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The Past Always comes back to Haunt you by Imgoingwellokay
The Past Always comes back to Meat Pie Guy
When they were younger, Cory, Jess, Adam, Ross and Max had an imaginary friend. His name? Mr Pizza. Yeah I know, pretty cool name. But they also had a real friend, a hum...
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Survive with others or Win alone - skymedia by FantaCat20
Survive with others or Win FantaCat20
Adam Nortera, a lone soul focused on saving anyone he could, is sucked into the abyss of a rune tale of Mount Ebott. Along with the aid of the previous fallen before him...
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Pooki x Jerry by Originaleclipse1
Pooki x Jerryby Originaleclipse1
When Jerry meets his best friend Pooki for the first time face to face, he is hit with a tailspin of emotions. Is he in love or is he mixing up their friendship as love...
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Dancing Queen (mithross smut ) by Rainbownarwal0w0
Dancing Queen (mithross smut )by Rainbownarwal0w0
Ross is going to a high school party with Jess. He then meets a boy he falls in-love with. This all happens in a song of Dancing Queen. Find out what happens in the sto...
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The Asylum by OliverSorceress
The Asylumby Oliver
-MCYT Story, Just popped in my head while washng the dishes. Sorry if it's bad- This is the story of insanitys, in the only place to keep everyone save. Or, so the g...
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bad boy (mithzan x reader)  by spookelle9
bad boy (mithzan x reader) by spookelle9
Y/n is Ross's twin sister and they are staring high school this year. In elemantary y/n had 1 friend but they got into a argument and her friend which she loved dearly c...
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My cute ginger {a mithross fanfic} by Flameingmaxwell
My cute ginger {a mithross fanfic}by Snow_loves_ships123
max is the editor and ross, barney, and Jin all love the cute ginger but max will only choose one of them.
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mithross one-shots by Flameingforest123
mithross one-shotsby Flameingforest123
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Mad Love {A MithzanxAuthor/Mithzanxreader Story} by rosszoemithzan
Mad Love {A MithzanxAuthor/ RossZoeMithzan
this is a Max x Zoe but you have the freedom of using your name when you read description: your 17 turning 18 soon and you move from your home town, you hated moving y...
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Dragons and Angels... (MCD & Skymedia) by Hopliln
Dragons and Angels... (MCD & Azrael
What if Aphmau and Jinbop happened to be siblings, twins? What if they were not just the children of Irene, but also the children of the Ender Dragon? What does this hav...
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