h...
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Bogowie Greccy; by Amelia by Amilaki321
Bogowie Greccy; by Ameliaby Amilaki321
Zawsze mnie interesowała mitologia, przede wszystkim Grecka. Będę pisała tu pojedyncze historie o bogach i boginkach, a czasem o innych rzeczach zwianych z tym tematem...
Diabolos by TwentyOn1
Diabolosby Twentyon1
El famoso mito, de la vida despues de la muerte era algo dificil de creer. Hasta que este chico, se aventura en el para descubrir sus mas grandes secretos y sobre todo c...
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Icarus Fall (Mitology Saga One) [COMPLETED] by RaikouMaster
Icarus Fall (Mitology Saga One) [ Raikou Master Books
The most epic book that mixes Greek and Slav mythology, the first book in the Mythology Saga, that will be original stories about mythologies aroud the world. Icarus is...
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Verðmæti nìu heima: Il valore dei nove mondi (versione estesa) by physics_and_stuff
Verðmæti nìu heima: Il valore Schrödinger's Kitten
Finalmente sta cominciando a prendere forma la versione estesa del Verðmæti! La descrizione compare nella versione ridotta, per cui se interessa date una lettura anche l...
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RUI SHI WAN - Leão de Jade by LuisPauloSM
RUI SHI WAN - Leão de Jadeby LuisPauloSM
No mundo de Wuxia, o jovem lutador Wan descobre que sua paixão de infância, Xiara, é a Senhora da Vida Guang, a protetora da humanidade. No entanto, ela acaba sendo sequ...
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Prelúdio by ClaudiaCardess
Prelúdioby Cláudia Cardoso
Transcrição da fala de Clio na Cerimônia de Abertura do primeiro ano letivo de uma turma de mestiços na Academia Imperial. Feita por Angelique para ser entregue à Elena...
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[🦋|🇬🇧] After Party | BTS by Pentesila
[🦋|🇬🇧] After Party | BTSby Pentesila
It's better to celebrate than to be holy. The best parties do not end with one drink, but at the other end of the world - in the same underwear, with the hangover of uni...
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Haunted by Search_Me
Hauntedby Search_Me
Read and Comment please
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Spokojnie - to tylko ja... by AnnabelldiAngelo
Spokojnie - to tylko Annabell di Angelo
Fan Fiction wzorowane na twórczości Ricka Riordana, książek pt.: ,,Percy Jackson i bogowie olimpijscy" oraz ,,Olimpijscy Herosi". Miłość, zdrada, przygody, mar...
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ORCA-Mity Leońskie by LeosMann2006
ORCA-Mity Leońskieby Melon pl Oficial Canal
Oto moja powieść wzorowana na mitach greckich i Troi. Mam nadzieje, że wam się spodoba
The Tales Of Onyx by TheMAGR
The Tales Of Onyxby NOT HUMAN
Sebuah cerita dimana seorang anak bernama grise, anak dari klan iblis. dia di rawat oleh seorang saint klan charity. dia ingin menjadi kuat agar ia dapat membalas dendam...
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Leviathan by Darsien
Leviathanby Darsien Holsband
This short tale shows the origin of a mithycal creature, The Leviathan and the journey to became the legend that we know today.
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The Phoenix Project by Mafetz_
The Phoenix Projectby Maria Fernanda Martin
After the prophecy of Ragnarök was fulfilled, Thor and his companions took the people from Asgard to isolated lands from Norway, to create a new kingdom in Midgard. A fe...
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