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Everytime//Harry Hook x oc by randomwriterrxo
Everytime//Harry Hook x ocby ♡
"Why oh why does God keep bringing me back to you" When Mackenzie left the isle she wanted to forget everything about the place, especially her ex boyfriend. W...
  • rottentothecore
  • disneychannel
  • ben
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opposites attract by sky_blue567
opposites attractby sky_blue567
in which a princess falls in love with a thief OR " your the daughter of aladdin and jasmine, he's the son of jafar, see what im saying? you two will never work...
  • mitchellhope
  • menamassud
  • charlesmelton
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descending (dove cameron x thomas doherty) by txffxnyk
descending (dove cameron x tiffany
-based off disney's descendants actors and actresses irl -this whole story is dove pov unless said otherwise -mainly dove x thomas IMPORTANT: not all of this story are f...
  • chinaannemcclain
  • cameronboyce
  • zacharygibson
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LOVE FOREVER  by Dove-Sofia
LOVE FOREVER by Sayantani Mondal
Dovell, Dovell and Dovell!
  • mitchellhope
  • dovecameron
  • bal
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Cinderella by CutieRissaSchmidt23
Cinderellaby Marissa Nicole
Just like every fairly tale
  • mitchellhope
  • trust
  • franciscolachowski
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The Pumpkin Princess (Jay love story) by jayvie16
The Pumpkin Princess (Jay love Jayvie16
This is a story of the pumpkin princess finding true love. Read To see how it happens. WARNING!!! Strong language and violence. Disclaimer!!! I don't own any of the Desc...
  • mitchellhope
  • story
  • love
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The Fourth Movie by Hermione_Rapunzel
The Fourth Movieby Rishita Gangopadhyay
It has been four years since the last Descendants movie . Two years after the movie Dove and Thomas Broke Up. Dove is now very lonely. She has done many movies but Non...
  • diannedoan
  • devie
  • cameronboyce
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Mal and Evie #FORFOREVER  by Dove-Sofia
Mal and Evie #FORFOREVER by Sayantani Mondal
I like Mal and Evie as Bffs But don't worry I ship Bal and Devie.
  • dofia
  • castofdescendants
  • malvie
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Pageant Perfect Crime  by AuraCarpenter16
Pageant Perfect Crime by AuraCarpenter16
Nancy is up for a Beauty Contest. She is not sure about it but her friends Bess and George are trying to build her confidence but someone is trying to sabotage the pagea...
  • lilireinhart
  • teenfiction
  • ned
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Harry Hook Imagines by OhioVersusEverything
Harry Hook Imaginesby The Demon Bunny
What the title says. He's the son of Cap.Hook
  • disneydescendants
  • thomasdoherty
  • mitchellhope
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Descendientes: los olvidados by Kahadean
Descendientes: los olvidadosby Kahadean
Ahora que Auradon aceptará a más hijos de villanos, las cosas se pondrán divertidas. Mal revelará que hay una parte de la isla de los Perdidos que no muchos suelen ir: e...
  • descendants
  • descendants2
  • booboostewart
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TRUE LOVE // [ Descendants // Benjamin Florian ] by peachyjinnie-
TRUE LOVE // [ Descendants // • ρєα¢ну ∂яєαмєя •
" i guess true love fixes everything " 》descendants ben fanfiction 》lowercase intended 》events in this book will be inspired from the movie
  • sofiacarson
  • jay
  • fanfiction
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Ghostly Love  by CrybabyLuLu
Ghostly Love by LucyBaby
She's part human and part ghost. Figuring her way through high school still with her three best friends! She's fighting ghost and other supernatural things and she's onl...
  • romance
  • thinkdannyphantom
  • supernatural
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Bal/Dovell One-Shots by BenXMal4life
Bal/Dovell One-Shotsby Tripo D.
just a series of one-shots of bal and dovell
  • ben
  • bal
  • dovecameron
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Disney Descendants The Series: Wicked Wins by trayvonhaslam
Disney Descendants The Series: Trayvon Haslam
In The Season Four Finale, Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, and Ben are struggling to except the fact that their last summer fully together before they graduate is over. But as s...
  • disneychanneloriginalmovie
  • dovecameron
  • rotten4life
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After Regina now crowned the "Good Queen" united all the realms there was one that got lost due to an act of another curse where all the other version of fairy...
  • curse
  • caitlincarmichael
  • evilqueen
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Why Don't We? [Dear, Joey Alexander] by spnovia_
Why Don't We? [Dear, Joey Novia
[Sebuah perpanjangan cerita dari Not Kind Of That Story di akun @spnovia] Seorang Devonna Lawrance, mendapatkan banyak perhatian dari antero sekolah termasuk saat diriny...
  • devonna
  • haileesteinfeld
  • nkots
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Lyrics by ItsmeLadyNagii
Lyricsby MariaClaraxxiBiancaBriones
Lyrics from random songs! ~ open for requests! ❤
  • benandben
  • littlemix
  • cavetown
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Adopted By Dotchell:Make Room by Presidentyoshi
Adopted By Dotchell:Make Roomby Presidentyoshi
You started to watch Disney Descendants,but what happens if the two cast came and adopt you
  • dovecameron
  • dotchell
  • adopted
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unknown daughter mal x carlos fanfiction by domasfan1
unknown daughter mal x carlos mackenzie beast
what if mal and carlos had a daughter no one knew except evie ,dizzy, cj and celia ,lacey rose de vil is 12 now she is kept away from aurdon from people finding out abou...
  • sarahjeffrey
  • thomasdorthey
  • zacharygibison
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