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Never Be the Same  ◤Stiles Stilinski◥ by zorapocalipse
Never Be the Same ◤Stiles Zorah
~Previously known as I Wanna Be Yours~ Being a teenager, for an adult means to be a narcissist, depressive, and hormone-high human being. For a teenager, it means living...
Percy Jackson in School  by EfCarramzam
Percy Jackson in School by Ef Carramzam
This is a story of Percy Jackson, the well known, two times Savior of Olympus. In School. (I'll try to not make this the typical cliche story, but i can't promise anyth...
Saint Seiya x Reader /requests closed!/ by hm_mxlu
Saint Seiya x Reader /requests hm_mxlu
a book designed to make Saint Seiya fans feel loved by their favorite characters!
The relationship of love by TK151224
The relationship of loveby Thari k
This story is about the great warrior arjuna and the most beautiful princess subhadra .It's about their relationship,the connection between them and the love they feel...
All the ways lead to Sakaar by GrandmasterDisaster
All the ways lead to Sakaarby GrandmasterDisaster
"Is that usual in here?" Asked Loki ironically. "You know people falling from the sky?" Darcy laughed quietly on the allusion, but The Grandmaster to...
A Gods' bless - Patrochilles by terrythewr1ter
A Gods' bless - Patrochillesby terrythewr1ter
Achilles and Patroclus are going to Troy to fight in the war. That's it no spoilers.
My Gumiho❴✓❵ by ErenChoi
My Gumiho❴✓❵by Y
Seokmin satu-satunya Namja yang mempercayai Gumiho sebagai mahkluk yang dilindungi didesa Pledis,tempat tinggalnya. Bahkan ia Hampir dianggap tidak waras oleh penduduk d...
SILVER LINING by Riptide_2020
When Percy becomes a God after the Titan War, Zeus decides to make him guardian of the hunt so he can learn to use his powers. What will happen when he and Artemis have...
Percy Jackson and the Avengers by Pipercy12042008
Percy Jackson and the Avengersby Pipercy12042008
Hey guys! I'm new here and I am not good at writing stories! So I hope you like it When Percy Jackson finally managed to defeat Gaia, he looked around and found out t...
fallace. by 1-800-FRANCIA
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mis emociones ruegan por ti
Icarus Fall (Mitology Saga One) [COMPLETED] by RaikouMaster
Icarus Fall (Mitology Saga One) [ Raikou Master Books
The most epic book that mixes Greek and Slav mythology, the first book in the Mythology Saga, that will be original stories about mythologies aroud the world. Icarus is...
TALES OF NIBIRU - SATYA'S DIARYby Cristhyane Ribeiro
The saga of Nibiru's family in our Solar Sistem according to the feline Satya who follows them since they arrived 450 thousands years ago.
Loki's Children  by Endiocrisa
Loki's Children by Endiocrisa
Loki have three childrens
The Story Of Beelzebub  by VagabundoCosmico
The Story Of Beelzebub by Misanthropist Beel
fictional story of the best color being the most beautiful god.
Memories forgotten in time by SilviaZanna7
Memories forgotten in timeby Silvia DZ
Something special is hidden between the wrinkles of Dike's life. Her name is peculiar and her true origins unknown. The only thing she knows is that dream, that she keep...
Two worlds apart  by LittleKiwifanfics
Two worlds apart by _German_bean_
God I can't believe I'm making this- anyway this is all for fun so please don't come and attack me TvT this is a world where mythical creatures are a thing but regular c...
Cold as ice by emmagma
Cold as iceby Emma Aguilera
Skay has spent his whole life training in order to be worthy of his father's throne and worthy to be called king, even though the Gods have not chosen him. All his life...
RADIX - Un mundo verde by RafaelChaconFallas
RADIX - Un mundo verdeby Rafael Chacon Fallas
¿Nos daríamos cuenta si las plantas de hace millones de años hubieran podido caminar y hablar como los Ents o Groot? Este libro explora la posibilidad de que estas cria...
LIFE AT TALL OAK 1-8by Kallie Soch
Hay peep this Is a re make of the other but the other half of the story was gone so here is the rest
Dragons by Aphmau_1987
Dragonsby Aphmau_1987
Four elemental dragons are introduced to the world. What will happen?