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I'm Right Here | A Mithross Fanfic by Cat_Echoes
I'm Right Here | A Mithross Fanficby Cat_Echoes
-Thanks, for giving me 900 reads!- "Im right here pal, and I will never leave your side..." " little squirrel." Max and Ross weren't always best...
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Life-Line | A Mithross Fanfiction by Cat_Echoes
Life-Line | A Mithross Fanfictionby Cat_Echoes
This is the sequal to Protect or Harm | A Mithross Fanfiction; I'd suggest that you read Protect or Harm first because your not going to understand anything unless you r...
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Protect or Harm | A Mithross Fanfic by Cat_Echoes
Protect or Harm | A Mithross Fanficby Cat_Echoes
In the offices Ross is a new video maker and finds out that Max and Adam are dating. However Ross realizes that there is something wrong with their relationship. Finally...
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Muted Headphones (Mithross) by imboredandstuff
Muted Headphones (Mithross)by me
"There was a bad accident. I couldn't say a word about it. That is, until my freshman year when I met you." Ross had a perfect family. A mom, dad, older broth...
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Transition | A Mithross Fanfiction by Cat_Echoes
Transition | A Mithross Fanfictionby Cat_Echoes
"C-can I talk to you?" I spoke as my gaze dropped to the ground, I felt a hand grab my chin and I glanced up to meet his eyes looking into mine... Max is one o...
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(Sneak-Peak) The Dog Who Burns The Sky| Mithross  by Cat_Echoes
(Sneak-Peak) The Dog Who Burns Cat_Echoes
Sequal to: I'm Right Here| Mithross After leaving Mr. Galebread's Laboratory, the group of friends need to try to fit in with the general public again. However not even...
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Love At First Video(Mithzan X Aphmau) by MichiWriting
Love At First Video(Mithzan X MichiWriting
Aphmau has a hang-out at the offices with everyone and they chose to play truth or dare, Aphmau's mistake was Adam asked her truth or dare and she said dare. Adam makes...
Transition: A MIthross Fanfiction by FrenchFries44
Transition: A MIthross Fanfictionby FrenchFries44
(Made by myself and Cat_Echoes) Updates when I have time "Wait- does that mean your..." Ross said in his serious tone. "Yes". Max mummered with tear...
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Mithross | Love by Ember by Cat_Echoes
Mithross | Love by Emberby Cat_Echoes
Ross is a young Pokemon trainer who is ready to start his adventure. However as soon as he heads to Professor Mandrake's laboratory to retrieve his pokemon he meets his...
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Mithross; I'll Protect You by VengefulVictory
Mithross; I'll Protect Youby VengefulVictory
"Don't worry Max. We'll be together forever! No one will get in our way! I'll make sure of that..."
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Unity: A Mithzan x Reader by xRadiantKatx
Unity: A Mithzan x Readerby xRadiantKatx
When your YouTube channel, consisting of music videos you film and edit yourself, skyrockets in popularity, you receive a message from Sky Media. One of the editors and...
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